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LCdr. Shakura's Personal Log #1

Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 9:31am by Commander Kanaka Shakura

Lieutenant Commander Shakura's Personal Log, Stardate 70610.9.

I've just returned from the Commander's Ready Room after a late night meeting. He asked me to serve as his Second Officer. I must admit it was not what I expected going in, though I started to have my suspicions as the conversation began. After some brief consideration, I accepted the offer, and was given the field promotion there and then. To tell the truth, I'm still not sure what to think about it.

On the one hand I think it affords me the opportunity to apply myself further and to be able to achieve more through supporting others on board the Poseidon, not least of all the Commander himself. He is a gentle man - a good man - but he is in need of good support and counsel. I hope I have provided him that so far, and can continue to do so as we go forward in this tour of duty.

On the other hand, however, I feel a bit uneasy. I can already hear Mother's condescending approval: she would be fond of the advancement, but give it little credit on the fact of it being Starfleet. Despite my best efforts, her voice haunts me still, and I know she likely employs her connections back home on Betazed - such as Father's carers - and further afield to keep abreast of my situation. She'll likely hear of this soon. I have tried so hard to avoid command up until this point; I hope my lineage does not betray me now.

My first few days on the Poseidon thus far have been productive. I've gotten myself comfortable in my personal quarters and in the ample counselling offices, though my office could definitely use some more character. I'm sure I can move a few of my personal effects down there in the meantime before I'm able to acquire some additions along our travels.

I should make sure to find some time to contact Father, let him know where I am and that I am safe. He worries, more now than ever before. I worry for him too.

[End of Personal Log]


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Tags: Pre-Poseidon Launch, Pre-Departure, Pre-Meeting