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Apology Accepted

Posted on Saturday January 18th, 2020 @ 1:56am by Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Payne

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Personal Quarters
Timeline: Day 003 0700


Master Chief Payne had just gotten out of the meeting with the Senior Staff. He was still a little miffed that Admiral Paris didn't tell him personally about assigning him to a position like this. He assumed that he would go to a newer vessel. And a training mission? He was not assigned to Star fleet Academy. This was highly unusual. He walked into his quarters and looked around. " Yup, still as small as I remember. " He thought as he stood at the door. He walked in and looked around.

His personal effects were sitting right there neatly in the table. with it, was a tube. It was gift wrapped with a label. It read: Master Chief C.E. Payne. Funny thing though, it did not say who it was from. But, it was written in what looked like fine calligraphy. Payne looked at this. It was about 93 cm long. and rattled when it was shaken. especially at one end. It seemed pretty light weighted. Payne was about to open the gift, when he noticed a info chip fall out from behind the wrapping. " An even bigger mystery. " He thought. With that, Payne picked up the chip. and went over the the computer on his desk. He sat down, and slid in the chip and activated it.

Then, and image of Admiral Paris appeared.

" Charles, we have worked together for awhile now. I know, the Poseidon isn't exactly what you had in mind when you were thinking of going back into space. And for that, I'm sorry. They needed a COB with experience. Someone who can shape up these cadets. You are simply the perfect choice. It was your sister who threw your name in. She heard what they needed, and recommended you immediately. Personally, I would have begged, borrowed and stole to keep you. But, the service comes first. I know that they found the right man for this job in you. Anyways, I hope you don't hate me to much. I got you a little going away gift. I hope it makes up for surprising you with this assignment. "

And with that, the image faded.

Payne opened up the wrapping paper. In it was a green plastic tube. He then opened the tube. and pulled out a black swagger stick. It was polished African black wood. with polished silver on both ends on the top of the handle it had the symbol of Star fleet carved on it. and around the top, it had the ship's logo of the USS Poseidon. with the ship's name engraved as well. and the call letters, NCC-42635 below that. The other end came to a point. It was beautiful. Almost looked like it could be art. It was just like the ones the senior drill instructors at the Academy used.

Payne went into the bathroom in his quarters. He put the swagger stick under his left arm. It felt good. He looked at himself holding the stick. " Yes. I think so. " He thought knowing that he now couldn't wait till the cadets met him. He stood there and admired how it looked.

Payne then walked out of the bathroom and put the stick on the desk. He was unsure of how to feel. One one hand, This new assignment was not as promised. However, that being said, it also had some unexpected challenges. He was still considering calling Admiral Paris and giving him a piece of his mind. BUT, this IS a challenging assignment. It very well could be another of a long line of "feathers" in his cap. "OH, BLOODY Hell." he said sitting at his desk and activating his computer.

"Computer, dictate a letter." He said as the computer chirped

To: Admiral Paris
Star Fleet Headquarters


I received your gift. Thank you for the swagger stick. I'm sure it will provide many hours of scaring poor, young recruits. It's really very beautiful. And it was very thoughtful of you to send it. Thank you.

I got to admit though, my first thought when I found out I was assigned to this old Miranda class Cruiser, well Lets just say I was expecting something more top of the line. You know because YOU promised it to me. Very slick to get me here Sir. Well played. We have worked together a while. You know my style. My first reaction when I saw this ship for the first time was to take the first shuttle to Earth and hunt you down. But, I got to admit, she is a good ship. I met the Captain and Sr staff. Fine bunch from what I could tell. And hearing the mission, well I guess I can give it a try. ( I know. Like I have a choice. ) It sounds like a great challenge. And I can see where they would need an experienced hand with these babies. I'm promising you I will turn them into Star Fleets finest.

And be sure to tell my sister, my LITTLE sister that she may be an Admiral. But big brother can still come back there and give her a little something something. And MAN, I was sure ready to when I heard she was the brain behind my transfer. But I do think that I would like to stay the course with this assignment. I have a feeling this old refitted refit still has a thing or two to give. And this seems like a special crew. And I feel that this old space dog absolutely has a trick or two left to teach these young babies.

Once again, Thank you Sir. Pleasure to have worked with you.

Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Ermey Payne
Chief of the Boat
USS Poseidon



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