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Lieutenant JG Vaebn tr'Jarok

Name Vaebn ir-Brel'Kar tr'Jarok

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan / Rihannsu
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 205cm / 6'9"
Weight 90kg / 200lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jarok is a tall, imposing Romulan male. Tall even by Romulan standards, and well built to round off the imposing look, Jarok also has the traditional Romulan hair cut and pointed ears, pronounced forehead ridges and pointed eyebrows. To other Romulans, he would be relatively easily identifiable as an "Eastern" Romulan in skin tone and overall appearance.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Khre'riov Eveh e-Khaethaetreh tr'Jarok (deceased, Romulus 2387)
Mother Erei'riov Hilae i-Ra'tleihfi ei-Tal Prai'ex t'Jarok (deceased, Romulus 2387)
Brother(s) 6 Brothers; Ameh, Helev, Hexce, Lai, Maiek and Tafv. Lai died on Romulus in 2387, however the remaining brothers all serve the Romulan Free State in various capacities. Jarok maintains some contact with a few, but others have positions that make it impossible to communicate with.
Sister(s) 3 Sisters; Ael, Jisit and Rhean. Ael and Rhean both died on Romulus in 2387, however Jisit is alive and serving as an officer in the Tal Shiar with little contact between them since the supernova.
Other Family Related to, through his Mother's side, Admiral Alidar Jarok who defected in 2366. not bring that relative up in conversation if you know what's good for you.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally the quietest person you'll meet, Jarok has always been an enigma. In his work, he is noted to be a pragmatist, completing his tasks efficiently and effectively without error and without missing anything. However, despite this cold outward front, he does possess a sense of humour which can help when trying to break the ice with him when off-duty, if he finds your jokes funny. Having worked for the Romulan Star Empire for just a short time before the supernova, he has a fondness of days past, of Empires past, and like any true Romulan he values honour and cunning over traditional Federation values. He is a very strong believer in the old code of Romulan behaviour known as "mnhei'sahe".

By Federation standards, he has a flawed personality that is stuck in the past "glory" of the Romulan Star Empire. He is standoffish, cold, ruthless and cunning, but he is also humourous, extremely passionate and honourable, in the traditional Romulan sense anyway. If given breathing room to do his work, he can become one of the most reliable officers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jarok is a proud, resourceful and cunning individual who puts 100% into his work with little regard for anyone in his way.

Although after the supernova event he was welcomed as part of an exchange programme offered to Romulans, he is still wary of serving on a Federation vessel given his 30-year distrust and almost hatred of the organisation. He is more than aware of how Romulans are viewed, and he can often forget his tongue when espousing some of his old viewpoints.

Jarok is relatively standoffish but remains open to new things - hence his service to the Federation now. But while he may be efficient and effective at what he does, he can be ruthless and can burn bridges without a second thought if it were to benefit him or the Federation.
Ambitions Jarok is known to be very secretive with his intentions, views, or beliefs outside of traditional Romulan societal ones. He has passed over obvious avenues for advancement, instead opting to take his time and move at a pace he finds suitable. For the relatively few years he has served in Starfleet, he has changed ships a few times after being offered an increased role, choosing instead to maintain status quo within his life. All anyone can really tell is that he loves doing what he does, and perhaps this posting will be the one that sticks?
Hobbies & Interests Even in this area, Jarok keeps most of his interests and hobbies relatively private. He spends every second of his allotted holodeck time, although he has always been alone. For the astute observers, Jarok can be found trying wildly varying foods and beverages, and spends a significant time, when not in the holodeck, practicing martial arts and combat skills.

Interestingly, he has a collections of traditional melee weapons that he trains with regularly, specifically an ornate Lirash (a Romulan weapon similar to the Lirpa), a traditional Vrelnec (Romulan sword, akin to the katana) and a Dirhja that he loves to secretly carry with him whenever he can, as a sort of insurance for self-defence should his phaser not proove effective.

Personal History The rather secret history of Jarok begins in 2349 when he was born in a small village close to the Praetor's summer palace near the Valley of Chula.

Born the 3rd son and 5th child of Eveh and Hilae into the House-Clan s'Jarok, he was born into a relatively well known family that had relatives serving in virtually every corner of Romulan upper society. A distant relative would later become an Admiral, his father a Commander-General in the military and his mother a Subcommander in the extremely prestigious Tal Prai'ex, or the Praetorian Guard - the Praetor's personal guard unit.

He attended primary and secondary-level schools that only the upper echelons of Romulan society usually went to because of his mother's prestigious connection with the Praetor, and as a result he cultivated numerous friendships with extremely well connected people from an early age.

Once his primary and secondary education was completed, he took some time to study at the Collegium of Ancient Warfare where he developed his passion for traditional melee weapons. After 10 years of study, he participated in his state-required Serona and joined the military in his parents' footsteps.

After completing his initial training at the Military Rhetor studying intelligence, he was able to cultivate a position for himself within the highly respected Tal Diann, or military intelligence division. He served there for only a few years, attaining the rank of Arrain (Lieutenant) before the Hobus Supernova in 2387. As he was onboard a ship at the time, he was spared destruction, although every person serving on that ship lost most if not all of their families, Jarok included.

Immediately following the supernova, he attempted to return home and ended up seeking refuge with the Federation once it became clear the Romulus, and indeed the Romulan Star Empire, was no longer.
Service Record Within the Federation, he has only served for 6 years so far including his days at the academy. When joining, his official record only states that he served 8 years in the Romulan Military, with two years in the field.

The notable dates of his Federation service record are as follows:

2387 - Becomes a Federation citizen as a refugee from the Hobus Supernova Event the month before.
2388 to 2392 - Joins Starfleet through a specific Romulan-Federation integration programme that allows former Romulan military to join Starfleet. Through this programme he picks up his previous career in military intelligence at Starfleet Academy, and has stellar grades through the technical courses, however struggles with the more traditional Federation diversity courses. Overall graduates middle of the class, promoted to Ensign.
2392 - Posted to USS Centaur as a junior Intelligence Officer.
2393 - Transferred to USS Prometheus as an Intelligence Officer.
2394 - Promoted to Lieutenant J.G., transferred to USS Poseidon as an Intelligence Officer.