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[Backlog] LCdr. Shakura's Personal Log #2

Posted on Tuesday November 12th, 2019 @ 3:13am by Commander Kanaka Shakura

Lieutenant Commander Shakura's Personal Log, Stardate 70622.6.

I had another night terror this morning. The one I haven't had since my time in the Academy. Mr. Nabo'eil's death. *A few seconds of silence pass.* He was a good manservant, Mother should have treated him better. I don't know why they're coming back again, but it is becoming quite tiresome. If they continue I might have to reach out to T'Kurrak to ask for his guidance again; Lieutenant T'vek might also be able to prescribe some sleeping medication in the absolute worst case, though I hope it doesn't come to that.

I listened to some of my patient's Personal Logs this morning. The Commander clearly struggled to say anything during his first official log; I get the strong impression that despite his confident exterior that he's actually still very unsure of himself. The Commodore too says little, though I get the impression that's more out of a means to keep his cards close to his chest. Lieutenant Freya has not made any as of this log. All of these are going to require a bit of questioning the next time I see all of them for their first official sessions.

I'm growing more and more suspicious of our purpose here. Everything points to the Commodore, Gregory Paladin. He has already admitted to me that he chose the crew personally, and based on everything I've learnt thus far, I have reason to believe his reasons are far more than just our credentials. I'm not sure how, but all of our paths cross somehow, and I'm quite determined to figure out where they're heading before there are any nasty surprises.

I intend to call Father shortly. It has been a while; I hope he has been keeping well. Hopefully he won't be as startled this time, though his latest health checks haven't been the most promising. *Another few seconds of silence.* While it has been painful watching his mind disappear over the years, I still can't bare to see him go completely. Sometimes I think I'm being selfish; another trait of my Mother's. I try so much to be like him, and yet I can't help but feel more like her as I grow older.

I will just have to keep trying. I will be more then what she wanted me to be.

[End of Log]


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