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Sim Update for December 2020

Posted on Saturday December 5th, 2020 @ 10:17am by Captain Franklin Johnson

Hello Crew,

I know it's been quite a while since we all saw an announcement from the Captain (not including discord)! More of a while since I utilized this site announcement feature. In any regard, I extend my warmest welcome to those new faces who have recently joined and I further extend my sincerest thanks to our current and long-standing members. To each and all of you, thank you!

Number One and I had a formal Command meeting last night, and I want to extend my thanks to Kanaka for taking the time out of their busy schedule so we could make it work. Together the Number One and I discussed the state of the sim, the state of the community, the state of the command staff, the state of the moderation staff, and the state of our general plot and process. Overall, we both feel that everything falls in line within acceptable levels. We additionally feel the Moderation Staff is working wonderfully (good job ya'll!) and we also feel the Command Staff is well rounded and fit for duty, at present sim pace.

Concerning the community, we did talk about a few things that I believe was of rightful concern. Lately, we've been witnessing a lot of newcomers to the sim fall off the board only after a few weeks to a few months. Using Damian as an example, one of our brightest and most promising crewmembers just randomly up and left not but a few months after they started. There's a lot of debate as to exactly why, but the general consensus is that the situation falls in line with my concern that we're not properly vetting our newcomers as appropriately as we should. Being a slower-paced sim, this makes us extremely vulnerable to new players who expect a faster pace or perhaps faster responses - or players who expect to always be told what to do. What we should aim for, I believe, are players who are willing or already able to work for themselves and not feel concerned about the pace (due to folks working) or the lack of being told what to do, being able to understand what to do if they should feel creative, and understanding the sim is founded and open to foster such creativity.

To rectify this issue, Number One and I talked about initiating a proper trail period for new players. Allowing the players to gain their footing and seeing where they fall on the spectrum of things ranging from our experiences with both horrible and decent players. We talked about being willing to let players go if they should display what we know to be bad or unacceptable behaviors, and being willing to reward those who exhibit independent behaviors that we need as a low-pace sim.

All this will be further discussed with the Command Staff in time, voted on, and if necessary implement. As of right now, it's simply talk. Other than these things, the Number One and I feel that the sim and community are working wonderfully and that no drastic changes are necessary. We additionally agree that the changes to the Chaplaincy and Diplomatic Corps as proposed with Damians help will, despite his booting, still be undertaken - so be on the lookout for that!

Finally, I wanted to extend Staff Sergeant Maximilian Pfaffenheim a very hearty thank you for being a long-serving member on the USS Poseidon Sim. For one year and six days now, Max has observed many players come and go, many changes to the sim, and personally interacted in many important events in our storyline. They have helped define and create what it means to be a Marine on board the Poseidon and furthermore added depth and character to how a Marine should possibly interact. They are a brilliant player and I am very happy to have them on board. Thank you so much for one year on our sim, Max!

I wanted to additionally make a hearty mention of thanks to Lt. Commander T'Pri for their wonderful contributions and the fact that they also, too, made a year on our sim around three weeks ago! I didn't get a chance to mention them in any prior announcement on the website, so I wanted to know. They are a core member of our Moderation Staff and furthermore exhibit all the traits of a wonderful player and participant of the community. Thank you so much for everything you've helped build, found, and establish as you continue your role on our sim, T'Pri!

As always, when someone gets a year I try to make special mention of it and give my hearty personal thanks. To both of you, Max and T'Pri, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're helping my dream come true, and for that I am grateful!

Until next time, crew!

Captain Franklin S. Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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