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New Rule Added, Rule 12

Posted on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 @ 1:48pm by Captain Franklin Johnson
Edited on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 @ 1:55pm

Hey Crew,

Due to inactivity and lack of communication over a month, our Chief Science Officer, Shalmira Heddan (Schen on Discord) has been booted from our roster. This position was quickly filled, but their lack of communication brought about a trend of disrespect or lack of care from some players. For all I could of known, Schen could be in the hospital or something else, but there was no communication and thus I am forced to believe they have disrespected our sim. This trend of lack of communication will come to an end, and I will begin booting players who are inactive without consideration.

To that end, I have established a new rule. This rule was originally unspoken and guided by other rules, but due to a trend of inactivity by some players, I have decided to clarify and establish it. It goes as follows:

12. Players who fail to communicate over a period of two to four weeks will be booted, no exceptions
Due to the increase in player inactivity and player lack-of-communication, the new policy of this SIM is to boot all inactive players to make way for active players. The Commanding Officer and Command Staff may exempt players if a condition is known about the player that prevents activity.

Please make sure to read over the channel in our discord "#rules-and-info" for reference.

As I stated before, there will be no further excuses for lack of communication. This sim has given players a free LOA policy, and the freedom to go about their business however they like. This sim does not require constant posting, nor does it require constant activity. However, it has come to my attention that players are abusing our generosity.

All it takes is for a player to communicate within a week that something is up, then we, the Command Staff, can easily put you on LOA or are in the know something prevents you from posting. Players who abuse this trust and respect will be considered in violation of rule 12 and booted from the sim, no exceptions. If we don't hear from you for over two weeks to a month (usually a month) you will be booted. You disrespected not only the sim, but your other players by disrespecting their JP's they have with you as well as potential JP's you should be a part of.

To all other players who communicate and keep up with us, thank you. You are the type of players we want.

I will be further posting the rules on the website in a clear spot, under "Rules" which can be found under "Main" on the right side of the website page.

Thank you for your time,
Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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