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The New Chief Science Officer

Posted on Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 @ 12:04pm by Commodore Gregory Paladin & Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord & Lieutenant JG Sam Perkins

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Starbase 47; various locations / USS Poseidon; various locations
Timeline: Almost one week into USS Poseidon stay at Starbase 47; A few days after "Awards" and the funeral ceremony


Lieutenant Lazarus Kord was not a very sociable individual. His past played a part in that, but the rest most certainly had to do with the fact that he was one of the few Gorn in Starfleet. Walking through the crowds of multiple races and species on Starbase 47 had been a rather pleasant experience; majority of people greeted him, the rest avoided him. Yet in that, he never once saw another Gorn. Somewhere deep inside him, he yearned to see his people again, and this let down had been slightly depressing to the Engineering Officer.

So distracted in thought was he that he failed to see the individual racing towards him, a human male on a mission with a stride of purpose. A man who consequently was as equally distracted as Lazarus was. In an instant, the Gorn felt the hard THUMP of mass hitting his chest, followed by the sound of someone hitting the floor. To his credit, Lazarus barely budged by the impact (standing at around seven feet with considerable muscle mass enabled that), but he instantly knew that such an impact may have hurt whomever was unfortunate enough to catch him distracted.

The reptilian eyes focused down as his head turned quickly, just half a second after the individual who hit him head on had impacted the metal floor. His tail swayed thoughtfully behind him as he examined the man, another second passing before he spoke clearly, though slightly garbled by his natural vocal cords.

"Are you okay?" the Gorn asked, bending his double-jointed legs slightly to at the very least reach down and try to assist the man. "I am sorry. I was distracted and did not notice you."

Everything had gone wrong. Firstly the transport shuttle had been delayed. Then they had no knowledge of Perkins even being on the shuttle. They kept telling him a Lt. (jg) Porins was booked for his seat. Finally after a waving his padd. In the pilots face and quoting his passenger number. The mistake was discovered and Sam was allowed on.

The journey took a lot longer then usual. Sam suspected the pilot was doing it deliberately. To punish him by making him late. So by the time he reached Starbase 47. Sam was not in a very good mood. He hurried off once they were docked. Checking his padd Sam rushed along.

Something very solid suddenly appeared before him. Sam could do nothing as he ended up on the floor. At first he though it had been a wall. But then as Perkins eyes stopped spinning. He realised it was a Gorn.

The humanoid lizard lent him a claw. So Sam could pull himself up. Perkins then gave the Gorn the correct greeting.

“ That is perfectly fine. I am your new ACMO could you guide me. To who I need to see please.” He asked

The Gorn become quite flummoxed by the statement from this person. He blinked in his confusion, not understanding then how this Starfleet Junior Officer - telling by the Lieutenant, Junior Grade pips - knew who he was and what ship he was stationed. He voiced this confusion audiably.

"I'm sorry, I don't think we've met," Lazarus said, squinting a bit at the human. The crowd around them that had parted originally when the human slammed into him accidentally had, for the most part, resumed their course. "How do you know what ship I am on?"

Sam felt like an idiot. He had allowed the frustration of his bad journey. Plus the embarrassment of falling over to cloud his good sense and manners. He shook his head and bowed.

“I am so sorry. The fall jumbled me up a bit. Allow me to start again. Hello my name is Sam Perkins. Pleased to meet you. I am looking for the USS Poseidon. Could you help me please?” Perkins asked

Lazarus tilted his head, then offered a slight bow of his head in return - he was still crouched slightly, at eye level with Sam. He thought a moment before he replied.

"I am Lazarus, Engineering Officer on board the USS Poseidon. Your fates are looking favorably upon you this day." Lazarus gave what amounted to a smile for his species, but would look like a snarl as he showed his teeth. It was a short-lived gesture, thankfully. "Come, follow me, I was returning to the ship."

Without much more ceremony, Lazarus stood and started to walk. His tail trailed behind, carefully maneuvering as if on its own initiative around other individuals as they passed by him.

Sam followed Lazarus being careful not to tred on his tail. Perkins looked around in great interest as they moved along. He noticed the large crewmen walked slightly off center.

“Tell me Lazarus have you been experiencing any pains in your ears lately? “ He asked

Lazarus stopped for a moment, only briefly, glimpsing back. How did this man know so much about him? It was probably a coincidence, he tried to convince himself. A short shake of his head and he continued on.

"A little, though I don't have ears in the way you have, in a sense. Mine are just holes in the side of my head, with a bit of directional scales around them. Still....yes, a bit agitated as of late, why?"

Sam nodded. He had seen this before so he knew the symptoms. Although they were not technically ear shaped. The holes either side of the Gorns head acted just like ears. They even had an inner ear but in both ears. That helped with their balance. Lazarus walk showed symptoms of an inner ear infection.

“ I could tell by your walk. That your having a balancing problem. Which means you have an ear infection. Until I see the CO or CMO I am not technically part of the crew. So I cannot help you. But I would strong suggest you go to Sickbay soon,” Perkins warned

"Thank you, I will take it under advisement," Lazarus said, honestly stating such. He made a mental note to do that for later.

They rounded a corner on the station, heading towards the docks and gangway for the USS Poseidon. As they approached the entry to the gangway, a Security Officer saw them through. Once for Lazarus, and a twice lookover for Sam as he was a new face. Everything was cleared, however, and both Lazarus and Sam were shortly on the other side entering the ship. That was when they ran into the 2XO.

Perkins looked in wonder as he saw the Poseidon from the window. He felt like a child in a sweet shop. Maybe it was his over excitement. But Sam felt the security guards were being a little rough with him. Then he followed his new friend through to the ship.

Perkins was only just through. When another officer almost walked into them.

“ Sorry ma’am” Sam said

"Ma'am?" spoke a thick accented man, heavy in Russian with a strong undertone of English. He blinked as he looked at the new arrival, then saw Lazarus. Oscar Vladinchi waved both of them through, before putting a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Now hold on a minute little man," said Oscar, sternly. "I have report from the Commodore. You are to be seen by him, seems a change has happened. Just came through the ship alert network, yeah? You need to follow me."

Oscar exchanged a firm nod with the Gorn, and Lazarus gave a nod and wave before departing in the opposite direction. As he walked off, Oscar briefly looked to Sam.

"That lizard saved us all," he said softly, so Lazarus couldn't hear. "He's a good guy, you should drink with him sometime. Haha! Now, come."

Without delaying, the security officer turned to leave in the other direction along the corridor.

The hand that gripped Sam’s shoulder felt firm and powerful. Perkins would just love to have it under a medical microscope. To see just how all the muscles worked. It was unusual to find a security whose outer limbs. Had not been mangled in some way.

It was the Security guards sudden change in conversation. That worried Perkins what did he mean by change? Was Sam going back to the Steam-Runner? He followed the guard a million unanswered questions filled his mind.

A short ways later, and a few decks, found them on the bridge. It was a quiet affair, the XO in the Captain's chair - no doubt the Captain was enjoying some much needed off time, supposedly. Oscar only allowed a casual glance before he uttered, "Follow", briefly before turning right and heading into a Foray. He turned right again, the Foray a nice place for the bridge crew to sit and relax, a replicator included. Oscar didn't daddle here, however, heading straight for a door marked "Captain's Ready Room". He entered as it slid open for the Security Officer, gazing back to make sure Sam was following.

A long time ago. When Sam was a child someone at his school. Had written a rude word in the boys toilets. Perkins was sent to the headmasters study. Perkins thought he was being blamed. But instead it was to notify him he had won a scholarship.

But that same feeling of internal dread now filled his body. Once he entered the room he stood to attention.

“ Lieutenant (jg) Dr Sam Perkins reporting for duty sir! “ He almost shouted.

Captain Johnson was no where to be found. Instead, Commodore Gregory Paladin sat behind the ready room desk, looking over something on the computer console - a throwback to the ships golden era when it was first constructed in the 2300's. He looked up from his studies and gave a polite smile as the Junior Officer entered.

"Lieutenant Perkins, welcome," greeted Gregory. He gave a silent nod to Oscar who returned the gesture, exiting the room and leaving the two alone. "Normally you'd be meeting the Captain but he's having a rest. He already knows what is about to transpire here."

Gregory leaned forward, clasping his hands on the desk as he eyed Sam carefully.

"You came on for an assistant chief's role, isn't that correct?"

Perkins suddenly felt a cold chill run down his spine. The Commodore did not look red with rage. So Sam could not be in to much trouble.What had he done wrong? He pushed his neck muscles to work.

“ Yes sir.” He said nodding.

"Assistant Chief Medical Officer if I remember correctly," Gregory clarified. "So, listen, I have a proposition for you. After I offer you this, it won't be offered again, and you can refuse and continue your original assignment. How's that sound?"

Sam did not like the way Commodore spoke. But it was best to be polite.

“ I am all ears sir.” Sam replied

The subtle change of demeanor wasn't lost on the Commodore, but he was polite enough to ignore it. He looked to his left at the computer screen, thinking something over, before looking back at Sam.

"We have an immediate opening for a department head position and very few candidates to pull from. I had one in mind, but I want to see how you do first. If you want it." Gregory smiled, briefly. "Are you interested in the ships Chief Science Officer position?"

~ CSO...... wow..... how will he take my answer? Say no you can’t have it! Even after offering it to me. I could complain but that would end my career. Beat him to it and say no. But hey this is CSO Sam! Imagine not having to report to a department head! Go on Sam ruin his day.~ Perkins thought.

“ Yes please Commodore. I would very much like to become CSO thank you.” He said aloud.

The Commodore nodded approvingly, pressing something on the unseen screen briefly before looking back at Sam and smiling. "Very good! A few things to brief you on. As I'm sure you're aware prior to arriving, this ship is an Academy Training Vessel. Which means, there are cadets here who are currently taking classes at Starfleet Academy. It's an experiment and I'm head of it, and for a long time we've lacked a good, solid Chief Science Officer. I'm hoping you're that right choice.

We also recently had a run in where some of our top-ranking cadets and junior officers were killed in action. Keep that in mind as you move forward, few of your scheduled cadets were close to a few of those that died. Keep your department in line and you won't hear from the Captain. I don't usually step on Captain Johnson's authority except in situations like this, so if you ever see me for a reprimand you know it's bad."

Gregory smiled, "Any questions?"

Perkins thought about this. Should he ask anything? The Commodore had already briefed him fully. Sam could see nothing to he needed to know. For now.

“ No sir. I believe you have covered everything I need to know.” Perkins replied

Gregory nodded, reaching under the desk to grab a datapad and handing it over to Sam with a smile. He sat back in the Captain's Chair afterward. It felt like old times.

"Everything you need will be there, just in case. If you have any concerns in your first few weeks, I'll be here to help you. I'll be checking in on you in a few days. Dismissed."

Gregory said the dismissal politely, looking back at the topic of hidden interest on the computer display.

“ Once again thank you Commodore.” Perkins shook his hand turned and left.


Commodore Gregory Paladin
Mission Advisor
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant (jg) Sam Perkins
Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Lazarus Kord
Engineering Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi
Security Officer
USS Poseidon


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