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Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi

Name Oscar Romanov Vladinchi

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 230 lbs
Hair Color Grayish Black
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Oscar Vladinchi sports a healthy head of hair, with a trimmed mustache and shaven face. His expression can be best described as aging, but modestly young. He is physically fit and presents himself in a rather intimidating fashion, however unintentional. There is a large scar on his left shoulder, though this is usually hidden by his uniform.


Spouse Particia Vladinchi (deceased)
Children Akulov Vitomir Vladinchi (son, deceased); Kachusov Alexei Vladinchi (son, deceased); Serov Lukyan Vladinchi (son, deceased); Rostova Patricia Vladinchi (daughter, deceased)
Father Lomonosov Romanov Vladinchi (deceased)
Mother Rostova Vladinchi (deceased)
Brother(s) Pereverzev Valentin Vladinchi (deceased); Senkin Nikolay Vladinchi (deceased)
Sister(s) Demenok Orina Vladinchi (deceased)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oscar Romanov Vladinchi is a very hard, very cold individual. The amount of loss he has experienced in his life has developed him into a person committed to his position in Starfleet and intolerable of others who forsake that. He is not without compassion, but rarely shows it as he hides it behind his hard exterior.
Strengths & Weaknesses Oscar is a committed starfleet officer. In that regard, he is a by-the-book individual that is willing to bend in certain circumstances. This also comes as a disadvantage, as his outward cold expressionism more often than not pushes those potential acquaintances away.
Ambitions Oscar's main ambition was to rebuild his life by continuing his career in Starfleet. This changed following his death in the line of duty on board the USS Pennsylvania, whereupon those ambitions shifted to finding the answers to his second chance at life.
Hobbies & Interests Oscar has a hobby of building models. More recently he has taken up metaphysical history and book reading.

Personal History On May 12th, 2345 (Stardate 22359.48), Oscar Romanov Vladinchi was born to Parents Lomonosov and Rostova Vladinchi, in the former Russian territories, just south of Leningrad. His early life was spent in poverty, his family getting by thanks to the local food banks and his education handled by regional grants. Most of his early years was spent being taught by his father how to fend for himself; hunting, fishing, acquiring and making necessary resources to survive, et cetera. By his late teens, he was an experienced survivalist.

On August 1st, 2360, After graduating senior school, Oscar found a local job as a civil serviceman. Due to being only 15 at the time, he was granted permission to attend training to better his experience in the field. By the time Oscar reached the age of 19, he was well on his way to participating in patrols with local authorities. Following the change of management at where he was being instructed, Oscar was laid off. With the encouragement of his parents, he applied and was thereafter accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Two years into the Academy, his entire family had chartered a civilian liner to a planet nearest to the Klingon territories. It was intended to be a vacation for the poor family, who had saved up enough resources for the trip thanks to Oscar and his work. Unfortunately, midway to their destination, the liner was stopped and attacked by rogue pirate elements. Before Starfleet could arrive to assist, all hands were lost, including the entirety of the Vladinchi family save for Oscar himself.

This event started the first turning point in Oscars life. From then on his outward, friendly demeanor was completely gone. He concentrated entirely on his studies, entering further in what he knew concerning security and survivalism. His subsequent demise on board the USS Pennsylvania in the Delta Quadrant sparked his second turning point in life, changing him forever.
Service Record March 12th, 2368 (Stardate 45194.56):
-Oscar Romanov Vladinchi graduates Starfleet Academy as Lieutenant, junior grade, full honors. Assigned a position as Security Officer on the USS Poseidon (NCC-42635) under the Command of Commander Henry T. Paladin.

Stardate 47444.41 (2370):
-The USS Poseidon is redesignated as Fleet Support Ship. Commander Henry T. Paladin is promoted to Captain following a particularly nasty encounter with a Klingon Pirate vessel. For his actions of exemplary service defending the ship against a boarding party, Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi is promoted to full Lieutenant.

Stardate 48444.41 (2371):
-The USS Poseidon is placed in reserves, giving the crew a much needed break from their ordeals on the border regions. Oscar Vladinchi returns home to the former Russian territories to attend to personal matters. Two months later, Lieutenant Vladinchi accepts a position on board an Excelsior-class vessel, USS Hood (NCC-42296), as Security Officer.

Stardate 50496.47 (2373):
-Following almost three years of service on board the USS Hood (NCC-42296) and refusing any promotion to maintain his position, Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi hears word from his old Captain, Henry T. Paladin, that the USS Poseidon (NCC-42635) is being brought back into service. After a request for his transfer to the vessel by Captain Paladin, Lieutenant Vladinchi accepts. He is given a promotion to Lieutenant Commander by Captain Paladin, which he refuses on personal grounds, and given the role of Chief of Security; he accepts the role as Chief of Security. Later that same year, the Dominion War starts.

Stardate 51181.40 (2374):
-For most of the war up to this point, the USS Poseidon acts as a fleet support ship and ferries supplies from critical areas to other areas, including acting as hospital ship to ferry the wounded from active warzones. The ship is called into action into a new fleet operation, Operation Return. In the ensuing battle, the USS Poseidon sustains massive damage and heavy losses, with a direct hit to the bridge that subsequently kills Captain Henry T. Paladin and injures Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi. Oscar maintains his post despite bleeding out as Commander T'Miak, the vulcan second-in-command, assumes command to finish the battle. The USS Poseidon, and Oscar Vladinchi, survive - just barely. After the successful conclusion of Operation Return, the USS Poseidon enters drydock for repairs. For his heroism in the line of duty, Oscar Vladinchi is given a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, with a commendation of the Star Cross given into his records along with the majority of the surviving crew for gallantry in the line of duty. The USS Poseidon is sent back out to continue assisting the war effort. Later that same year, the US. Poseidon briefly participated in the Battle of Betazed, however was thereafter recalled to assist in the First Battle of Chin'toka. Following heavy damage, but with minimal loss of life, the USS Poseidon return to Federation space for repair and refit. Lieutenant Commander Vladinchi receives another commendation for gallantry in the line of duty, this time the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry.

Stardate 52515.64 (2375):
-Following Commander T'Miak's promotion to Captain, the USS Poseidon is assigned as a destroyer escort for the remainder of the war. The Poseidon would go on to participate in the Battle of Ricktor Prime. Following this, the USS Poseidon and her crew would defend Earth in the Breen attack on Earth, destroying at least one Breen ship and sustaining moderate damage. Commendations for gallantry were again handed out to the crew, Lt. Commander Vladinchi receiving his second Star Cross. Following the successful conclusion of the Dominion War, Lt. Commander Oscar Vladinchi is thereafter awarded the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon for his service during the war. The USS Poseidon is returned to reserves, and Lieutenant Commander Vladinchi accepts a commission as an instructor at Starfleet Academy.

Stardate 62173.18 (2385):
-After ten years at Starfleet Academy instructing future hopeful cadets, and refusing a plethora of promotion requests, Lt. Commander Oscar Romanov Vladinchi formally requests a position on board a starship. The Commanding Officer of the USS Tennessee (NCC-42251), a Norway-class Medium Cruiser, responds with an invitation for needed position of Master-at-Arms. Oscar accepts.

Stardate 66422.49 (2389):
-Following the departure of the former Executive Officer of the USS Tennessee, a Lieutenant Commander Franklin S. Johnson, Lieutenant Commander Oscar Vladinchi accepts the role.

2393-Present Day:
-After spending nearly four years as an Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Oscar Vladinchi decides against a continuation of service on the USS Tennessee and applies for a new position onboard the USS Pennsylvania, a Nebula-class Starship, in search of a change of scenery and, perhaps, adventure. Downgraded to Lieutenant, Oscar Vladinchi took over the Chief of Security position on the USS Pennsylvania.

Following the arrival of the ship to the Delta Quadrant, the ship was met with a crippled Hirogen ship. Oscar Vladinchi and a team of three other Security Officer's were tasked with investigating the ship. Upon arrival they were ambushed, managing to relay the location of captured prisoners, whereupon Oscar and his team were killed in action - supposedly.

After a brief period, Oscar would appear in the Alpha Quadrant under mysterious circumstances, on board the USS Poseidon.