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I'm what?

Posted on Saturday January 18th, 2020 @ 7:08pm by Cadet Freshman Grade Chloe Graydon & Lieutenant Nivora T'vek
Edited on on Sunday January 19th, 2020 @ 12:43pm

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 3


Chloe walked into sickbay, looking for one of the medical officers. She was worried, and she needed to get some things checked over. After her meeting with the counsellor she'd gone back to her room, got a few things, and moved into one of the spare quarters. She'd then headed straight to sickbay. She looked around and saw someone with Lieutenant Pips on. "Excuse me sir, can I speak to you...alone?" She asked.

Lieutenant T'vek, who had at the time been hiding in plain sight preparing culture samples continued said task for an almost painfully long moment before pausing and with almost glacial slowness placed the sample into the console, with a vaguely dismissive glance he stared down at the Cadet and let out an overly dramatic sigh, "Very well Cadet," he idly drawled before stalking off to his office without a further word, which by now was much like a home away from home with him.

Tightly packed and well organised PADD's were stacked up on shelves and several sculpted stone artworks, without a word he took his seat behind the desk, behind him on a plinth a Romulan Raptor clasping the twin world loomed large, resting his elbows upon the desk and leaning forward over his steepled hands in utterly bored tones he murmured, "Computer, Medical Privacy Mode" waiting for a moment for the confirmation he continued in icy tones, "Well?"

Chloe took a seat, without being invited. "I think somethings wrong with me...I keep being sick, stomach pains, dizziness...I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm really worrying about it..." She said quietly. "Can you check me over? Please?" She almost begged.

"First things first, take a deep breath," commanded T'vek, his tone marginally warmer than a Nitrogen Ocean, "Now count to three, and breathe out," the idle stare, bordering on a glare was held for but a moment as he reached for the Medical Tricorder on his belt, "try and calm yourself, while worry is natural, giving yourself a panic attack will hardly be conducive to finding out what, if anything is actually wrong, and I'm sure you would share the sentiment that the floors of this vessel are not exactly comfortable to lie upon."

At this last he waited simply for the Cadet to steady herself before beginning to pass the Tricorder over her, "Now, describe when this all started and any other pertinent information," he paused his scan for a moment to check an input, "Calmly. Slowly."

Chloe did as the Doctor said, trying to calm her breathing down as best she could. She let out a shuddery breath, before answering the question. “It all started just before I left the Academy Campus...maybe six, seven weeks ago.” She guessed. She wasn’t sure exactly when it started, initially putting it down as a normal vomiting bug. She’d rested for a few days and it had gone, but now it had come back with a vengeance. “What’s pertinent?” She asked, not recognising the word.

T'vek paused for a moment making a show of checking his readings to conceal a twitch of his left eye "it means something that you think may be connected to your issue," he replied in morbid tones his expression frozen in an uninterested mask as he eyed up the readings, "Did you travel at all after leaving the Campus, has anything else unusual occurred in that time?"

Chloe shook her head. “No, I met up with Commander Graydon on the starbase then transferred to here when we could, wasn’t anywhere else...I have noticed the sickness is only in the mornings mainly.” She commented.

"I see," T'vek drawled as he folded his Tricorder back up and holstered it back on his belt then lowered himself imperiously back into his chair, more akin to an emperor to his throne, "I will require absolute honesty, did you have," he paused here for a moment, his haughty tone ruminating through the office, "A significant other at the Academy?"

Chloe blushed, embarrassed. She nodded. “I had a boyfriend.” She answered quietly. They’d split up shortly after she’d left the Academy to come here. Something about him not liking the whole long distance idea. She’d stayed in her room for hours, crying to herself and asking herself what she’d done wrong. But that was in the past now. Or so she’d thought.

"I understand this is going to be something of a difficult revelation, so I shall not prolong it," he paused for a moment, his pale green eyes summing up the Cadet and despite his earlier pronouncement of not seeking to draw it out, he set his hands upon the table before continuing, his tone akin to that of a mortician, "You, are pregnant."

“ that can’t be right...crap...what do I do?” She asked, so many questions and different emotions moving into her head. How was she going to tell people. What were they going to think of her.

"First," T'vek paused to raise a single solitary viridian tinged finger, "you will need to decide whether you wish to see this to term," he let this prospect sink in for but a moment before continuing raising another finger, "Second, you will need to decide when you will inform the Commander, and I must stress, this will be a When, not If, I can give you some time on medical grounds."

He allowed for the enormity to continue sinking in, his tone still the ever present drawl, but somewhat softer than usual as he raised half a finger, "As an aside, I would recommend you speak to someone about this, technically I should sign post you to our councillor, however given your desire for privacy, I should inform you I too am qualified in such matters, that choice however is yours."

The Third finger was now extended fully, "I would consider contacting your friend at the academy, this is after all a rather major event, and given your mention of past tense, this may have an impact," again, after but a moment he raised a fourth finger.

"And fourth and finally, if you do wish to proceed, you will need to attend regular weekly checkups, I do understand this is a lot to take in, at present," he left this last as an open statement.

Chloe nodded mutely, tears starting to roll down her face. “I want to keep it.” She said quietly, before standing and rushing from the room, tears pouring down her face. She needed to talk to someone...she needed to speak to Kanaka.

"Never a dull moment," T'vek sighed after the door slid shut behind the cadet, after a moment he tapped his Comm Badge, Doctor T'vek to Councillor Kanaka, I would advise you find some time in the next few minutes, Cadet Graydon needs to see you,"

He eyed up the closed door again, reflecting on her abrupt exit, "And they have called me rude!"



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