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Posted on Friday March 26th, 2021 @ 10:11am by Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe & Major Phoebe Graydon

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Various
Timeline: Some months after missions end


Sitting in his office in Engineering Commander Sharpe was going through the plans he had for creating an emergency backup as the ship was old he felt he needed it. He looked at his original plans for creating a holographic warp core which could for a short time run the ship, but his later studies in the wake of almost destroying a ship he was CEO on he concluded that holographic dilithium crystals could not regulate the power efficiently, so he adjusted the idea, still have a holographic warp core, but instead of trying to rig it to run the ships engines and warp drive, he would rig it for standard backup power, but the problem between solid photons and real-world mechanics would make it difficult to create.

He runs a few simulations and the test lasted ten seconds before critical failure, this was not a good sign, then it hits him the holographic Dilithium could regulate the power on the holodeck warp core and send that power to the real world ODN Network, via a converter network set up throughout the ship, the thing could never power the engines, but it could supplement power reserves, but they're too was the issue, holodeck’s run on power from the ships real warp core and had a limited supply of battery backup power and this could in theory thus only be used to add additional power to existing power systems. So he pulled up his simulation and adjusted it for providing an extra power boost to the shields or weapons for a short time, but the holographic device would need to draw power from other non-essential systems while the ship had full power. But then he surmised if the added holographic power would have to build up gradually before shunting it through a converter would give the shields a few seconds or minutes of added power, while the physical power systems could power the shield, he decided against weapon power as it would be too much, it would be easier if he aimed for extra shield power, so he run the simulation with the adjusted parameters and watched the results, he watched them twice more to make sure, all times the simulations lasted one minute.

He was impressed, so he decided to work on refining it so he could get at least five minutes of extra power in an emergency. He left the computations running for this in the background and studied the layout of the ship and was looking at areas to fit in holo emitters so as their EMH could be called at key points, it would be doubtful that he could get emitters installed throughout the entire ship, no she was too old for that despite the extensive refit she had done, so he concentrated on Key areas like Engineering, Science, Bridge and the Security area, the bulk of the ship would be without holo emitters, but it was something, so he began to work on this idea, he wanted to get it down before speaking to the Captain about this, as his other power idea could also be used to run the EMH with more alterations.

While he was thinking about this he replicated enough holo-emitters to cover engineering he figured that this would be as good a place as any to test his theory and as it was only one room he would not need to tie the power into the ships main power, so he set up a series of power modules that was sufficient enough for this test, also his movement through engineering seemed to alert his staff who were working but seemed to take more notice of their tasks and seemed to be more alert, he mentally smiled but when they noticed that he was doing something they relaxed a little, but still continued to work away as Sharpe was installing the first holo-emitter he was running things through his mind about his back up to the emergency power idea, he was also considering to alter it even more so that is would power four things if needed like the EMH, Medical and both Shields and weapons, but the shields and weapons would have a finite time to them the other two would not, an interesting idea, but for now he put that idea to the back of his mind.

So feeling curious eyes watching him he moves throughout engineering installing holo-emitters it took him some time but eventually he finished and looked at his Padd and saw he had 100% coverage if he excluded the Jefferies tubes and works spaces that could not be seen. Then he tied all the holo-emitters into the system that would connect them to the EMH Mark 1 and then he began connecting up a string of power cell generators which were all linked to the holo-emitters, these would power the emitters in engineering only and they were not tied into the main power, but he did set up some backup generators, with this done, he set the EMH to appear in his office via his Padd and tapped in the sequence, eventually, the Padd beeped ready "Okay, I do hope this works!" he said to himself as he poured over the specs for this again one final time, just to make sure he calculated correctly.

Satisfied that his calculations were sound he initialized the portable power cells that ran throughout engineering "Computer activate EMH at my location" he said indicating his office in engineering.

The EMH phased into life in the middle of engineering, giving off its usual greeting as it appeared. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." It said, before finally coming to realise where it was. "Well, this isn't sickbay!" It exclaimed, looking directly at the Chief of Engineering.

Tapping things on his Padd he answered without looking up "no it is not Doctor, currently the holo-emitters in medical need to be repaired, I have installed holo-emitters throughout engineering, but I am currently using power cells to power them as I am testing something, and because they are power cells I cannot keep you too long" he said and finally looks up with a smile "Hello doctor I am Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe Chief Engineer, pleased to meet you, now how does your program feel, is there anything different to your program outside of medical?" Sharpe asked.

"It feels a little...different..." It replied, looking around. "It's bigger than I expected..." It muttered.

"Hmm!" He responded and looked through the data "interesting, the temporary transference has affected your memory doctor, can you remember what Gender you are?" Sharpe asked without looking up as he studied the data scrolling across his Padd screen.

"I'm a Computer Program...although it would appear my program has taken on a female appearance at this stage." It replied, looking down at itself.

Sharpe looks up "quite an attractive one if I might add, for now, I will call you Alex as it can be a male or female orientated name and for the short term, which this is, it will suffice. Now Alex kindly describe your emotional algorithms basically a self-diagnosis on how you feel your program is faring at the moment?" Sharpe asked noting that he could not keep the EMH in the Engineering officer for too much longer, else it will be lost.

It nodded. "My program appears to be functioning within normal parameters. As I'm sure you know I do not have 'Emotions' so to speak." It replied, taking the new data in. "Alex will be an acceptable name." It attempted to smile, however it came out as more of a frown due to the lack of a smile being programmed.

Looking at the readings then to the EMH, "hmm I am going to have to program some facial expressions into you, going by these readings your program has taken some damage, I will work on that same for your emotional algorithms. Now Doctor what is your preference on Gender, Species and looks?" Sharpe asked noting that he had to be quick about this as the portable Power cells would not last much longer.

"This is acceptable. Female, Human, Black Hair, Tall." The program replied.

"Okay, updating the parameters with requested changes," he said as the hologram began to flicker "okay Doctor, I am going to have to put you back in standby limbo as the portable power cells are running low, who knows I may be able to expand your areas you can go, but for now you will be confined to your current location when deactivated, do not worry I will work out an algorithm for personality and such as I do not want to use the Lewis Zimmerman personality, but you will end up looking like a female version of the Professor, but more pleasing to the eye," he said.

Alex nodded. "I look forward to our next meeting Lieutenant Commander Sharpe." She replied, a brief smiling passing her lips.

"Very well Alex I will see you again, I am deactivating your program in this area," he said and pressed the button on his Padd and the hologram flickered out as it was sent back to the storage area allotted for the EMH. With this done he secured the system and disconnected the cells and finished his report, now he had to sell this idea to his Captain, luckily the ship was still undergoing repairs from the mission it has just finished, a mission that happened before he was posted here, he gathered what he needed together and prepared his proposal.


Lt Cmdr Paul Sharpe
Chief Engineering Officer


EMH Mk1 Alexandria [APB - Major Phoebe Graydon]


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