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Cross Training

Posted on Wednesday February 12th, 2020 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi & Major Phoebe Graydon
Edited on on Sunday February 23rd, 2020 @ 8:43pm

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Marine Armoury
Timeline: Pre-Launch

= /\ = Begin = /\ =

Oscar Vladinchi entered the office of the Marine Commanding Officer, ready for the day of assigned cross training that the Commander had issued be developed between the Security Personnel and Marines on board. It was his rotation for training, having just concluded a main beat on Deck 5, and having the appropriate time to invest in the new cross-training exercise. Standing in the waiting room, he patiently adjusted his security uniform and checked in with the Yeoman before sitting down to wait.

Phoebe walked out of the Holodeck attached to the Armoury, with a Type 33 Marine Assault Phaser Rifle slung over her shoulder. She'd just finished a training Scenario where her squad had been wiped out and she was the lone survivor, having to fight her way out while waiting for a rescue. She had succeeded with only minor injuries. She spotted the Security Officer as she walked out. "Ah, Lieutenant, apologies, I got caught up on my personal training. So, what are we thinking of training today?" She asked.

Oscar turned to face the Marine. Having familiarity from a prior encounter, he dropped the pose of professionalism - for the most part - and resorted to being blunt and straightforward. Ever since that encounter prior with that one fellow, whom he couldn't recall the name of, it left a good impression on him. He thought that after the Commander witnessed a few encounters between his departments that was how he decided on the cross training. It was also beneficial that the head of that initiative happened to be the ships Second Officer, as well, with whom he now stood.

He replied to the Major, accent thick in a mixture of traditional russian and english meshed together to form a coherent sentence. Oscar had a friendly demeanour, telling of his respect for the individual standing before him.

"I didn't know what the list had for us today," Oscar admitted. "I just finished my patrol off of Deck 5, came here as the last call before off-duty. I figured you had something in mind, Major."

Phoebe nodded. "Something simple for today I think. Some Anti-Piracy drills. What to do if the ship is boarded." She replied, opening up the weapons locker, and passing the Lieutenant a Type III Phaser Rifle. "I'm sure you are familiar with this weapon Lieutenant. I will allow you to complete your checks, and then meet me in the Holodeck behind us." She replied, returning her Slung Phaser to the Locker, and picking up a Type III for herself.

Oscar nodded, accepting the weapon properly and checking things over; power cell, barrel, stock, et cetera. By the time he finished the proper checks the Major had already begun to enter the holodeck. He followed closely behind.

Phoebe walked into the Holodeck. She'd set the program to begin on their entry, and as she walked in, the room translated into that of a complete replica of the Poseidon. This replica of the Poseidon however was extremely battle damaged, with debris and burn marks everywhere. The lighting had long since failed, and the only light was provided from the brief spark of a broken conduit and the steady rise and fall of the Red Alert. Phoebe waited for Oscar to join her, before starting.

"Ok, Mr Vladinchi." She said. "The scenario is as follows. The Poseidon has been taken over by a hostile force of unknown origin. The ship has lost most power, and is heavily damaged. Your mission is to link up with other survivors of the crew, retake key parts of the ship, and to not be killed." She finished. "Any questions?"

By the time the Major looked to the Lieutenant, his eyes were far away. His stare bore with it the memory that, perhaps in some real way, influenced the computers decision to make a battle damaged corridor similar to the ones he remembered. Scenes from the Dominion War flooded his senses and, despite all will and drive not to, his mind fell back years in the past. When he looked to the Major finally, his eyes didn't see her; they saw past her. Then, all at once, he reached out and grabbed her.

"You!" he said, his voice sharp and tense. "We're in the midst of Operation Return! Why have you vacated your post?!"

Before she could reply, he shoved her aside with a grunt. Instinct took over and, despite the newer version of the weapon, he swiftly armed and readied it. "The Captain Paladin is dead," he seethed. "The damn Jem'Hadar killed him! Commander T'Miak is at the bridge. I don't know how I got down here, I was with him, and-" briefly he patted his side "-undamaged. Either way, we've been boarded. Come on!"

Without gazing back, he rushed forward, face sternly entrenched the active memories of the past. His war wounds, never truly healed, had opened again in his mind. He was reliving his past, actively seeking to fix a memory that was entirely unfixable.

Phoebe was shocked at the sudden outburst from the Officer, but stayed in character, to watch how the man would react. She would mention it to him after the scenario. She readied her weapon and followed a short distance behind the other officer. They headed down the corridor, towards main engineering - their first objective to retake. She followed him to the door, and stood at one side of the entrance, waiting to see where Oscar would place himself.

Oscar's eyes were wild, distant, far away. He was reliving a memory of a battle that happened years ago, so dramatic the effects and so traumatizing to parts of his mind that he was now forced to relive it. A unique set of circumstances that triggered the episode had somehow aligned, now bringing back the man from war. He snarled as he pressed against the side of the wall, near the door to main engineering. He looked at Phoebe, nodded, then turned to rush in.

"Contact!" he screamed, firing the phaser at a Jem'Hadar. The computer had decided on these enemy types due in part to the Lieutenant's suggestive words earlier. The first one was down in an instant, with the second firing off a laser blast that nearly hit Oscar. He twirled to a piece of bulkhead on the ground, kneeling behind it to take cover.

"Pinned down!" he yelled towards the door.

Phoebe peered around the door carefully, trying to locate the attacker. 'Interesting' She though to herself. The programme had chosen Jem'hadar, which wasn't usually the enemy of choice for most people. This could turn out to be interesting. Locating the attacker, she leaned out from cover just enough to aim her weapon, and took the shot, incapacitating the target. Checking to make sure it was clear, she dashed for the next piece of cover, making herself level with Oscar. "Move up, you're clear!" She shouted, taking up a covering position.

"Thanks!" replied Oscar, loudly. The sounds of fighting could be heard close, and throughout the ship. It was clear the Poseidon was fighting for her very life, sounds of phaser exchange and photon torpedo launches reverberated through the ship. Running past a burning console, the Lieutenant spotted a trio of Jem'Hadar ... torturing the Chief Engineer.

"Let him go, you scum!" shouted Oscar, gaining their attention. His voice still had the distinct fluency to it, but it was more intense now, almost primal. In his rage, the Lieutenant rushed on Jem'Hadar, knocking him and his knife away from the half-dead Chief Engineer. The two remaining grabbed their weapons and began to corner the rage-filled Lieutenant.

Phoebe saw the danger, and set her phaser to dual shot. Taking aim, she hit one in the back, and the other in the leg, killing one and injuring the other.

There was only a brief second of hesitation from the Jem'Hadar, granting Oscar the leverage he needed in their present struggle with his firearm. He pushed, slammed the butt of his rifle upward, then came down hard before taking aim and firing. Lethal shot. He began to pant, then, seeing the Chief Engineer, he knelt.

"Are you okay, Henry?!" he asked, almost in a panic. The Chief Engineer looked up, "Whose Henry?" he asked, bloodied face and all.

Oscar knelt there, eyes wide. He blinked, gazing around. He turned and saw Phoebe.

"Major?" he asked, voice and expression full of confusion. "Where am I?"

Phoebe stood up from where she was taking cover. "Computer, end program!" She called, watching as the room changed back to the default holodeck. "Do you not remember Lieutenant?" She asked, slightly concerned. She walked over towards the man, moving her rifle onto her back. Upon reaching Oscar, she took hold of his weapon, disarming it, and taking it from his grip.

The Lieutenant looked down and realized he held a rifle. His grip, at first, was firm when she reached for it. He relented however in another brief moment of confusion, gazing up to her and shaking his head.

"N-no Major....I don't. I was..."

He trailed off, eyes distant. "I....I was having a bad dream, of the war."

Phoebe now realised why the Computer had chosen the Jem'Hadar as their opponents. She'd forgotten that Oscar had been involved in the Dominion War quite extensively. "It wasn't a dream were in a holodeck program. Part of the joint training that Security is doing with us." She stated.

All of a sudden it came back to him, his audible gasp was sharp. He placed a hand over his mouth, sitting back as he leaned onto his knees.

"It happened again," he commented, idly. "That type of episode hasn't happened in years. I'm sorry Major, I'm sorry you had to see that.."

"It's fine...but I really think you need to see someone. Maybe the XO can help, as Counselor." She said.

"Funny you say that."

He sat there for a moment, scratching his head idly as he tried to regain his composure. After a minute, he used his knee for support as he stood up. He wiped his uniform off, then nodded to the Major. "I think I need some alone time, if you'll excuse me."

Phoebe nodded. "If you need anything, come find me." She said, as Oscar walked away. She hoped she could help him.

=/\= End =/\=

Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi
Security Officer
USS Poseidon


Major Phoebe Graydon
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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