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A Fitting Promotion - Part One: Sam

Posted on Sunday March 28th, 2021 @ 7:01pm by Captain Franklin Johnson & Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: USS Poseidon; Bridge, Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Arrived at Betreka Nebula
Tags: Promotion


Perkins had been in the main science lab looking over data from the early scans of the nebula. As the Poseidon arrived in the area. He had already begin working on a probe design. For some more detailed inner scans. He would need to speak with Sharpe. So when the call from the Captain came. Asking him to report immediately to his Ready Room Sam was surprised. But agreed.

~ It must be that Hoffman women again.~ he thought as he made his way.

After having contacted Lieutenant Perkins, Captain Franklin Johnson sat patiently in usual hideaway - his Ready Room. Now that they had arrived at the Betreka Nebula, it was high time that he address a couple elephants on the ship. Namely those of promotions for his department heads! Sam was first on the list, and his excellence in duty had been demonstrated time and again. Franklin carefully arranged his datapads on his desk as he observed the door every so often.

Sam pressed the door chime.

"Enter!" called the Captain for the entry chime, standing as he prepared to greet his Chief Science Officer with a smile.

Perkins walked in. He noticed that his CO was smiling and not red with rage.

"Mr. Perkins!" greeted Franklin quite jovially, "Very nice to see you today. I know your department is extremely busy especially with the wonderful sciences available to us at the moment, but I wanted to take some of your time to address a very pressing and important issue."

Sam had been correct it was about Mrs Hoffman!

“ Sir with all due respect. I can’t be blamed for Mrs Hoffman. That women is insane. I am sorry she troubled you I really am.” Perkins said

"What?" Franklin asked, looking perplexed and bewildered by the sudden unexpected subject. Realization struck his expression as he waved his hand dismissively, "Oh she's been banned from Federation communications channels, no that's not why I asked you here."

Perkins blinked.

“ Oh. Sorry sir. I thought....sorry. So how can I help you?” Sam said

Franklin gave a brief chuckle, grinning as he turned and placed his hands behind his back. He looked out the observation window briefly before glancing back at his CSO. It was difficult to approach this subject in a more personal way for Franklin, but he would attempt it nonetheless. Sam was an outstanding Officer and deserved that much.

"How long have you been a Lieutenant, Mr. Perkins? A couple months? A year? Tell me something, Mr. Perkins, does your staff show you the respect you deserve with your current rank and position?" Franklin asked, adding, "Do you think we should acquire a full Lieutenant Commander to fill it instead?"

Lieutenant Commander. Perkins thought about that. He had never really bothered much about rank before. He could get more done if his collar was heavier with pips. Plus people in the scientific community were a snobby bunch. It could help with future projects. Being an Lieutenant Commander.

But. Hang on the Captain was not talking about him. He was talking about replacing him!!!!!

“ Wow sir. This really is not fair. Since I have been your Chief Science Officer. Cadet grades have jumped up by 50%.Classes are now better attended. Plus who could get a whole science department that had been trashed. Working again within three days! When the Cadets at the Starfleet Science academy on Earth. Trashed the main lab after making their owh Hoch and became intoxicated. It took them two weeks to repair the damage and that was just one lab! Ok maybe I have not been a Lieutenant long. True. But now after doing my best for you......your replacing me! Sir I have the highest respect for you.........Why don’t you have that in me ?” Sam said angrily. “ This is about the incident in my first year at the academy isn’t it........ sir I was fully exonerated of all blame by a committee of the Dean and tutors!”

To say that Franklin was dumbfounded was an understatement. The Captain stood there, expression transitioning from alarm at what he thought was Sam's intial refusal to outright bewilderment as the conversation turned into something entirely unrelated. A few attempts at speaking were met with Franklin gawking in half shock and half confusion. After giving up, Franklin resorted to simply staring at the man before him before releasing a heavy and entirely warranted sigh. Carefully rubbing his temple with a hand, he turned away before the flush on his face grew too red to bare seeing.

"Mr. Perkins," Franklin said, gazing out into space through the Ready Rooms observation port, "I have no idea what you're referring to. I'll make a note to look up the incident for future knowledge, but this meeting has nothing to do with taking you off my ship or out of your position. You correctly stated a few of the achievements you've accomplished that has ensured your position. With that said, I believe your outburst was completely unwarranted."

The Captain turned, an extremely dead-serious expression as he stared down his CSO. "Explain yourself, Lieutenant."

Perkins looked at the Captain. His head was spinning. Sam had misunderstood the way he was speaking.

“ I am so sorry sir. I miss understood when you talked about finding a Lieutenant Commander to fill my position. I thought you meant someone else. Not me. Before you consider or reconsider after my actions here. My possible promotion. There is something I need to tell you.” He said.

Franklin gave a slow nod, maintaining professionalism as he simply adjusted his uniform and stood before Sam awaiting the explanation.

“ It all started at Starfleet academy in my first year. There was this Gorn exchange student called Russhook. We got along quite well. Until our first year exams. He was not doing so well. I tried to help him study. But Russhook became inpatient. So he tried to cut corners on the practical exam. By cheating. There was an explosion and he was hurt. Lost his left eye. Russhook blamed me. I was fully exonerated of all blame and Russhook was kicked out.” Perkins said

“ Before he left Russhook vowed we would meet again. I later heard he completely dropped out. Joined some privateers in this area. Anyway as the years passed I forgot about him. Even when I met Kord. That was until we arrived here. I began to have nightmares about that day....... that’s why I just behaved out of character sir. My being on the Poseidon is putting you all in danger.” Perkins said

The Captain was silent for a moment after Sam finished his explanation. He crossed his arms then, turning away from his CSO before briefly turning a glance back. His mind was deep in thought as he processed the information. After a time, which involved the Captain sending something via a PADD he picked up, he grabbed a small black box and approached Sam.

Carefully, and without speaking, the Captain placed the pips of a Lieuitenant Commander on his CSO's collar. He was quiet as he adjusted Sam's uniform, taking a step back to look him over before giving a satisfied nod.

"They look good on you, Lieutenant Commander," Franklin said. "I've contacted the Commodore concerning the other issue, since it involves matters of the Academy. You are to report to him-"

There was a brief momentary pause as the Captain looked back and picked up the same PADD, examining the reply he got, before looking at Sam again.

"-as soon as you are able. Understood, Mr. Perkins?"

He should of felt happy at being promoted. By Sam felt like a fraud he did not deserve this.He could of course say something rude to the Captain. But Sam had to much respect for him. He just. could not do it.

Instead he just nodded and said.

“ Thank you sir “ Perkins replied.


Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins
Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon


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