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Lieutenant Ronan D'Anvers

Name Ronan D'Anvers

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Syndari
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 159 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lean and well-muscled. The kind of physique one acquires from an active life and an understanding that the body is both tool and weapon in the fight to survive. The bears a runic tattoo on his left bicep which, when translated from his native tongue, indicates his status as an serf, family 512, status abandoned. He bears a latticework of old scars on his back. While he can be serious, his smile when it appears, is transformative.


Spouse None
Children None
Father 512 Niall
Mother 512 Edryi
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family All deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ronan is a survivor, pure and simple. He carries the scars of his childhood, both the physical ones, a latticework of whip marks on his back, as well as the emotional ones. Cursed with an eidetic memory, he remembers every moment of his life on Syndar Prime and those memories helped inform the strong-minded individual he has become. He is intelligent, perceptive, and given to studying a problem rather than acting impulsively. For all that, he enjoys the life he’s made for himself.

-- Similar to humans though the internal arrangement of organs is different.
-- The Syndari have a four-lobed brain though because it is much more compact than the Ferengi that did not result in an enlarged cranium. The structure of their brain renders them difficult to read by most telepathic species; highly-skilled Betazoids in the very brief and confused glimpses they might gain find their minds alien and uncomfortable.
-- Retain youthful appearance well into their 200s and only begin to ‘look their age’ in the last 50-60 years of life
Strengths & Weaknesses Ronan is highly intelligent, perceptive and something of a problem-solver. His childhood made him resourceful and the fact that he is here today gives witness to his ability to survive. He thrives on challenges, is curious about many things, but is generally unwilling to accept something because someone else says so, he’d rather make his own decisions. There are scars, of course. He is cursed with an eidetic memory which means he remembers everything about his home world. The dwindling population, the great ships leaving one after another, the hard life that only grew harder, burying his parents, all of it. He does not like to feel trapped though he always arranges his quarters so that he can sleep with his back to the wall.
Hobbies & Interests - Voracious reader - especially history, folktales, information about the culture and politics of other worlds
- Martial Arts workouts - as a way to remain centered within himself
- Cooking
- Theater and old movies

Personal History On Syndar Prime, he was known as 512 Ronan. 512 was his familial designation -- a serf from a family of serfs, government-owned without any chance of freeing himself from that status. He was born to a world in rapid decline, branded at the age of three (and that brand was checked and sometimes updated every passang [year]). Generations upon generations of his family had pooled their resources to buy a small plot of land and built a ramshackle house that was the heart of the family’s pride. He was put to work at the age of four and, like everyone else in his family, the pittance he earned went toward the good of all.

He remembers the marketplaces that emptied, year after year, as the great ships took off never to return. He remembered his last branding at the age of 10, days before the last ship left the homeworld and over a billion serfs found themselves alone on a world that was already in its death throes. He was 12 when the sickness swept through the area he lived in and took first his mother and then his father. They were buried on their own land.

He was 13 when Starfleet showed up, a half-wild kid fighting for every bit of food. He was brought to Earth and placed into foster care; he moved through a series of homes because even at the age of 13, he found it difficult to open up on a personal level. He has been accused, at least in the records kept of those days, of being a Vulcan in disguise though it's hardly true.

In school, he proved easily bored and one of his teachers, Chapin D’Anvers, suggested a book for him to read. Not a handout, a loan with the clear understanding that he would be required to discuss what he read afterwards. Over time, those discussions began to include a cup of tea, a piece of fruit, and the like. The teacher was willing to put in the effort, to accept him for who he was and not not what he was supposed to be, and as a result, Ronan began to enjoy those visits.

Even after he had to move onto another home, the two stayed in touch. Ronan began to read voraciously and his grades started to improve. He came to understand that how he started didn’t need to be how he ended up. He went from being the quiet, withdrawn kid who never spoke to the engaged one who asked insightful questions. On a social level, things remained difficult. The memories that would always be fresh in his mind, the anger he felt over the senseless death of so many on his home world, his parents included, got him into trouble with schoolyard bullies. And while he got hurt, he also refused to back down.

As someone who found it hard to open up, bottled emotions were exhausted in hard physical workouts. He would often stay after the class ended or come back in his free time and it was in one of those afternoons that he met Isador, a martial arts instructor. Through that training he learned how to focus, how to remain centered and finally, achieved the control he needed.
Deciding what he wanted to do with his life was not easy. A lifetime of servitude had led to the death of his parents and he vowed to be no man’s slave though he still believed in serving the greater good. Long talks with his sensei, Izador, and with Mr. D’Anvers brought him to the decision to at least explore the idea of Starfleet. He investigated, researched, asked questions and finally, once satisfied that they were not similar to the Syndari, he applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Because he had no last name, he took the name of his long-time friend and teacher, as his surname.
Service Record 2364: Born on Syndar Prime
2367: Received his first brand
2374: Last of the great ships left Syndar Prime
2376: Buried his parents on the family land
2377: Rescued by a Starfleet medical team and brought to Earth
2382: Took D’Anvers as his last name. Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2384: Graduated, Diplomatic Major/Sociology Minor
2384: Assigned to the USS Zheng He, Diplomatic Officer
2390: Promoted to Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Zheng He
2394: Transferred to the USS Poseidon, Chief Diplomatic Officer