Members are expected to follow the rules and regulations of both the sim and fleet at all times, both in character and out of character, as well as the rules of the sim posted in #rules_and_info within our Discord.. By continuing, you affirm that you will sim in a proper and adequate manner and have read and agreed to all the rules and information. Members who choose to make ultra short posts, post very infrequently, or post posts with explicit content (above PG-13) will be removed immediately, and by continuing, you agree to this. In addition, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we do not accept players under the age of 13. Any players found to be under the age of 13 will be immediately removed without question. By agreeing to these terms, you are also saying that you are above the age of 13.


1.) Use common sense and show respect.

Please follow a very respectful posture with your fellow members and crew. This community was established to cater not only to players, but visitors as well. Please be considerate.

2.) No ad links without approval, no spam unless in approved chats ( #ships-lounge-spam ).

-2a. Sim Ads, or any ads approved, can be posted in #sim-advertisements upon Command Staff approval with a unique role granted. Once the role is granted, you may post your ad. Reposting should follow a one-to-two week wait period.
-2b. Remember to utilize all available channel space for your specific topic. This server has a plethora of general to specific channels to use. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Community Moderator or member of the Command Staff.

3.) Discord Tags (such as Ship's Crew) are not given until application approval on website.

Individuals that are members of Pegasus Fleet staff and/or Admiralty, or a fellow CO, or any other condition warranting exception as approved by the USS Poseidon Command Staff will be granted roles accordingly per Command Staff approval.
3a. The exception to this rule are **visitor tags**, which are given freely to every new arrival to the community.
3b. As of June 10th, 2020, the use of Discord is now a requirement for membership to the USS Poseidon. Any attempt to circumvent this rule will lead to termination. This rule is proactive, meaning that unless the situation permits, it **does not** apply to those players who joined prior to the date listed in this rule. The use of website Private Messaging, Email, or other communication mediums between players is encouraged and not governed by this rule after joining the USS Poseidon Discord.

4.) Keep the content of this server in line with the webpage rating! **There is no exception to this rule, even in marked NSFW channels**.

RPG Rating of the U.S.S. Poseidon:
-Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.
-Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
-Mild violence is permitted.
(1 1 1)

5.) Community Moderators help maintain order, Command Staff have final say.

5a. Community Moderators are members of the sim (players) who have shown extraordinary amounts of trustworthiness and are granted the responsibility of moderating the server. Please respect their decisions and requests. Failure to respect such decisions and requests can lead to punishments up to, and including, kicking and banning.
5b. Command Staff are the members of the sim (players) who are in the role of authority (Game/Dungeon Masters). They are administrators and have the final say on all decisions.
5c. If you have an issue with the **community**, please approach the Community Moderators. That is their role and what they volunteered for. They are happy to help. Any issues with the **sim**, please approach the Command Staff, as they are the Game Masters and more than happy solve any issues or address any concerns.
5d. There is a **three-strike rule** in effect in this community. You are given two chances to address any issues, with the final strike including a kick as warranted. Failure to correct the issue any further will result in a ban if applicable or, depending on the situation, additional restrictions.

6.) #suggestions-complaints is a free and open channel to express yourself to your senior staff and/or peers.

All members of the community (players/visitors) may freely utilize #suggestions-complaints to submit suggestions for improvement or complaints, as well as general comments concerning the state of the community or sim. All submissions are considered equally and without bias and will be addressed as soon as a Cmmand Staff or Community Moderator is able, where applicable.

7.) The Standing LOA Policy is "Free LOA".

The USS Poseidon has a free and open Leave of Absence policy; all players may request an LOA for any period of time, for any reason, without fear of reprisal or deletion of account. **It is requested that all players finalize any joint posts or community events before their scheduled LOA period**. In the event that a player is unable to finalize any joint post or event, a member of the Command Staff will happily assist your transition to LOA status and handle any necessary paperwork - Real Life is more important, take care of what needs taken care of! We'll be here to welcome you back.

7a. Players who depart the sim without notification may not return (unless otherwise arranged by Command Staff).
Due to the increasing number of players who have returned and left the sim in the midst of plot-centric play, it has been decided by the Command Staff of the USS Poseidon to forbid any player who leaves the Poseidon without first arranging departure to not be allowed to return, unless otherwise discussed and arranged by the Command Staff. ***Players who leave the sim having informed Command Staff, and having made proper arrangements, are exempt from this rule and may return at their leisure.***

8.) Departure from the Sim is to be arranged between the Player and a member of the Command Staff

It is sad to consider that a players time may be coming to a close with the sim, but the Command Staff of the USS Poseidon greatly understands the situations warranting such a decision - regardless of opinion. All players are free to depart, but are requested to inform a member of the Command Staff a reason. The Command Staff will attempt to naturally work with the player, up to and including changing of role and position to better fit the players new time constraints or limitations. If all else fails, we ask the following of the departing player:

A. We ask that the departing player to finalize any joint posts before their departure.
B. We ask that the departing player inform the Command Staff their will for their character and NPC's (i.e. should they be freely used, used by a specific person, or deleted?).

==Please Note Also:==
>>If your character is not pivotal to the main plot and you have departed the sim under amicable terms, it is our obligation as Command Staff to ensure the safe and careful handling of your character according to your wishes as described upon your departure. Such wishes do not extend past departure, unless the situation involving said character and previous player is deemed appropriate and necessary. However, if your character is pivotal to the plot and you have agreed for us in the Command Staff to steward said character, no word after which the player departs describing the intent for said character can be honored due to the plot necessity. It is possible that characters not deemed pivotal at the time of a player departure, upon which the player grants stewardship to the Command Staff, will in time become pivotal and such requests for removal or change of condition would not be able to be honored.<<

9.) Rules for NPC's (Non-Playable Characters) and PC's (Playable Characters), including rules on gifting and departure.

A. The USS Poseidon has a free-NPC policy, meaning all players are able to engage and create non-critical NPC's to further explore their creative potential. We ask that players prohibit themselves from creating NPC's in critical roles unless cleared by Command Staff.
B. The USS Poseidon has a two-PC policy; one PC is the primary PC for the player, the other can be an NPC the player finds value in and wishes to PC, which is acceptable. No Player may hold two critical positions unless they are either Command Staff or have been cleared by Command Staff.
C. When departing the sim and the departing player grants their characters to the sim (i.e. Command Staff authority) or player(s), the departing player will no longer have say over that character if it is in a critical role to the storyline. This is due to the importance of the character the player created and the necessity to keep continuity intact. Non-critical characters are exempt from this rule unless otherwise agreed upon by Command Staff.

10.) Rules regarding the formatting of Mission Posts.

While on the whole it is completely up to the player(s) how they would like to write their posts, the U.S.S. Poseidon does expect all players to observe some simple formatting rules in certain circumstances. This is to ensure that critical points of a post can stand out visibly to another player if they are having to search for them during the writing process or when going back to read. These are as follows:*

A. Commbadge communication should be placed between =^= markers (=/\= or =A= is also acceptable) and must be put in **bold** (e.g. =^= Bridge to Engineering... =^=).
B. Internal monologue must be expressed via *italics* within speech marks (e.g. "I do wonder what will happen next...")
C. Telepathic communication should be expressed via ~~strikethrough~~ text within speech marks (e.g. "~~Listen, you have to trust me!~~")

*Nova works with HTML formatting. You can find a guide on how to use it here:

The Command Staff shall, whenever appropriate, ensure that these formatting guidelines are followed.

11.) The First Officer's (XO) words are to be considered those of the Commanding Officer (CO) unless otherwise corrected.

The Commanding Officer of the USS Poseidon has carefully chosen those to his Command Staff whom he deems to be trustworthy and appropriate Game Masters. This trust extends without question to even when the CO is not around to observe events. **If you have any issue** with what the First Officer (XO) of the Poseidon may state, please refer to this rule for clarification before submitting a complaint to the CO.

11a. The words of the ships Second Officer (2XO) are to be considered those of the First Officer (XO) unless otherwise clarified and/or corrected. Any issues pertaining to words used by the Second Officer (2XO), please refer to this rule before submitting a complaint.
11b. The words of the Second Officer (2XO) may only be clarified/corrected by the First Officer (XO); the words of the First Officer (XO) may only be clarified/corrected by the Commanding Officer (CO). No other clarification and/or correction policy is permitted.

1.) Pegasus Fleet does not permit players under the age of 13. The U.S.S Poseidon sim does not allow anyone under the age of 16.

2.) The players of the USS Poseidon still maintain the use of the website for nominal joint posts and personal logs, however it has been decided that as of June 10th, 2020, Discord will be utilized to help ensure a clear line of communication. The use of Discord as a communication medium for the ship is a REQUIREMENT and not an exception. There will be no leeway given to any player in any consideration. Attempts to circumvent this requirement will lead to termination from the ship.

3.) You must join our Discord Server (link provided above in Header under "Poseidon Discord Server(New!)" to read and agree to our rules under the channel, "#rules_and_information" as well as here on the website.

RPG Rating of the U.S.S. Poseidon:
-Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.
-Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
-Mild violence is permitted.