Shakedown Cruise

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The USS Poseidon departs for her first shakedown cruise whilst the crew continue to tie up loose ends, adding to the preliminary stages of what is hopefully going to turn out to be a fantastic voyage for her cadets and crew.

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Traveling to Starbase 47

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With the success of the Shakedown Cruise an all kinks in the ships refit sorted out, the USS Poseidon and crew head to for their scheduled layover on Starbase 47.

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Getting to know the XO

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The future hopeful Commanding Officer is introduced to his future Executive Officer.

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Departure and Trial Run

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The Departure of the USS Poseidon is well underway. With only a few loose ends to tie up as the staff meet newcomers, the first formal Senior Officer meeting is on the horizon. New adventures await the crew of the Poseidon as they gear up for their first trail run.

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