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A Fitting Promotion - Part Two: Michael

Posted on Friday March 26th, 2021 @ 5:03pm by Lieutenant Michael Stevens & Captain Franklin Johnson

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: USS Poseidon; Bridge, Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Arrived at Betreka Nebula
Tags: Promotion


An hour after the promotion for the now-Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins had concluded, the Captain had taken the time to arrange his reports briefly before contacting his Chief Operations Officer. It was a brief exchange, Franklin requesting the Lieutenant, Junior Grade to meet him in his office. This was one of the particularly overdue promotions which the Captain had chastised himself about. Forgetting something this necessary was honestly grounds for a reprimand, but thankfully Franklin had remembered and caught it in time. It just didn't do to have a Junior Lieutenant in a Department Head position for long, after all.

It had been a long hard slog for Micheal after his disaster of a tour aboard DS3 and arriving here to find that half of the ships Stores were completely missing and finding that half of his department were at each another’s throats and that he had to nip that quickly in the bud, as well as having to chastise a full Lieutenant who didn’t like it that a Junior Lieutenant was giving him orders and Micheal had told said officer that if he didn’t like it he would put the Officer up for a transfer. Now six months in on this tour and arriving at the Nebula Micheal found himself called to the Captain’s office, was this his comeuppance for chastizing the Lieutenant? As he pressed the Chime and waited to be called in.

"Enter!" called Franklin, granting entry permission. This was undoubtedly Michael here, so the Captain stood, giving a smile to greet the expected arrival.

Upon Entering Micheal noticed the Captain standing in front of him as he came to a halt, he said “Lieutenant Jg Micheal Stevens reporting as ordered Sir,” as he looked at the senior officer as he felt like he had been told to report to the dean’s ready room back at the Academy, but for now, he had to find out why he was here. He asked, “You wanted to see me, Sir?”

"Yes I did Mr Stevens," the Captain replied with a smile. "You have been dutifully working your station for a while now, around five to six months if I recall from your report. You've also had to deal with quite a bit of issue getting things progressed. I'm very impressed with the results, a lot better than our last Chief Operations Officer if I may so myself."

A quiet intake of breath followed a sigh as the Captain looked his COO up and down judgingly. After a moment, Franklin gave an approving nod, adjusting his own uniform quickly as he gave a smile.

"I think it's time you get recognized for that effort," Franklin said.

“I am Sir?” raising an eyebrow as it seemed that his hard work and diligence had paid off and was rather surprised by it, he looked back at the Captain and continued speaking, “All I have been doing is my Job Sir” as he had kept his head down and sorted out what needed to be sorted out and hoped that the problems with the stores had resoled themselves and having a Quartermaster that knew what they were doing did help things run smoothly.

Franklin broke into a grin, which eventually turned into a smile as he said, "That you have, Mr Stevens."

Standing, the Captain placed his hands behind his back, careful to consider his words and approach. Unlike with Sam Perkins, Michael and the Captain didn't necessarily have a close professional dialogue, at least not one that has happened often enough to warrant pleasantries. Still, Michael had worked hard at recovering the nightmare mess that the prior Quartermaster and their subsequent death had left behind. It was amazing how everything now flowed so smoothly that no one barely noticed, which was exactly the goal for any COO. Franklin, however, had noticed which had prompted his initial investigation into a promotion.

After a time in his thoughts as the Captain stared at the floor, he looked over to Michael having decided his approach.

"I really like the way you do things, Mr Stevens," Franklin said. "You've turned this ship around practically overnight it felt like. No one complains to me anymore about missing belongings or undelivered packages. No department complains in their reports about supplies not being delivered anymore. It's fantastic! And we, all of us, have you to thank for that."

A pause before he continued. "I'm not going to pretend you will need to show further initiative to reach the rank of a Senior Officer. You have a long road ahead of you, Mr Stevens. A road which I dearly hope I get to help you along. But you've travelled far on that road, farther than I have had a chance to recognize. I think you'll do fine as a full Lieutenant. Do you have any objections to my decision?"

"No Sir," replied Michael as he tried not to grin and keep his emotions in check, he thought to himself, oO oh wow a promotion, wait till Maria hears about this? Oo as he knew that he had to let her know as she would be pleased as punch, However; it saddened him that both his folks could not share in his promotion. "Sir, If I may ask one small favour?" he said looking at his commanding officer.

A brief memory relapse of Sam's initial outburst brought about by miscommunication flashed in Franklin's mind before he calmed himself and tossed it to the side. A slow nod from the Captain as he gave a slight and inviting smile.

"Of Course, Mr Stevens. What can I help with?"

"Sir, as you know both my parent's died in a shuttle accident whilst I was at the academy," he stated looking at his commanding officer, continued "and whilst I stood at their graveside I made a promise that on every Promotion I got I'd salute then with a glass of scotch,"

Franklin nodded, listening intently then as his subordinate shared a rather personal and deep piece of information.

"I was wondering if it would be possible if you would join me, sir," as he knew that it was only a small favour, but it meant a lot to him as he missed both of them dearly. as Micheal knew that this was a joyous occasion that should be celebrated as he remembered how his friend Maria had gotten him through those dark days when he had felt like giving up on Starfleet.

"If you'd allow me to," Franklin replied, smiling. Some regulations would forbid him from actually drinking the real thing, but considering the circumstances, the Captain wasn't too concerned. "Though I must ask, where did you acquire real scotch?"

"My father's friend runs a distillery and makes it for me," replied Michael looking back at the Captain, he continued "I do have a bottle in my quarters that only comes out on days like this Sir," as he knew that it would only be right.

Franklin considered what Michael had said, the importance and almost sacred aspect of it, and nodded. A smile kept its appearance on his face as he placed a hand on Michaels's shoulder.

"I'd be honoured," Franklin replied. "Lead the way?"



Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon

Lieutenant Michael Stevens
Chief Operations Officer
USS Poseidon


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