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T'Pri's personal Log Stardate 239412.28

Posted on Monday December 28th, 2020 @ 11:51pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Pri

I have completed grading midterm assignments. The captain suggested I take some personal time. So I've decided to recreate the forge in the Holodeck.

It will be nice to meditate in the hot sands of the Forge, where my ancient ancestors shed their emotions. I will go there to center myself, meditate and enjoy the refreshing heat of Vulcan. Granted its on the holodeck but it will be enough to enjoy.

Its hard to believe that eh damage done to the ship is almost completely repaired. The students have done a remarkable job with damage control procedures. I myself had taken a pod out to inspect the damage with a several students to show up close the lethality of our weapons systems.

The students were both inquisitive and and impressed and several made interesting observations about the damaged hull and how the hull was actually replaced. Though Miranda class starships are small. it is an extremely resilient design that is over a century old. I have to admit they make excellent schools.

I had a meeting with Captain Johnson about some ideas I had to further integrate the students into the normal operations of the ship. He seemed to like the ideas I presented him with and is considering them.

I recently gave him a tour of the intelligence center and he was surprised that I had my students working real intelligence problems within the sector. Nothing teaches better than doing. So I made my students part of my department, sort of on the job training. Yes they are strictly supervised however they are performing the function of intelligence operatives adequately.

I am off to the Holodeck now and to the hot sands of the Forge. Personal log Out.


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