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Lieutenant Damian Kane

Name Damian Kane

Position Chaplain

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 182 cm
Weight 74 kg
Hair Color dirty blond
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Damian is a white male with a deceptively looking muscular body. In baggy clothing you could easily think he is just slender. He has a scar on his right cheek.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Alura Kane (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family The Brothers of the Monastic Order of The Universal Truth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Damian is a kind man who can put someone at ease in a matter of moments. He is a skilled listener with a trusting demeanor. He is very eager to please and help in any situation he is put in. He is also a skilled negotiator and leader. He is also very astute at reading people.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Helpful - Slightly naive
+ Eager - Slight stammer
+ Trained to learn
+ Charismatic
Ambitions Damian Kane is unsure about his long term goals. Eventually he wishes to return to his Order and take his place with his brother monks. But that would be when he is finished exploring his universe.
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts- ( proficient in Hyrang Karate, Krav Maga, Pancration, Vulcan Karate, Tellerite Judo, and Andorian Hop Ki Do ) Music- ( Playing Piano, Guitar, The Vulcan Lyre, E flat Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and the Obo ) Psychology, Botany, Meditation, and Natuopathy, Nephropathy, and cooking

Personal History When The Brothers of the Monastic Order of The Universal Truth started their day from their monastery at the top of The Gyachung Kang Mountain in Tibet that faithful day, they got a surprise indeed. They started their day with morning prayers at sunrise. Then, they were to proceed down the mountain to beg for food as their order had done for centuries. But upon opening the gates. They found a baby sitting on the steps of the monastery. The baby was half dead from exposure. but still alive. Very quickly the baby was taken to the infirmary. and after a time, the baby had stabilized.

It was agreed with the authorities that the best place for the baby was in the monastery. Seeing as the resources of the town below were limited in the small Tibetan town. After a short amount of time using DNA the monks with help from the town authorities managed to find the records of the baby's birth with the name of the mother. The baby, listed as Damian Kane was born to Alura Kane not 4 days ago.

The problem.....Alura Kane was listed by police as a known member of the Chinese Triads. She was wanted in numerous worlds of the Federation, and the Klingon Empire for elicit gambling, prostitution, and drug offences. To make matters worse, she was listed by police ass deceased. Her body was found. A Triad dealing had obviously gone wrong. several members were found dead. Alura among them.
Alura must have felt she was going to her death that night. She must have wanted her baby to be safe and possibly not grow up in the Triads.

In the days to follow, there was a claim made to collect Damian from the Monastery. It was by a known member of the Triad. The monks took the matter to court. And seeing as the claimant had a criminal history, the monks were able to give the baby asylum in the monastery.

Damian grew up as a Buddhist monk. Learning the old ways. And Damian was a VERY eager and fast study. The order had their own Martial Art. Hyrang Karate. ( much like the Shaolin Monks ). And Damian mastered this art. At 17, Damian held the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and Botany. And it was at this age Damian chose to become ordained as a Buddhist Monk and join his brothers as a full member of the order. Not just a lay brother.

Damian loved his life, The Monastery was his world. But at 19 the Abbot called him to his office. It was agreed that Damian must go and experience the Universe. So, with few possessions Damian set out to gain experience and fresh wisdom. It is hoped he would return a better man. A better monk.

After wondering for a year, Damian hooked up with an organisation called Interfaith Ministries. It was lead by Rabbi Chayim Lipshittes. Chayim was a retired Commander in Star Fleet. His ministry had purchased an older Oberth class star ship which was renamed the SS Kindness. Chayim managed to get Damian to sign on as crew, and Damien rose to the position of Security Chief. with the Kindness, Damian saw many worlds. offering aid wherever needed. Even doing the odd mission for the United Federation of Planets. going where Star Fleet crews could not.

Damian loved this life. But something was missing. He knew he could offer more. He told this to Chayim. And Chayim offered the solution of Joining Star Fleet. Damian loved the idea. so, Chayim wrote a letter of endorsement. Damian was accepted in the Chaplaincy program at Star Fleet Academy.

Damian loved the Academy. And the Academy found out the value in being trained in the old methods had. In a 4 year program, Damian graduated in 3. And Damian had time to take courses offered from other programs. He even earned a commendation from the Star Fleet Marine Corp. As he bested all of the hand to hand combat instructors that were assigned. After completing his program, Damian could have gone out and started his career early. Instead, Damian got permission to go to the Enlisted schools and become trained as a field medic. This allowed Damian to graduate with the rest of his class.

Damian received his commission as an Ensign. and his first assignment was with the Star Fleet Chaplaincy's Office on Earth. It was mainly a administration position. He worked Under Admiral Millard. Star Fleet Chief Chaplain. After 1 year Damian earned a promotion and a transfer to Deep Space 9. Upon request of The Kia of Bajor, Damian was loaned as a special Star Fleet envoy to the Office of the Kai. When his service to the Kai came to a close Damian grew tired of Administrative postings. He wanted to get out into space making a difference. After another promotion, Damian applied for a posting on a ship. He was accepted as the Ship's Chaplin on the USS Poseidon.
Service Record Entered Star Fleet Academy- Chaplaincy Program
- 3.9 GPA all classes First year
- Commandants List
- Honor Roll

- 4.0 GPA All classes Second Year
- Commandants List
- Honor Roll
- Extra Credit Class taken in Bridge Operation
- Extra Credit Class taken in Basic Navigation and Helm Control
- Extra Credit Class taken in Basic Engineering

- 3.9 GPA all classes Third Year
- Honor Roll
- Extra Credit Class taken in Basic Hand to Hand Combat *Commendation

Entered Star Fleet Enlisted School- Field Medic Program
- 98%

Commissioned as Ensign
Assignment- Star Fleet Chaplaincy Office.
Position: Asst to Admiral Millard
Promotion to Lt jg.
Assignment -Deep Space 9
Position: Station Chaplin
ON LOAN: Kai's office of Bajor.
Position: Religious Envoy

Promotion to Lt.
Assignment- USS Poseidon
Position: Ship's Chaplin