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"What On Earth Happened? "

Posted on Wednesday July 8th, 2020 @ 8:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Neteri "Ikran" Shannon

Neteri was sitting in the pilots ready room trying to make sense of what just happened.
"Computer record personal log"

My orders were to scout around and see if we could find out just what was shadowing the Poseidon if anything was. I had just finished doing that when something caught my attention, a slight shimmering in the horizon about 50 clicks out. Amelia, flying "Ikran 2", was on my wing, as we headed towards the distortions. I did not like what my gut was telling me and usually I listen to it. As we got closer, I suddenly sensed a presence and the one presence became two, which made me all the more wary of the situation. I already had the Alert 5's outside Mother Hen and had the rest of my squadrons on standby before Amelia and I left. I reported our findings back to the captain, but remained to see if anything would come of it. I kinda wished I had listened to my gut because the next thing I knew we were being targeted.

I hollered at Amelia to break away from me as I turned 180 degrees Starboard and came up under her belly and aimed for the base of the nacelle pylon where it was the weakest point and fired the phases. Dropping down again, I brought Ikran 1 up and aimed again at the same spot using the tetryon pulse cannon, registering more damage. Amelia was doing a great job of keeping the Cain busy as I came back around and finished the job with the torpedoes. The nacelle broke loose in a shower of sparks leaving the ship venting drive plasma. I honestly have to give credit to my academy teachers in teaching me my engineering studies and of course J'Loni Mo'Bri who is the ACEO. She helped me with ships specs so I basically knew how and where to cripple the ships.

Once the Cain was drifting, I raced, hell bent for leather, back to Mother Hen as we watched the rest of my fighters launching. I hollered, "All fighters protect Mother Hen" and dived into the mess. The Poseidon was taking a beating but she is a tough old girl and the person who did the targeting was awesomely accurate. Between the fighters and Poseidon, we held our own but, out of no where comes an Akula class, USS Pitchfork and promptly dispatched the Able who ran to warp. The captain issued the recall for my fighters and we landed grateful that we still had a deck to land on. I knew that Kane would have a fit but it couldn't be helped.

"Computer end personal log"

Neteri looked at her fighters and sighed, all had gotten back alive but some were shot up badly. As she walked back to the deck, she gave each pilot a good pat and a well done as they headed back to the showers. What happened next, floored her. A promotion? She refused to believe it and walked off towards her quarters and some sleep.

Lt. Cmdr. Neteri "Ikran" Shannon
USS Poseidon


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