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Lieutenant Lazarus Kord

Name Lazarus Kord

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Gorn
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 7'1"
Weight 320 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description This Gorn specimen stands at around seven feet and one inch, with a scale coloration of dark green that has slight variations of hues across the body. He has a tail that extends a few feet to the rear to provide stability, with digitigrade legs reminiscent of his reptilian kin. Both hands and feet have claws at the tips, with his fingers being able to manipulate objects despite the claws.

Multiple marks across body, telltale signs of prior beatings including scratches and marks across the eye and majority back. The name "J A M E S" crudely and permanently etched on right upper arm.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kord (Deceased)
Mother Morsihrid (deceased)
Brother(s) S'reerd (deceased), S'standas (deceased), K'agozin (presumed deceased), S'sacus (living)
Sister(s) Dilis (living), Dezayas (living), Lazsach (deceased), Seegozin (deceased)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lazarus was molded by his time in slavery. At a very young age, the majority of his family was captured and/or killed by Tholian slavers, leading to his enslavement in the Terran Empire. He is a gifted engineer, natural in the ways of understanding how a ship operates, and much of that intelligence was used against him as he was forced into labor on shipyards. This turned a once bright-eyed hatchling into a cold-blooded killer, forced to survive the haunted existence as he fought for scraps of food and crumbs to eat. He is not entirely incapable of emotion, rarely exposing a kinder and softer side to those of similar species or circumstance to him; this is rare for him to show any kindness.
Strengths & Weaknesses Naturally several times stronger than a Terran, he is a capable fighter when in close combat but sluggish and slow when introduced to extremely cold environments.
Ambitions Lazarus simply wants to be free.
Hobbies & Interests Surviving, and stargazing.

Personal History Lazarus Kord, original name Kord, was given the name Lazarus after surviving some of the harshest beatings Terran slavers could dish out by one of his human slave compatriots. His early history is all but forgotten in the ashes of the time when his families personal transport was attacked and assaulted by Tholian slavers, he the only left alive. His early life full of hardship and beatings as he was forced to learn things that were, at the time, beyond the scope of his comprehension. His later life before his escape was working, constantly, for the Terran Empire in constructing her ships. Lazarus has never had a pleasant day.

Fragmented memories of his adolescence linger in Lazarus' mind, a constant reminder to him of the things he lost to the Terran Empire. He has remained defiant of the ways of the slaver, taking beatings constantly over submitting fully to the demands of mammals that wish to break him. The last words of his father remain in his heart as he held his mother, death befalling them both from the Tholian blade. "Never surrender your soul," was the final command his father. In that much, Lazarus has obeyed.

Much of his adolescence after that point was spent with beatings and the tutelage of his Terran masters, teaching him foreign concepts such as different languages and starship composition. Later, he'd learn how to deconstruct a warp drive and place it all back together, all in an attempt to apparently grow the perfect slave rather than capture one. In most of these years he would act obedient, never betraying his true intention, and despite the constant beatings that - regardless of action - took place, he rose in confidence with his masters.

Eventually the beatings would lessen and he would be given more responsibilities. He would be granted an dockworker position in the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards in orbit of Mars. While he would never truly escape the horrors of his enslavement, he would be granted greater freedom, the illusion of his fully devoted servitude implanted in his Terran slavemasters mind. He would eventually use this false trust to escape.

Briefly brought into the service under Captain Mavis Vermillion of the ISS Asha after using her vessel as a means of escape, he served as Chief Engineering Officer before a freak accident crossed him over between universes. Now arrived to an unknown place, and equally unknown universe, he seeks to survive again in hopes of achieving his freedom.
Service Record Lazarus Kord was born in the Mirror Universe, a slave to Terran overlords and masters. His service record reflects this up to and until his arrival on the ISS Asha as a stowaway, wherein he was commissioned as the ships Chief Engineering Officer. A freak accident in the ships Engineering department caused a rupture in time and space that sent him across the universes. He awoke on the USS Poseidon, and after a brief interrogation by Commodore Gregory Paladin was conducted into service as an Engineering Officer and given a new identity.

Original Commission:
Officer on board ISS Asha, Serial Number G52448H9952, Engineering Department.
Hatchling Preliminary - Gornar
Terran Empire Slave Education - Engineering
ISS Asha - Preliminary Officer Department Training
USS Poseidon - Universe Resettlement Protocol and Training, Commodore Gregory Paladin.
Service record on board the ISS Asha as Chief Engineering Officer, extensive starship construction and engineering experience. Can deconstruct the warp core of a Miranda-class starship and have it put back together in less than a day.
Service Record:
Mirror Universe
2385 - Terran Empire enslavement
2386 - Slave reeducation
2388 - Introduction to engineering basics
2390 - Dockworker basics. Transfer to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.
2395 - Advanced Engineering Concepts, introduction and assistance in warp core fabrication and assembly.
2410 - Freedom. Escaped via stowaway on ISS Asha. Served as Chief Engineering Officer until demise by freak explosion in engineering.
Prime Universe
2393 - Concluded Universe Resettlement Protocols under Commodore Gregory Paladin, USS Poseidon, enlisted under new identity as Starfleet Engineering Officer.