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"A New Posting"

Posted on Wednesday March 10th, 2021 @ 1:40am by Lieutenant Commander Ky'la De'Lenn & Captain Franklin Johnson
Edited on on Wednesday March 10th, 2021 @ 1:45am

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Various
Timeline: Docked at Starbase 47


After getting word and new orders, Ky'La had figured that this might be her last assignment. Starfleet has a unique way of shuffling their personnel into positions that are for veteran officers and in this case she was considered a veteran. After arriving on the Academy training ship, USS Poseidon, she found her quarters fast and reported to the captain first before she took a look at her station on the bridge. Miranda class vessels that had been revamped since the Dominion War usually had new quirks about them. Arriving quickly, she hit the door chime of the ready room door.

The Captain looked up idly from his datapad and gave entry for the arrival, before quickly resuming his dive back into the words on the datapads screen. He had been dutifully dedicating his time to going over the transfer request for Lieutenant Commander Freya Mannherheim, examining the deepest levels of seniority at work pulling strings and doing behind-the-scenes maneuvering. It was all above his head, all beyond his control, and unfortunately there was little he could do. Inwardly he fumed over it, but outwardly he had congratulated Freya on their unique transfer and wished her the best.

It was with great delight then that when he glimpsed up to see who had entered, he took note of the replacement that the Starbase had promised. He stood, offering a hand to shake as he set his datapad down for later reading.

"Lieutenant Commander De'Lenn," Franklin greeted, extending said hand for a shake. "I'm Captain Franklin Johnson. Welcome aboard the Poseidon."

Taking the out stretched hand, "Thankyou Captain, and please call me De'Lenn. I am too old to stand on ceremony. We both know why I'm here. Starfleet decides to send you a veteran instead of a youngster!" Ky'la said laughing while shaking his hand.

Franklin gave a small chuckle in return, giving a nod and ending the shake as he waved a hand to invite her to sit. As she would, he would sit behind his desk, adjusting his uniform as he gave a sigh.

"Lieutenant Commander Mannerheim will be greatly missed," Franklin said. "However, your addition, from what I've been able to ascertain, will greatly make up for that. This is an academy training vessel and anyone with as much experience as yourself will add great value to our mission here. Why did you accept the posting, if I may ask?"

"Sure captain, it was crazy you know. There are only a few of us veterans who don't want to retire. Starfleet grabbed us and decided that we could only stay active on certain ships. Well I took a good look at the list and none of the ships appealed to me except for the Miranda class refit. Poseidon is a sturdy ship. She might be dirty and old, but she has a legacy that can not be denied. To pilot her is an honor, but given the opportunity to teach is even more an honor. If I can teach them what I know, or even just a portion of what I know, is good enough for me", Ky'La said smiling.

Franklin listened intently as Ky'La gave her reply, ever so slowly his smile growing on his expression as he liked what he heard. After she concluded, he gave a firm nod and sat back in his chair. Adjusting his uniform briefly, he leaned back and crossed his fingers together on the desk as he maintained the smile and focus on Ky'La.

"I've had some short introductions for my senior staff before, but this by far feels like the shortest," the Captain said with a chuckle. "I honestly feel like there's nothing else for me to grind you about or to discover. Your Starfleet record is outstanding and, from what I've heard, you're exactly who I want and what I want. If I genuinely had to pick anyone to replace Lt. Commander Mannerheim, it would have been you."

He gave a helpless shrug as he added, "I honestly have nothing further to ask. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Nope other than where do I work?", she said laughing.

"RIght this way," the Captain said as he stood, gesturing for her to follow. He led her to the bridge, then pointed at the navigation station. "Right there is helm. That's your new office, so to speak. Pretty nice, huh?"

"Nice piece of hardware, how about a spin around the block?" Ky'La said chuckling

"Not just yet!" Franklin replied, giving a chuckle himself. "We're still docked at the moment, but soon after departure I think you'll fit right in the seat."

"Sounds great. Can I interest you in a bite to eat Captain?" Ky'La asked.

The Captatain thought a moment, then nodded. "I'd like that, actually. Come on, let's head to the Officer's Mess. Nice to have you on board, Ms. De'Lenn."


Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt. Cmdr. Ky'la DeLenn
Chief Flight Officer
USS Poseidon


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