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Ensign Lethe Sivarr

Name Lethe Sivarr

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rechakan
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 2.1 meters / 6' 10"
Weight 113 kg's / 251 lbs
Hair Color Spine color: Dark blue/Black
Eye Color Azure (reflective)
Physical Description Like most adult Rechakans, Lethe is somewhat larger than the human average at just over two meters in height with a barefooted digigrade stance, possessing a single head, two legs, and four arms. His epidermal layer ranges from a sky-blue shade, to almost-white, with the only pink being on the inside of his mouth and mandibles. The crown of his head, shoulders, back, and elbows are marked with what look to be spines, dark in color, and measuring anywhere from one to ten inches in length. The spines are not actually bone however, and can be tensed into rigidity, or relaxed and allowed to lay flat. More than one uniform has been shredded when Lethe was surprised enough to fully tense his spines. Adding to his fierce appearance are the mandibles folded around his mouth, which makes him unable to properly pronounce many of the sounds required for the speech of many species, such as human (though poly-guttural dialects such as Klingon, he can mostly manage), making him dependent on the universal translator for communication.

Lethe bears numerous faded scars from his youth, resulting from his short forays beyond the protective walls of the cities, though he was fortunate to come away from such expeditions with all his limbs intact, due in no small part to his ability to squirm out of a tight spot. Where a human skeleton is almost entirely bone, the Rechakan skeletal structure is only half bone, the rest being more akin to cartilage, making them limber and flexible, and able to squeeze into tight spaces. Such a trait is especially useful for an engineer while traversing a Jefferies tube, or cramped maintenance space.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Lero Sivarr
Mother Dorethe Sivarr
Brother(s) (31 years of age) Beyr Sivarr
Sister(s) (24 years of age) Anarelle Sivarr
(22 years of age) Oma Sivarr
(16 years of age) Ay'Cee Sivarr

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lethe would best be described as thoughtful and subdued, most of the time, but confident in what he knows. As with most Rechakans, it is not Lethe's way to fight with his own kind (or comrades, shipmates, etc), though he would be willing to make an exception against those who would use their own strength against others; bullies, thugs, slavers and sexual predators being especially high on the short list that Lethe would be willing to resort to violence over.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lethe is fiercely loyal to those who have earned his loyalty, and does not take it well at all if that loyalty and trust is betrayed, even to a small degree. Otherwise, he is a hard worker driven by two things; curiosity of the unknown, and fear not of death, but of failure, and failing those who depend on him.
Ambitions Lethe did not start out with great career ambitions for himself, as his enrollment in Starfleet was in more of a pathfinder roll in order to determine the viability of other Rechakans entering Starfleet. Rather than withdrawing once he learned what he needed, Lethe stuck with it in the hopes of earning himself a billet aboard a deep space exploratory vessel, to get out and see more of the galaxy than was possible with the much more limited Rechakan navy.
Hobbies & Interests Given the nature of the wildlife on his home planet, Lethe has something of an interest in the wildlife of other worlds as well, and though he's amateur biologist at best, it still interests him to compare species and see how ecosystems on different worlds could develop so differently from one another.

Personal History Lethe hails from the planet Tharos located near the outer galactic rim, a class-M world teaming with life, and whose natural beauty is matched only by the natural dangers. Tharos has an extremely aggressive ecosystem, where every organism is prey to something else, and the Rechakans -the only known species on the planet to have attained sentience- are not at the top of the natural food chain. The surface of Tharos is one half shallow oceans broken up by deep oceanic trenches, while the undeveloped landmasses are largely thick jungle and rainforest.

Retora (roughly translated as 'Sanctuary') is the lone 'civilized' continent on the planet, isolated from other landmasses by surrounding oceans, where the wilds are at least somewhat tamed, though offworlders are strongly encouraged never to venture beyond the domes of the cities unescorted, lest they become food for something else. Such is the hostility of the world that Rechakan civilization has arisen no less than twelve times, pushing back the wilds of Retora, and each time the wilds would push back harder as though the planet itself wanted nothing more than an endless cycle of life and death, predator and prey.

It was the twelfth Epoch of the Rechakan civilization that finally gained the traction needed for real, lasting advancement, and the sciences were finally able to expand and flourish until life become about more than just day-to-day survival. The protected cities arose, allowing the people to thrive, and technical advancement jumped ahead by leaps and bounds. Five thousand years after the first walled city, they achieved spaceflight, and five hundred years after that was the first successful warp speed trials. After nearly a century of interstellar space travel, contact was made with the United Federation of Planets, and amicable relations established, though Tharos has not as yet petitioned for membership.

Rechakan history is rather unique, in that only through cooperation and the expenditure of substantial resources, were they able to rise up and establish their civilization. As a result, there were very few large scale conflicts between Rechakans, as they generally spent their energy defending against the wildlife, rather than fighting each other. As technology advanced, and they developed vehicles and machines that rendered the wildlife less of a threat, the Rechakans nonetheless maintained their philosophy of 'survival through cooperation'.
Service Record Position: Student
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Rank: Cadet
Start Year: 2387
End Year: 2390

Graduation from Starfleet Academy:

Promotion to Ensign Junior-Grade:

Assigned to Federation Fleet Museum, Sol system:
Maintenance Engineer:
2390 - 2392

Promotion to Ensign:

Assigned to surplus Depot Z15, Qualor II:
Salvage Engineer:
2392 - 2394

Assigned to the Starship Poseidon:
Damage Control Specialist: