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Chief Counsellor's Log - Lt. Freya Svanirsdottir #01

Posted on Tuesday November 26th, 2019 @ 6:08pm by Commander Kanaka Shakura
Edited on Tuesday November 26th, 2019 @ 6:11pm

Chief Counsellor's Log, Stardate 70629.1.

I spoke to Lieutenant Freya this afternoon following the incident on the Bridge during the Departure. From what I can gather, there was a disagreement between the Lieutenant and Commander about her conduct due to the presence of Commodore Paladin on the Bridge, and when she refused to drop the matter the Commander had her escorted from the bridge to her quarters. I would have dealt with it sooner had I not been waylaid by the tragedy of Lieutenant Pavan.

Since this morning, Freya has cut and dyed her hair and produced a new uniform, one that I don't immediately recognise but does follow a similar scheme as those of Starfleet. She is understandably frustrated by today's events and yet seems driven by a new sense of purpose, for what I am not quite sure but it does seem to have filled her with a confidence to feel able to answer back to her superiors. I will forgive her due to the toll the day's events have taken on everyone's emotions.

Yet there remains many outstanding questions: I saw Commodore Paladin leave her quarters just before I entered. She assured me they had discussed the matter and resolved what she called a case of 'mistaken identity'. The Lieutenant is also in possession of various prohibited items - notably a katana - to which she claims neither the Commander or Quartermaster were aware of. When I asked for the origins of these items, and a commbadge which does not resemble anything I recognise as Federation-made, she claimed she was from the "Mirror Universe".

This I find hard to believe, and yet, I could sense nothing but genuine honesty from the Lieutenant. My immediate reaction was to consider this a case of serious delusion, and yet I find myself coming back to her relationship with Commodore Paladin: Apparently, this 'mistaken identity' comes from the "Mirror Universe". If such a thing is even remotely true, only the Commodore can confirm her story. I will have to speak to him on this matter soon.

When I continued to discuss this different "reality" with Freya, she expressed genuine concern about contacting her sister and grandfather, claiming she did not know them "in this universe". For the sake of her mental stability for the time being I've suggested she not attempt to contact them; once I've been able to get to the bottom of whatever is causing this, perhaps then I should consider if contact is possible and how best to facilitate that.

Speaking about Lieutenant Junior Grade Allen, who seemed genuinely dismayed earlier today when seeing Lieutenant Freya being escorted by security to her Quarters, Freya confided in me that the two had a previous intimate encounter though was not sure "what they were". I've encouraged her to discuss this with her when she's ready. This does make me suspicious of the claim that Sydney could not have known about Freya's effects, but I cannot say that with any certainty. I'll have to question the Quartermaster at a later date and see how she reacts.

I've agreed to speak to the Commander on Lieutenant Freya's behalf concerning her uniform changes and personal effects. In return she has agreed to meet with the Commander in the near future to resolve the disagreement they had on the Bridge.

We shall have to have a proper session soon, as soon as I've gotten to the bottom of these discrepancies.

LCdr. Kanaka "Kana" Shakura
Chief Counsellor / Second Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon


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Tags: Post-Departure, Freya Svanirsdottir, Mirror Universe