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"Getting Acquainted"

Posted on Friday March 13th, 2020 @ 7:59pm by Lieutenant JG T'se & Lieutenant Commander Neteri "Ikran" Shannon

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Lounge
Timeline: TBD


Neteri was sitting at her usual table looking over the crew members that were already there and those that were coming in. She was hoping to make another friend today and the lounge seemed the best place to do so. Since Pavan's death, it was hard for her to become the social type but today she figured she would try again.

Lieutenant T'se had just concluded reading on of her collection of non-fiction Earth novels, "A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail". She had found within herself a private intrigue in the diversified wildlife and nature of the southern portion of the North American continent, particularly in the area of the old southeastern region of the former United States. While not in any way an emotional attachment, it had piqued her of the particular culture as it evolved in the early 21st century, and how despite multiple wars the diversified ecosystem of wildlife and nature seemed to recover quite well. She had planned that, following her tour or during such a tour on the Poseidon, she would visit the Appalachian Trail and see for herself.

Having only a few hours till the start of her shift, T'se decided that finding a source of food would be most appropriate. She headed into the crew lounge, noticing a few crew members already there, and attempted a nod to a few to accommodate recognition. Heading to the replicator, she requested a typical vulcan breakfast and some orange juice to go with it. Finding a seat, she sat and started to ponder her days plans as she quietly ate.

Neteri was still looking around when she saw the Vulcan officer sitting alone. Getting up, she took her remaining food and walked over to where T'se was. "Excuse me but may I join you?" Neteri asked. "I could use some company about now," she finished.

A moment of surprise flowed over T'se's expression, briefly mingled with confusion then the return to Vulcan stoicism. She gave a nod to the Lieutenant.

"Of course, ma'am, my table is open for socialization," she invited. Internally, T'se wasn't in the particular mindset to engage in social conversation. However, it was beyond her to presume the outcome of one such event, and the possibility it presented to better acquaint with the crew - despite her reservations. In particular respects, she trained all her attention on her new guest, being careful to be polite as she ate.

Sitting down, Neteri looked at the woman, "I am Neteri the ships CAG, and you are?" she asked.

T'se gave a very attentive look up from her plate when she responded. "I am Lieutenant, Junior Grade T'Se. I am the ships Assistant Chief Engineering Officer."

"Well this is a treat, I have met engineers but not the Assistant Chief before", Neteri said looking at T'se. Vulcan's were very logical people and as she understood very good at speaking logic. However, where would she begin. "So, T'Se, how do you like our little ship? Is she what you expected", she added.

Vulcans were indeed individuals of logic, though it would be false to presume they didn't struggle with the effort. Most Vulcans trained their entire lives to perfect the exuberance of logic over emotion, to think clearly through any emotional situation and enable rationality over the veru natural urge of feelings and emotions. It was further false that Vulcans were not emotional creatures; passionate was a more perfect description of a Vulcan, they were indeed capable and full of a wide array of emotions, to deny that was a fallacy. To conquer and move beyond it was the process of Kolinahr, to learn under a Vulcan Master the way of Surek and achieve logic.

"I would not describe the Poseidon as ... little," T'se said, arching an eyebrow, "but I do understand the terminology and usage for the word. To appropriately answer your question in the context it was conveyed, I do find the Poseidon satisfactory."

She took a bite of her food, chewed, politely swallowed, and a sip of her drink. Afterward, her face turned to her new conversational acquaintance. now appropriately gauging Neteri, T'se was able to see the rank pips - not that she wasn't before, though she had to admit disinterest in the beginning. She also found the way Neteri presented themselves to be acceptable, though if a bit disheveled. She raised an eyebrow again in an attempt to convey further interest in the conversation, attempting her best to approach this situation of crew dialogue with earnest.

"Lieutenant ... Neteri?" she inquired carefully, "What do you like about this ... as you say ... little ship?"

"For one thing she is a Miranda class that has been retrofitted for teaching the next generation of cadets. What better place? It is like the historical way of the Navy to begin teaching on a schooner before teaching on a battleship. In a way it is also like the history of the Air Force. Teaching their cadets in biplanes before they train them in regular fighters. Here the only difference is we teach in the class room and then give them on the job training", Neteri said taking a bite of her food.

T'se considered these words carefully. Starfleet Academy had been very thorough with its training on pre-history Earth and emphasis on learning from lessons in the past and mistakes thereof. She recalled the practice of the ancient navy of the United States, similar in practice to what Neteri had mentioned, in that they started their cadets usually from the bottom up. It made sense logistically and experience-wise, particularly when dealing with new technological advances. In a way, Starfleet somewhat mimicked that practice.

"I agree with your words," T'se remarked, now gathering from her own experience. "In my younger career, I started out in Starfleet as a cadet on board the USS Diligent, a Defiant-class vessel. We were essentially a diplomatic ferry between member-worlds of the United Federation of Planets. It gave me ample time to prepare myself for the difficulties and rigors of my Starfleet career. I believe that the Poseidon is designed to allow the same room for growth for these newer cadets."

After her remark, he raised an eyebrow at Neteri appraisingly before returning to bite a few nibbles of her food.

"I enjoy your company T'se and I wouldn't mind chatting with you again. Do you think it possible?", Neteri said finishing her meal.

T'se found herself lost in her meal before hearing Neteri's remark on future correspondences. Raising an eyebrow at her loss of time, she gave a nod of approval.

"Of course, Neteri. I would be most pleased to make your acquaintance again."

"Thank you T'se I would really enjoy it. Until next we meet, enjoy the rest of your meal", Neteri said getting up.

"And you as well," T'se remarked. She didn't give the Vulcan salute, as this wasn't an expected long-duration farewell. She'd likely see her new acquaintance very soon. With a nod and almost what appeared an attempt at a smile, she went back to her food.



Lt. Neteri "Ikran" Shannon
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant, Junior Grade T'se
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Poseidon


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