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Lieutenant Hibiki Zh'kallas

Name Hibiki Zh'kallas

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Silvery White
Eye Color Bright Blue
Physical Description Hibiki is a medium height for an Andorian female. She has a very slim atlethic build. Her skin is blue as she is Andorian and she has two antenna on her head as well. Her silvery blue hair is usually kept long but she does ties this up when on duty with ribbons. She has adopted the Human hair styles instead of keeping it relative short like other Andorians.


Spouse Kanar Ch'kallas (Bondmate 1 - Male) Akatki Sh'kallas (Bondmate 2 - Female) Ronai Th'kallas (Bonemate 3 - Male)
Father Touji Ch'lenza (Father 1) Pauled Th'lenze (Father 2)
Mother Rian Zh'lenze (Mother 1) Nico Sh'lense (Mother 2)
Brother(s) Kuroi Th'lense
Shran Ch'lense
Sister(s) Tomokia Sh'lense
Other Family Many other Andorian Family, as many of them are linked.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hibiki is known for her caring and careful attitude towards people around her. She can be described as dedicated, but also sweet and kind. On duty she is very dedicated to her job, and is loyal to her senior officers and captain as any Andorian would be.

Off duty she is very relaxed, she likes to socialise as well as catch up with her family, especially her other bondmates whom are all serving in different areas of Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include
+ Loyalty
+ Quick on her feet
+ Hand to hand combat
+ Sensory perception

- Can be overcaring
- Doesn't like extreme heat
- Doesn't enjoy trips to sickbay
- Chocolate is poison to Andorians.
Ambitions Hibiki's ambitions are much like her other bondmates, to all work hard in Starfleet and rise up in the ranks. They all married as a quartet early so they could eventually all come together when they were ready to bear children. It would however be Hibiki that would physically have to bear the child as she is the female gender that has to bear and birth the child, however not contribute to its genetic material. Hibiki wants to eventually have children with the others, but only when they are all ready and together.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests include:
- Ice sculpting
- Physical training
- Cooking

Personal History Born on Andoria, the second daughter and forth child to her families quartet, Hibiki was the youngest of all the children. She grew up on Andoria alongside her two mothers and two fathers and attended their local school. She enjoyed from a young age Andorian Martial arts and earned her ways up the rankings. Eventually she was offered with two decisions, join Starfleet or the Andorian Defense Force.

Wanting to see more of the universe like the curious girl she was, she joined into Starfleet. It was at Starfleet Academy that Hibiki met her bondmates to be. They were all Andorian in the same year, and only the four of them were Andorians.

They soon began to grow close to each other, and were of all four genders that an Andorian quartet needed to form. Hibiki started to feel strongly for them all, and it was her that suggested that they all eventually bond together not just as friends but as a family.

It was agreed, and the day after their graduation they did so, officially marrying each other into the Andorian Quartet, and adopting the family name of kallas, which was taken from the main Male, Ronai's name.

After that they all gained the rank of Ensign and even though technically now married, they could maintain long distance relationships between each other. Hibiki found herself assigned to the USS Arizona as one of their junior security officers at only age twenty two.

She spent three years on the Arizona to earn her rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. However at age twenty five, she transferred to the USS Scarlett. It was on the Scarlett that her bondmates all met up while on shoreleave. For the first time, they attempted to concieve their first child. However, something went wrong and just when they thought it was successful and that Hibiki was now carrying the child (which she was) she had a miscarriage, a common occurance in Andorian pregnancies.

Hibiki didn't want to try again right away. She was a little upset about losing the first, as was the others. So they went back to their careers.

Hibiki spent the next three years on the Scarlett as a security officer before an opening on the USS Poseidon came up, that of assistant chief, with a bit of encouragement from her bondmates she applied and was accepted.
Service Record Commission: Officer

Starfleet Serial Number : 1496-9645-Blue

Education & Qualifications
- Standard Andorian Civilian Education
- Starfleet Academy Security & Tactical Training
- Andorian Hand to Hand & Martial Arts Combat Styles
- Starfleet Academy Officer Training

Medical History
She has no allergies or injuries that would effect her duty performance. However chocolate is highly toxic and posionous to Andorians.

Hibiki did try to concieve a child with her other Bondmates at age 25, however on insemination of Hibiki's Womb Pouch, the embryo was rejected and thus caused Hibiki to miscarry. (Common in most Andorian Pregnancies)

Service Record

Starfleet Academy - Cadet - Security/Tactical Training
USS Arizona - Ensign - Junior Security Officer
USS Scarlett - Lieutenant JG - Security Officer
USS Poseidon - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief of Security