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A Bad face from the past.

Posted on Monday April 19th, 2021 @ 6:54pm by Lieutenant Michael Stevens & Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Mess Hall

The Poseidon had arrived at the Betreka Nebula. Sam was very excited he rushed to the main science lab. There was a whole range of experiments he was eager to begin.

As he approached his office however he saw a tall bulky figure waiting for him. At first, he thought it was Kord. But when the Gorn turned around it was not. The reptilian humanoid was wearing spiked body armour. But it was the creatures face. The Gorn was missing his left eye.

“ Perkinsssss” It hissed.

“ Russhook?” Perkins said as he backed away.

“ Perkinsssssss” Russhook said as he advanced on Sam muscular arms outstretched.

“ NOOOOOOO” Perkins shouted.

Sam awoke sweating. It had been a bad dream. A memory of someone in his past. That seeing the nebula had rekindled. It was early in the morning and Sam did not wish to go back to sleep. So after getting dressed he made his way to the mess hall. Once there he ordered a very strong mug of coffee and sat by a window looking out. He was so engrossed by this he never heard anything behind him. So when he did hear a voice. He acted like a deer startled in the headlights.

Having been promoted, Micheal now had to get used to his new rank of Full Lieutenant and with his freshly minted gold pip on his collar, Micheal decided to go to the mess hall and have a beer, after all, he deserved one, upon entering the Mess Hall, Micheal scanned the room fo an empty table but could not find one and then he saw the Chief Science officer whom he had to have a meeting with about the power needs for the Labs., so he decided to kill two birds with one stone and decided to approach the officer

“Lieutenant, are you all right?” he noticed the officer in off duty clothes as he came to a stop beside the table that the officer was sitting at, Michael hoped that the chief Science officer was alright otherwise he might have to speak with the Captain about him.

Sam blinked.

“ Sorry. Not the behaviour of a recently promoted Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations by the way on yours.....I had a bad dream last night. Something bad happened during my first year at the academy. For some reason seeing that nebula has brought it all back.” He explained

"Congratulations Sir on yours, I wasn't aware of it," replied Micheal and said "May I join you and maybe you can tell me all about it," as he knew that maybe helping him talk might just help the Lieutenant commander, he said "and by the way you can always call if you want a drink," as he waited to be told to sit.

Perkins nodded and smiled.

“ It all started at Starfleet academy in my first year. There was this Gorn exchange student called Russhook. We got along quite well. Until our first year exams. He was not doing so well. I tried to help him study. But Russhook became impatient. So he tried to cut corners on the practical exam. By cheating. There was an explosion and he was hurt. Lost his left eye. Russhook blamed me. I was fully exonerated of all blame and Russhook was kicked out.” Perkins said “ He vowed we would meet again one day...” Sam said

"So what does this have to do with this Nebula?" asked Micheal looking back at Sam, as he pondered why the student had tried to blame Sam and not take responsibility for his own actions, Micheal asked, "Was anyone killed in the explosion?"

“ Not just his left eye. But as he left Russhook vowed we would meet again. I later heard he completely dropped out. Joined some privateers in this area. Anyway as the years passed I forgot about him. Even when I met Kord. That was until we arrived here. I began to have nightmares about that day....... that’s why I just behaved out of character sir. My being on the Poseidon is putting you all in danger.” Perkins said

Sam took a sip of his coffee, making a face. He had not put enough sugar in.

"So you think he is out there in the nebula waiting for you?" asked Micheal, as he hoped that the Lieutenant Commander was needing to speak with the counsellors about this. He said," Sir, If I may give you some advice, wouldn't it be best for you to talk with a Counsellour?"

Did he think Sam was mad? Did he think that Perkins was imagining all this?

“ I am not crazy you know. I know it may look like that to you. You probably think that. To be perfectly honest so would I. If the tables were turned. But how would you react? If you knew that somewhere in that static discharge and gas. Was someone who swore to get even with you one day?” Perkins said

"I never said you were," replied Michael as he glanced back at his new friend, He continued," we all have our Rivals in the academy and its competition that drives us to be better and pushes us to be the best we can be," as he knew what his father would have said to him, he finished, "My father once told me that if you keep looking backwards it will drive you mad," as he leaned back in his chair.

Perkins considered his words.

“ Quite correct. But in this case, I know that somewhere in all that gas and discharge. Is someone who would very much. Like to fillet me like a freshly caught fish. But maybe you're correct. The Poseidon could fend off any attack. Yes...... maybe I should not be so worried.” Sam said

" And if he does, then know this," replied Micheal looking back at Sam, he continued," That the crew of the Poseidon have your back," as he rose from the seat and Finished "Night Sam, and don't worry," as he left the Science officer to ponder on what he had just said.


Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins
Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Micheal Stevens
Chief Operations Officer
USS Poseidon


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