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A Mystery, Prelude: Coded Message Discovery

Posted on Thursday May 7th, 2020 @ 3:55pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Pri

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: USS Poseidon Various
Timeline: 9404.08


T'Pri working in her office had been going over the weekly transmissions and dispatches. These included both intelligence related and otherwise, when she discovered a coded message that was missed by the computer. It was very subtly embedded and almost like a Federation code. However when she ran the coded algorithm through the main computer it did not correspond to any Federation signature in the memory bank that the Federation currently used. The Vulcan then ran a matching Algorithm and found the code did not match any code the Federation or any of its members ever used. She then attempted to crack the code herself and found that it was a Trinary Encryption code with a Fractal cipher. That was a far as she got. On a hunch she then then checked the message history looking for the same cipher pattern and the same code transmission had happened three times so far. What was more curious was that it happened at navigational intervals of one light year. T'Pri noted that the transmissions were incoming only. She couldn't find any indication of the signal in any of the outgoing traffic to date no matter what their navigational position.

Perhaps this is a new diplomatic cipher that she was not privy too.

T'Pri thought that this phenomenon rose to the level of a personal log so she made one.

On that thought she decided to contact the Chief Diplomatic officer.

=/\= T'Pri to Lieutenant D'Anvers, I have found something interesting in our incoming message traffic. Can you come down to my office so we can talk about it?=/\=

"I'll be there shortly, Lieutenant. Just have something to finish up. D'Anvers out."

"Sorry about that, Sir," Ronan said as he turned back to the figure waiting on screen. "The downside of instant communication is that you are instantly available. Now ... where was I?" He took a moment to organize his thoughts while taking a sip of a particularly fragrant blend of tea. "Oh yes. That was it. I've reviewed the law pertaining to the case and I agree with you. You are well within your rights to request an advocate from the ship. I've sent along some notes pertaining to their laws and customs that relate directly to the incident. Your ensign will be required to provide a contrite and very formal apology to the shopkeeper." He leaned forward slightly to emphasize the point. "Elaborately formal would be best but there's simply no precedent in their own laws for removal of body parts as recompense."

The individual in question heaved a sigh of relief and a wry grin. "Speaking on behalf of myself, the Captain, and the ensign in question, we're delighted to hear that. I'll have my officer go over the details and if I have any follow up questions ...?"

"I'm available as always," Ronan said. "Give my best to the Captain and remind him, he still owes me from that last favor."

The executive officer, a commander with sparkling blue eyes and a smile that never failed to please, nodded. "I'll remember and if it's what I think it is, maybe we can share a glass the next time you get shore leave?" He grinned, to sweeten the deal, and added, "Seems to me that you have some promises of your own to keep."

Ronan chuckled. "I do at that. Talk to you soon. D'Anvers out."

He closed the connection, finished off the last of the tea (a delightful blend), and head out in search of the ship's Chief Intelligence Officer. He found her office without too much trouble, congratulating himself on learning the ship so quickly, and pressed the chime.

"Enter", T'Pri said.

Ronan entered. Didn't need to do much more than that. Vulcans tended to be straight to the point without the social niceties employed by many and various cultures. He kept his expression neutral and listened attentively.

"Thank you for for being prompt Lieutenant. I have made an interesting discovery. It seems several coded messages was hidden in our incoming message traffic. I was wondering if it could be a diplomatic code I am not privy too." T'Pri asked.

She then proceeded to show him what she had discovered. explaining in great detail about the Trinary code and fractal encryption and the intervals it the messages were sent.

"Diplomatic, no. That's something of a myth. However, we do have extensive language resources. If you want to send this all to me, I could certainly take a look. Have you shown this to our First Officer yet?"

"Negative, She will be my next visit. I wanted to try and solve this before bringing it to command, However if you don't recognize this then perhaps that will be for the best." T'Pri stated.

T'Pri downloaded the code and gave a copy to Ronan.

"Please do what you can to find out what this is." T'Pri added.

"Certainly will," Ronan said. "I'll let you both know what I find ... if anything. Now, if you'll excuse me, it seems I have some work to do."

"Thank you for your attention in this matter Mr D'anvers."

T'Pri watched him go and decided to talk to the XO.

=/\=T'Pri to Commander Shakura, I have a problem that needs to be brought to your attention =/\=


A post by:

Lt T'Pri
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt Ronan D'Anvers
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Poseidon


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