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Something that happened long ago.

Posted on Wednesday April 21st, 2021 @ 12:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe & Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: current


[USS Poseidon main Engineering]

Ever since Poseidon had arrived at the Betreka Nebula. Sam had not felt himself. An old memory of a bad time he had experienced at the academy. Kept making him feel uneasy.

It was silly a space cloud of gas and electric discharge. Could revoke such a strong feeling of fear. When he first met Kord no memory of the incident had come to scare him. Why now?

No, he was being silly. Perkins had been in the wright. Yes. The Academy counsel of the dean & tutors had exonerated him of all blame. It wasn't his fault the stupid man had tried to cheat..... A voice made him jump. Dropping the padd he had been carrying.

Sharpe was working on the holo emitters in engineering when he so happened to look up and saw that young lad Perkins enter, the lad had his back to him so he walked up to him "May I help you, Lieutenant?" He asked and the Science Officer literally jumped.

Sam bent down and picked up the PADD. He then shakily gave it to Sharpe.

“ Sorry I....did not see, see you're there. Would it be ok if you could rustle us up a couple of probes ppplease?” Sam asked his friend

Sharpe raised an eyebrow "relax Sam, I do not bite, what type of probes you looking to send out, I can set up the packages, but I do need to know what the probes will be used for?" Sharpe asked.

Perkins nodded.

“ Sorry. Mainly to observe and record the gases and electronic discharge. Given off by the nebula. As you know these things can play havoc with a ship's systems. It’s all on this padd...... bad dreams you know....” Sam said

*nodding* "I totally understand, now if you come with me we will work on the ratios of the probes," Sharpe said as he led the way to where probe packages were put together, he pulled out a standard sensor unit and began to adjust and held his hand out for the Padd Perkins was carrying "I will need the parameters for this," he said.

“ Yes of here they are,” Perkins gave him the PADD,

When he felt the Padd in hand he brought it around and looked at it "Ah, that configuration, will not take a moment and I will do two for you, one for electronic discharge and the other for gasses" he said handing the Padd back to Perkins and returning to his task, while he was doing this he spoke, "So Sam you mentioned bad dreams, you feel up to speaking of them, I know I am no Counsellor, but an engineers perspective might help!" Sharpe said.

“If you're not too busy. I know this is a busy time for engineering. Nebulas can play havoc with ships systems.” Sam said.

Looking up briefly and looking at Sam by turning his head and giving a small smile "Nebula's are a pain agreed, so what bad dreams do you have Sam, I used to have some weird dreams, I dreamt of my death and how, but never when, so what dreams ail you?" He asked.

Perkins's face went blank as he replied. “ That someone is out there waiting for me. But this is not a dream that my friend it’s true very very true.” Perkins replied

Paul frowns "that does nae tell me much Sam, try to expand in that," he said as he finished with the first Probe and began work on the second probe by first removing the casing and pulling out the basic package in the probe before setting about adjusting its computer systems.

Perkins nodded as he looked over the first probe.

“ It was in my first year at the academy. We had this Gorn exchange student called Russhook. For some reason, he seemed to like me. I used to help him with his studies. Then came our first-year exams. Russhook tried to cheat at his practical exam. There was an explosion he was hurt badly. Lost his left eye. Claimed it was my fault. I was fully exonerated of all blame. Russhook was sent away in shame. But before he went Russhook said we would meet again.” Perkins explained

Sharpe nodded in understanding and paused at what he was doing "so have you seen this Gorn anywhere since? But no wonder you have nightmares Gorn's are not for the faint of heart to face" Sharpe asked.

Perkins shook his head.

“ Not since then. But I recently heard this is the area he now operates in as a privateer.” Sam said. “ Thing is up until the exams. We were the best of friends. I mean look at me. I see Kord over there and I am fine. But one look at the nebula I get night terrors.”

"Hmm, interesting" Sharpe said absently as he finished completing his task as he sealed off the inner chambers of the probe and put the casing back on and turned to Perkins "As for the Night terrors, if they happen again take control of them in your minds-eye," he said tapping his temple and picture a serene place and your nemesis in a compromising position which would be very funny to you, beyond that you may need to seek out counselling on it" Sharpe shrugged "Your probes are completed Sam, you can take them with you when you are ready" Sharpe added.

Sam thought about Sharpe's advice.

“Hmmm........ like think of Russhook naked? What does a Gorn look like without clothes on?” Perkins wondered aloud.

Sharpe looked up surprised "dammit Sam, that is dark, but to answer your question like a bipedal lizard I would think, having never seen one in their birthday suit I cannot be certain" he answered not realising how dark Sam could go.

Perkins could see the alarm on his friends face. Mind you if anyone started telling him. They were imagining Kord naked. He too would look at them oddly.

“ Ok. Bad choice.....We need to get these probes launched.”

Sharpe nodded and picking up the other one and putting it on a hover cart long with the first one, lets get to the torpedo control room" Sharpe finished as he and Sam left the engineering roon.


Lt. Cmdr Sam Perkins
Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon

Lt Cmdr Paul Sharpe
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Poseidon


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