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Posted on Monday June 8th, 2020 @ 12:41am by Lieutenant Damian Kane

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
-Napoleon Hill-

To: The Brothers of the Monastic Order of The Universal Truth

Dear Brothers;
Much has happened since I wrote you last. I'm still in Starfleet. I'm now posted to a ship. the USS Poseidon. And what a ship she is. Have not been here for very long. But so far, things have been pretty interesting. And you would not believe what we have here. We have Auditoriums, and holodecks, and...well lots of stuff that are really cool. but, in my personal opinion the coolest is the ship's chapel. It's on Deck 6 and, to me, it's the most precious place on the ship. It's a good size. Not huge, but it's a good size. You know, some in Starfleet think that Chaplin's are outdated and unimportant. Well, as the XIV Dalai Lama once said..."If think you are to small too make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." That is the way I look at it.

I can't wait till we actually start out. I know that this ship and I with it can make a difference. There is so much in this universe that I know I can affect for the good. And please tell Brother Dharod Rimpoche, our monasteries healer that I have been practicing my ancient healing arts. I've been brushing up on botany, and acupressure. Even thinking maybe even continuing my studies to be a naturopath. I can actually do my studies right here on the Poseidon. It will go well with the extended training I did when I was certified as a Starfleet field medic. I can also tell you that my other training is in fine form. I have not let my physical training falter at all. I have a holodeck program that I use daily. And It's one that I would consider to be VERY challenging. Surely not for the faint of heart.

I will admit, I do miss a few things that are rare aboard a ship like this. For example, regular alcohol is a rarity. You need to bring it in yourself. They serve synthohol on most Federation ship's and bases. I will admit, it's close. but not exactly the same thing. Some days, I would give almost anything for a real ale. or glass of fine Chardonnay. Last week I won a bottle of peach cider in a poker game. I drank it on the holodeck with a program of a sunset on a Bajorian beach. Oh, I should mention...I picked up playing poker as a hobby. It's an interesting game. I'm not that good at it. but it's something to learn.

Well my Brothers, I must be off. I need to prepare the chapel. We have an Andorian service that I'm officiating. Then I have 3 hours to prepare for a Vulcan service. this is truly a place that does not sleep. And to be honest, I could not be more thrilled. But as much as I am needed here, you know that my heart will always be with you, my Brothers. I will come home one day. But not today. There is to much to see. To much to do. To much to learn. And when I am ready, I will return to you and make us all more enlightened and closer to truly being one with the Universe.

Your Humble Brother:

Lt Damian Kane
Ship's Chaplain
USS Poseidon


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