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Strange coded transmissions.

Posted on Wednesday April 8th, 2020 @ 3:40pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Pri

Chief of Intelligence Log Stardate 9404.08

Lieutenant T'Pri reporting:

I've been going over the weekly transmissions; both intelligence related and otherwise, when I stumbled onto a coded message that was missed by the computer. It's very subtle and almost like a Federation code. However when I ran the coded algorithm through the main computer it did not correspond to any federation signature in the memory bank that the Federation uses. I then ran a matching Algorithm and found the code did not match any code the Federation or any of its members ever used. I have attempted to crack the code myself and found that it is a Trinary Encryption code with a Fractal cipher. That was a far as I got. I then checked the message history looking for the same cipher pattern and its happened three times so far, at navigational intervals of one light year. These transmissions are incoming only. I have not found this signal in any of the outgoing traffic to date no matter our position. Perhaps this is a new diplomatic cipher that I am not privy too. I will contact the Chief diplomatic officer Lieutenant Ronan D'Anvers presently. If he doesn't know what this is I will report this transmission and my findings to the First Officer, Commander Kanaka Shakura.

Lieutenant T'Pri
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Poseidon


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