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Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Payne

Name Charles Ermey Payne

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 179.83 cm
Weight 88.45 kg
Hair Color Black/Grey Balding
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Charles is a stalky man. Heavy set with not one ounce of fat on him. He looks like he could have had a hard life. But enjoyed every second of it.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Jack Payne
Mother Professor Elinor Robertson-Payne
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Admiral Kendal Payne. Deputy Chief of Staff Star Fleet.
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charles is best described as " A salty sea dog. " He has always been a man of action. and you could be forgiven for forgetting that he had a little bit of a successful career as a musician out of Star fleet. But, his time in uniform has always been a journey. One of striving for success. Both in himself and others.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Confident - Headstrong
+ Able - Stubborn
+ Willing
+ Eye for detail
Ambitions Charles already has done much in his career in Star fleet. He jokingly refers what he is doing now as his second fleet career. He wants to eventually retire. But he's not ready for that quite yet.
Hobbies & Interests Music- ( Plays guitar, sings, writes music ), Reads, Solving puzzles, Mathematics, Chess, Athletics. ( Wrestling, Boxing, Football, and Ti Chi )

Personal History Charles and Kendal Payne had a very normal childhood. Their father, Jack Payne is a business executive. While their mother is a Professor of Chemistry at Springfield University. The home was happy. Many happy memories of young Charlie and his little sister Kendal playing together. It was good times.

Charles was always a good student in school. But he always had a slight problem with authority figures. As a child he got into the usual amount of trouble as a kid. A couple of times with the police. But generally, Charles was a good kid. Very into sports and athletics.

Charles had just completed High School when he brought the idea to his parents of what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to join Star Fleet. But, he wanted to be an enlisted man, not an officer. After a certain " Getting used to the idea " period the Paynes reluctantly accepted their son's choice.

Charles excelled in his classes when being trained. He loved his choices. His first assignment out of training was the USS Ghandi. Charles excelled at his post. After a short amount of time, he was promoted to full crewman. At the end of his assigned time on the Ghandi, Charles put in for a new ship and got on the USS Melbourne. And with his now position, He was promoted to Crewman 2nd Class. Charles served this ship with distinction. And, and the destruction of this ship at Wolf 359. Because of his direct actions, Half the Engineering section survived. Charles was wounded and decorated. Then, promoted

It was when he was convalescing, after the whole business with the Borg was over that he learned his sister was joining Star Fleet. It was a running joke between them that he would need to bear the shame of having an Officer for a sister. She knew that her brother was proud in reality.

Charles next assignment was on Star base 101. He found this assignment challenging. Learning the difference between ship and base life. And Charles found that he promotions came easy to him. When asked he said his secret was just doing the best job he knew how. ALL the time. And he used the time to advance his education. and again, promoted.

His duty assignment was nearing a close at the Star base. It suited Charles just fine. He was ready for a change. He put in for another duty assignment. And drew the USS Tucker. When he arrived on board, he was happy to see he would be serving with Lt Kendal Payne. She was the ship's communication's officer. After a brief amount of time, Charles was recommended for a position as COB for the USS Wineburg. An old Oberth class vessel. But this was an important step in career development.

Charles proved he had a knack for leadership. He excelled in this role. Again, promotion came and with that, so did position. Charles rose fairly fast. His career did have a hick up when he served aboard the USS Pegasus under Capt. Pressman. ( Subject is classified ) Before he knew it, he was the Chief of the Boat on the USS Lexington herself. with the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. Kendal wanted him on her ship, the USS Geronimo. But he felt it weird to call his own sister Captain.

Charles served on the Lex until his tour was over. Then, he was snagged by Admiral T'Shek as the Fleet Master Chief for sector 1. Charles found this job challenging. But, at this time, the Marquis Rebellion was starting to make waves. And like a lot of people, this did not sit well with Charles. So, after souls searching Charles resigned from the fleet he loved so much over Star fleet's stance in the entire matter.

Having no idea what he would do next, Charles found an old friend he had served with on the Ghandi. This friend was now a music producer. He remembered how Charles loved to play his guitar and write his own songs. He wanted to give Charles a chance making music professionally. Charles actually became a minor celebrity within the Federation. Having hit singles on Teller, Andoria, and Bajor. He was really starting to gain momentum in the UFP entertainment circuit, when he received a message. The message informed his his sister, Rear Admiral Payne wished to speak with him.

At this time the Marque affair was mainly over. The Federation faced a new threat......The Dominion. She made Charles an offer to jump back to his old rank as Command Master Chief and come in as an adviser. Charles was about to say no. But, he heard a sense of urgency in his sister's voice. Because she asked.....He said YES.

Charles's position as an adviser was, lets just say, more then what he would have bargained for. He bravely did his part with flair and courage. When the war ended, Charles wanted to get back to his music. But, his sister begged his to stay because they needed him. But, with the re-organisation.....They did not have a position for a Command Master Chief. Charles agreed to go back to Master Chief Petty Officer.

He was assigned to Star Fleet Operations on Earth under Admiral Paris. He worked well with the admiral. But Charles wanted to go back into space. He hounded the Admiral for an acceptable assignment. He finally was assigned to the USS Poseidon.

Service Record Enrolled in Star Fleet Enlisted Personnel School
Basic Training- 97%
Basic Trades Training Program- (Engineering) - 96%
Graduated Rank- Crewman Apprentice

Assignment- USS Ghandi.
Assigned: Engineer's Mate. 3rd watch
Promoted: Crewman 3rd Class.
Advanced Trades Training: (Engineering) - 99%
Assignment Completed.

Assignment- USS Melbourne.
Assigned: Engineer's Mate. 2nd Watch
Promoted: Crewman 2nd Class
Ship Confirmed Destroyed: Wolf 359
Commendation- For Gallantry in Action
Awarded- Purple Heart
Awarded- Silver Star
Promoted: Crewman 1st Class

Assignment- Star base 101
Assigned: Engineer's Mate. 1st watch
Assigned: Engineer's Mate 2nd Watch
Promoted: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Basic Trades Training: (Damage Control) - 91%
Basic Bridge Operations: (Engineering) - 100%
Basic Bridge Operations: (Helm ) - 93%
Basic Bridge Operations: (Navigation) - 89%
Promoted: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Assigned: Engineer 3rd watch
Advanced Trades Training: (Damage Control) - 90%
Advanced Bridge Operations: (Engineering) - 99%
Advanced Bridge Operations: (Helm) -92%
Advanced Bridge Operations: (Navigation) -87%
Basic Bridge Operations: (Communications) -79%
Promoted: Petty Officer 1st Class
Assignment Completed

Assignment- USS Tucker
Assigned: Engineer 2nd watch
Transferred- USS Wineburg
Promoted: Chief Petty Officer
Assigned: Chief of the Boat
Assignment Completed

Assignment- USS Coledale.
Assigned: Chief of the Boat
Promoted: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Transferred- USS Pegasus
Assigned: Chief of the Boat
Ship Confirmed Destroyed: CLASSIFIED
Commendation- Meritorious Service
Awarded- Bronze Star
Promoted: Master Chief Petty Officer

Assignment- USS Lexington
Assigned: Chief of the Boat
Assignment Complete
Promoted: Command Master Chief

Assignment- Star base 1
Assigned: Fleet Master Chief under Admiral T'Shek
RESIGNED from Star fleet.

Enlistment Re-instated- By order of Rear Admiral Kendra Payne

Assignment- Star base 3
Assigned: Adviser to Admiral Finnegan.
Transferred- USS Intrepid
Assigned: Master Chief of 3rd Fleet
Ship Confirmed Destroyed: Vulcan Front. Dominion War
Commendation- Going Above and Beyond the call of Duty.
Awarded- Command Cross with Cluster

Assignment- USS Ticonderoga
Assigned: Master Chief of 1st Fleet.
Assignment Complete
Demoted: Chief Petty Officer.

Assignment- Star Fleet Operations
Assigned: Adviser to Admiral Paris

Assignment- USS Poseidon
Assigned: Chief of the Boat/Instructor