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Lieutenant Shalmira Heddan

Name Shalmira Janine Heddan

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey/green
Physical Description Shalmira is a tall, striking Romulan woman with a muscular/atheltic build. She has the usal racial traits of her people kin to Vulcans with arched eyebrows and slightly pointed ears. Her dark hair has never been cut and, when on duty, is braided or tied back. Her skin is darker than is the norm for her people.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Valdore Haddan (deceased)
Mother Shena Haddan
Brother(s) Vardan Haddan MIA (presumed deceased)
Sister(s) Arminia Shia Haddan
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shalmira is a an outspoken, forthwright woman who is both proud and (at times) somewhat irritating. She has massive self-belief in her intellect, intelligence and training and can seem obsessive and distant when concentrating with a problem.
She likes to keep busy and often has several experiements and pet-projects, writing papers and critiques the latest science journals.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Massive intellect and intelligent.
Hard working (sometime to the extreme of not sleeping).
proven problem solver.

Does not suffer fools and can be impatient.
Argumentative and (percived by others) as not a team player.
Arrogant and impersonal (lacking in empathy)
Fierce temper.
Ambitions OOC: To be decided
Aim to find/discover what happened to her brother Verdan. Verdan dissapeared on the converted Romulan Valdore class (to a deep-space science survey vessel) Nahib.
Hobbies & Interests Reads voraciuously (usually science/technical journals though also reads some fiction).
Has ongoing pet-projects in various fields of science.
Writes for various science journals.

Personal History Shalmira's family come from the fairly unknown small (mainly) Romulan colony on Heneres IV - first settled as a science and survey base two hundred years ago. The site chosen for its position near the unmapped Haloven Expanse (a region of space known for spacial anomilies).

From an early age Shalmira was recognised as something of a child prodegy "wonderkind" and polymath. Though, by her early teens, she had concentrated on science specialising in Astrophysics, astroparticle physics and also dabbles in stella theoretical astrophysics and more (to her at least) other mundane subjects.

She enlisted as an Erei'Arrain (Sub-Centurion) to gain access to the Long Rance Survey Vessel, Helos V, where she quickly came recognised as something of a rising star in the scientific community onboard (if also a demanding, argumentative pain in the ass). The Helos V dpecialised in studying stella nurseries and molecualr clouds and other anomolies associated with early/proto-stars.

Shalmira later studied at the Vulcan Science Institute before attending as a guest professorship at MIT on Earth. Shalmira then applied for starfleet and was fast-tracked through the Academy's Science and Technical divisions.

Shalmira is often self-obsessed with her studies and writing, guest speaking at scientific conventions and gatherings.
This all came crashing down when he brother, Vardan, was pronounced missing on the LSV Nahib.
Service Record OOC: Years to be added to fit with current posting.

Romulan Academy of Applies Sciences (on Heneres IV)
3 Years on the Helos V (acting Sub-Centurion/Science Division).
2 Years Science Officer (on Galan V though spent much of this time travelling to seminas and studying).
1 Year Vulcan Science Institute
2 Years at MIT on Earth guest professorship (specialising in applied astrosciences, new scanning and technical long rance/stella survey processe and their applications).
1 Yeat SF Academy (fast tracked).
1 Year Science Officer/Technical Support USS Ganamede.
2 Years Asst Chief Science Officer USS Ganamede.