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Ready to Serve, Protect, and Care

Posted on Sunday April 25th, 2021 @ 12:18pm by Commander Kanaka Shakura & Ensign Samantha Evans, Trainee & Captain Franklin Johnson & Major Phoebe Graydon & Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch & Staff Sergeant Maximilian Pfaffenheim

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Shuttle Bay - USS Poseidon
Timeline: Arrived at Betreka Nebula
Tags: New Arrival, Calvin Hirsch, Security, Betreka Nebula


Phoebe walked slowly towards the shuttle bay. She had just received notification from the Flight Control team that one of their shuttles was returning from a brief journey. It had been tasked with picking up their new Chief Security and Tactical Officer. Phoebe had asked to be notified of the arrival, so that she could meet the new officer, along with the other members of the command team. She had also asked for her First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant Maximilian Pfaffenheim, to accompany them, as the Marine Department would be having a large involvement with the Security Team onboard. She walked into the Shuttle Bay and awaited the arrival of the others.

The Captain had set aside most of his reports for the duration of the arrival to his Yeoman a few decks below. It was rare that the Poseidon received any pomp or ceremony, so it was with a little hint of excitement that Franklin became eager to participate in the arrival. The Shuttle was still a few ways out and he had ordered the Poseidon to maintain a quarter impulse as the crew and cadets went about their work, which would give the shuttle pilot ample room to arrive at his own best window of opportunity.

"Mrs. Graydon!" Franklin greeted toward the Major, "very nice to see you again. We'll have to arrange a get-together soon as it's been quite some time since I've enjoyed your company."

"Captain, nice to see you to, and yes, certainly we will have to see each other again soon, it has been to long. Here to meet our new crew member?" She asked.

Franklin smiled at the reply then gave a nod toward the open shuttle bay door, "any news on our expected arrival?" he inquired.

Rounding a nearby corner, the Staff Sergeant quickly approached, briskly saluting his commanding officers. "Apologies, sirs, I had to sort out an issue in the bunks; hope I'm not too late.", he greeted them both, taking up a position next to Graydon and assuming his usual unmoving posture.

"Not to late at all Staff Sergeant. Right on time I would say. I do believe our new colleague should be arriving, any minute now." She said, returning the salute to Max.

**Shuttle Craft**

Hirsch had finished reviewing the layout and schematics of the USS Poseidon, a Reliant retrofit class cruiser. The ship was a monument of Federation engineering and science and a long-standing classic of the fleet. Despite its age, its dynamic designs were striking and worthy of serving over a hundred years of innovation.

The primary security consisted of a training centre, weapons locker, and targeting range and brig operations. Having served on board the USS Kincaid during Talmud I's Ultrax incident, Calvin was now more than ever confident in his tactical and hand-to-hand combat abilities.

Calvin confidently riffed off the specs of the Reliant class vessels weaponry systems. "Contains a Duranium - Tritanium double hull." He spoke quietly to himself in the craft, the lighting low and the hum of the engines as he read through his padd like a physics exam. "Baby's got back." He mumbled as he toggled the phasers and photons armament. "12 Type VIII Phaser Banks. 4 Type VII Phaser Cannon, consisting of a roll bar mega-phaser pod. "The one-eyed beast." He smirked.

Continuing, he relaxed, placing his boot up to the seat next to him, stretching out. "Finally, 4 Standard Torpedo Launchers, two forward and two aft."

While time had passed on the shuttle ride, he noticed that there was another officer aboard. However, at the time, he was too busy to notice nor break into pleasantries. Within time they were reaching the USS Poseidon's shuttle bay.


Franklin watched the shuttle approach then, when given the signal by one of the Engineers on duty, he gave a nod to those present around him as he approached the shuttle. The back door was opening and he waited to give a polite greeting to who came out.

Hirsch had walked down the shuttle door with his backpack suited up. He was in his standard duty uniform of yellow. Seeing a contingent of Officers standing in the shuttle bay, he was a bit perplexed. He had looked to see if there was another event going on around him there?

“Uh. Captain Johnson?” He had stood tall, giving a one-off sharp salute of respect.

“Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch, reporting for duty as ordered.” Calvin had walked up to the man, greeting him.

Franklin returned the one-off salute, just as a sign of respect. It wasn't necessary in the modern Federation though it was a practice still done for courtesy. The only exception being the Marines themselves, which prized such discipline.

"That you are, Lieutenant," Franklin replied in manner of greeting. "Welcome aboard! This is my Second Officer, and First Sergeant of my ships Marine Division. I'm the Captain, as you correctly guessed. Normally we don't have group welcoming parties for folks coming in on shuttle, but you're the first since after our departure from Starbase 47 and you're our new Chief of Security. I think that deserves a bit of pomp and ceremony."

Hirsch was never afforded such an introduction before in Starfleet. Everything was routine and schedule. He was honoured deep down and felt very welcomed at the present company.

“Thank you, Captain. I..” He was at a loss for words for the moment. “I thank you all for welcoming me aboard the USS Poseidon.” He offered a sincere nod of appreciation to the officers. “Major Graydon, Staff Sergeant Pfaffenheim…” His hand went to shake each and directly every offer’s hand. “I am honoured. Thank you for your welcome aboard.” He offered a slight smile, one Hirsch rarely obliged.

"Lieutenant.", Max returned the greeting, giving Hirsch a firm handshake, squeezing unnoticeably to test the officer a little. It was a tip, given to him by the CSM during his last day on the USS Ford. To his mild surprise and satisfaction, Hirsch seemed to be unfazed by it, which moved him up in the Staff Sergeant's personal rating list of security officers he'd met. Nevertheless, he made a mental note to assess Hirsch further; after all, he would likely have to work with him more often than not.

Franklin watched the greetings between his Officers take place, content to remain silent as he returned his new Chief of Securities humble nature with a respectful nod and smile. When offered, he shook the hand with a firm grip and considerate shake.

“Captain.” Hirsch began, “I had time to review the Poseidon security and tactical specs while on the shuttle. Suffice to say, Poseidon is a great vessel with lots of history to her. I look forward to working with each department and officers, including the valiant Marine unit you have stationed onboard. Impressive.” Hirsch had offered, while he had enjoyed meeting the deck officers, they all had a very prominent presence. One could assume he was being accessed, and it was in every nature to expect. It was the human instinct.

"Very good," Franklin replied. "The Poseidon has a lot of history to her, that you are right on. She's old but reliable. Those Marines on board came in handy in our recent altercation with Pirates, which I'm assuming you've reviewed. The Battle of the Bright Nebula, to be specific."

The Captain was quick to give an appreciative and recognizing smile towards Maximilian before returning to his conversation.

"When you're done greeting my staff, meet me in the Ready Room," Franklin ordered. He gave a nod to everyone present before turning to leave.

Phoebe smiled at the new officer. "Lieutenant Hirsch. I am Major Graydon, Marine CO and 2XO of the Poseidon. I'm sure we'll be working together quite alot. I'll make sure we get a meeting arranged once you've got everything squared away with the captain." She said, giving a warm smile towards Calvin.


While the Captain, Second Officer and First Sergeant were greeting the new Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Kana was still carrying out her duties on the Bridge. The ship was slowly but methodically making its way through and across the Betreka Nebula, conducting a comprehensive sweep of the gas nebula sector-by-sector to ensure there was no amassing pirate presence. At the same time, they were using this excursion to protect Starbase Forty-Seven's flank to also conduct some scientific observations on the formation of stars in the Nebula. There was also debris from the previous clashes between the Klingons and the Cardassians to be mindful of.

Kana was currently standing over the Science station, where Ensign Samantha Evans was currently on duty, while Lt. Cmdr. Perkins was overseeing the analysis of the Nebula's activity from his Labs below. Both he and Kana had agreed to have her on duty at the same time as Kana, so that the Chief Counsellor could see how she was handling her duties in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bright Nebula. The two had been conversing for a while as Samantha occasionally adjusted a few variables on her monitor, per Perkins instructions, while also keeping a close eye on the other numbers appearing at a consistent rate in front of her.

"I hope this isn't too much for you." Kana said in a low and calm voice, trying her best to follow what was appearing. She had a rudimentary understanding of what all these readings were trying to convey, but wouldn't pretend to know it any more than Samantha probably did. The young woman smiled and shook her head enthusiastically.

"It's totally fine." She responded, "I'm actually finding this assignment to be really engaging. This is really closely related to what I've been doing in my classwork!"

Kana smiled, "That's good. I'm glad to hear it."

Samantha, seemingly grateful to be engaged about the topic, continued. "You see, these numbers here?" She pointed to the screen. "They show the first signs of what may be a star formation, or it could just be another gas cluster. I'm hopeful it's the former, but a lot of folks still disagree on when exactly you're likely to see such a formation will happen. I dunno, maybe we'll get lucky. Dok would always--"

Suddenly the smile disappeared from her face, and her cheeks that were so flush of colour for one moment went pale as a ghost. Kana could feel the pain that immediately welled up in the young girls heart as she remembered her lost friend, and the growing sense of annoyance at herself for ripping off the scab of the wound. The Executive Officer acted immediately, placing a hand on the Ensign's shoulder as she did her best to comfort her.

"It's okay, Ensign. It's okay. The pain will endure for some time, but your fondness for your friends will endure even longer. We will get you to a point where their memories don't bring you such grief."

Before she and Samantha could say any more to each other, Kana's ears caught the sound of the turbolift arriving on the Bridge.

Hirsch had made his way to the Poseidon's Bridge. The sight was one of updates and advanced LCAR interfaces, all impressive. He felt pride wash through him, as he stepped off the turbo lift, and then headed to the Commander, who currently had the Bridge.

Hirsch stood to the side of the Commander, his back tall in his uniform as he stood and offered a sharp one-off salute of respect in greeting her. "Commander Shakura. It is an honour to meet you." Hirsh then relaxed and extended his hand offering yet another solid, soul bounded hand shake. His eyes locked intent on impressing the seriousness of his nature, and the confidence he had showed to being staffed as Chief of Security onboard.

Kana turned her body and looked up at the dark-haired Hirsch, who stood at almost a feet taller than her, and received his salute and returned his firm handshake with her own. For what she lacked in height, the Executive Officer more than made up for in her sharp expression and broad musculature.

"Lieutenant Hirsch, it's great to finally have you on board. I reviewed your record when we were looking for prospective replacements to Karn. I have faith that you won't disappoint." She gave him a confident smile, matching the confidence that she could sense coming from him. "I trust you've found the Poseidon to your liking thus far?"

"Thank you, Commander." Hirsch replied with a confident nod. He looked around the bridge of the Poseidon in all it's glory, and then resting back on Commander Shakura. "The Poseidon is a valiant ship and her crew. I had a warm welcome." Hirsch still was amazed that how he was introduced back in the Shuttle Bay. "I thank you for having trust in me. I won't let you down Commander." Cal replied in calm confidence.

Kana absorbed his emotion for a moment, scanning him up and down with her deep black irises. She could feel the warmth and the appreciation he felt from his welcome aboard, and she could also sense his confidence in his duty. Those were both good signs to her that this was someone who could not only be relied upon, but also for her personally, was someone who wasn't afraid to show or feel his emotions. That certainly made her life as a Chief Counsellor, Betazoid or not, a lot easier. She would certainly be curious to sense how he felt when on-duty and dealing with the challenges that arose.

To that end, she turned her body slightly as she looked across the Bridge and to the viewfinder, out into the Betreka Nebula beyond. She continued talking to Hirsch as she did so, "You've certainly chosen a critical time for joining us. I trust you've familiarised yourself with our current mission brief? This Nebula has an interesting history, and has seen its fair share of fighting. We're here to make sure that this remains in the past and that pirates aren't able to exploit it as either a place to scavenge or as cover." She explained confidently, a steely determination in her eyes as she observed the gas formations as they swirled with grace and beauty in the ships wake.

"As I'm sure you're no doubt also aware," She now turned herself completely back towards Hirsch, "the ship recently survived an attack from two vessels, which claimed the lives of many of our men and women. A lot of them cadets." Shakura's eyes quickly glanced over at Samantha, as she could sense her pain at the mention, but to the Ensign's credit she pushed forward with her tasks without showing it.

"So while the crew is working as diligently as it always does, and our cadets are eager to learn, they're also on edge and in no small measure looking for justice. You'll be key to help make sure we get that justice, but also in making sure they feel confident and safe in the face of future confrontations. Do you feel you're up for that challenge?"

From a stance of resigned observance, Calvin had let the conversation flow throughout his thought process. The past mission was undoubtedly traumatizing to the crew—a crew of specialized cadets still training and learning as individuals. Starfleet was a place of learning, growth, and prosperity for all races together in cohesion. Starting one's career with such pain and affliction was a mental obstacle. "Commander. I can state this. As Chief of Security onboard the Europa, I strive for the undeniable justice deserving in every situation. I have the deepest sympathy for the lost officers and crew." Hirsch solemnly stated.

Hirsch looked towards the Nebula. He understood the mission briefing. There were surmounting obstacles sensor-wise to tracking the pirate routes. Intelligence Reports from Lieutenant Commander T'Pri informed Hirsch that an old yet formidable Watchtower Class supply station was a centre of operations in the Nebula. Amongst the Nebula, several outposts on nearby Class M planets operated as hideouts. It was a task. One that could be handled given precise communication and intelligence, yet nothing was guaranteed.

"Commander Shakura, It is my honour to give back to Star Fleet, to represent as a model officer for these young men and women on board. They are our future, and I intend to lead with guided temperance and spirit. A haven of safety is guaranteed within my watch." Hirsch's eyes locked on Shakura's dark eyes as he slowly bowed his head in acknowledgement.

Kana had sensed throughout Calvin's response that he was confident in his convictions and sure in his determination to see them through. She also sensed however a degree of his own sensitivities, as he clearly reflected on the plight that the Cadets had been through. She would be curious to learn more about this new Chief Security Officer in time.

"I'm glad to hear it, Lieutenant." Kana gave him a small smile, before looking past him and over towards the door to the Captain's Ready Room. "You should go and speak with the Captain now, but I'm sure we'll talk again soon. Until then, Lieutenant." She then extended her hand to take his and shake it once more, before she turned back to resume talking with Samantha.

Calvin had acknowledged the Commander, and then left to meet with the Captain as suggested. Truthfully, the meeting was expected as one could be. Rather than polite talk, he had been discussed on the merits and duty of the ship along with the wellbeing of the crew. So far, the Poseidon was proving to be a refreshing vessel to serve.


Ten minutes following his departure from the impromptu welcoming ceremony and his arrival to his Ready Room, Franklin was already neck deep in reports as he quickly skimmed and reviewed each one. He had enough time to replicate himself his favourite Romulan dish and some sweet tea before quietly sitting behind his desk and watching the monitor screen flicker with both responses and requests.

Hirsch had chimed the Captain's ready room doorway. After a moment he had heard a voice from within. Calvin entering and standing forward just as the doors slid closed behind him. "Captain. I have never had such a great welcome as I have had from your crew. It is a great feeling to be amongst such good officers." Hirsch offered, truth in his pleasantries.

Franklin smiled warmly as he stood from his desk, greeting Calvin as he would any of his officers or crew who entered. Giving a nod, he gently adjusted his uniform as he considered the unique situation.

"I admit it's only happened a few times, if rarely," Franklin said. "To be honest, we had one helluva Security Chief before you. His name is Mr. Karn, a Lurian, and a heck of a shot. Saved our ship in two battles already."

Giving a moment to stare off for a second, Franklin sighed. "Starfleet had some additional assignments for him and he had to take care of some personal matters," he explained, "which was why we had the call out for a replacement. Regardless, I think it was entirely warranted for the welcome."

Franklin took a moment to return to his desk, grabbing a spare PADD as he pressed on the screen a few times. He approached Calvin a moment later, examining the contents of the PADD briefly as he spoke again.

"You started your career in Starfleet on the USS Rabin in Security, it says here," Franklin began, giving an approving nod. "USS Musashi followed, then the Bellerophon with what is referenced a promotion in position. You continued that on the USS Kincaid, and now you've reached Chief on my ship."

Looking at Calvin he gestured welcomingly towards the chairs in front of his desk. Franklin took a seat on one side, leaving the other vacant for Calvin to sit in. "Want to go over the history of your career with me?" he asked, "I'd like to know more about these ships. I think the Musashi is a Sovereign-class, if my understanding of our fleet is correct. The Bellerophon is an Intrepid, I believe. What was it like on the others? Haven't heard of them, if vaguely."

Calvin nodded. "Of course, Sir." He then seated his self in the available chair next to the Captain. Hirsch appreciated the informal arrangement. If not an interview-style, he was happy nonetheless to speak of his prior assignments with Captain Johnson.

"You are correct, Sir. USS Musashi. NCC-71809" Hirsch riffed off the identifications as if he had served on them yesterday. His photographic memory was unflinching. "Also correct. The Bellerophon NCC-74705 is a Norway class vessel.”

Most recently, as you are aware, Sir, I was transferred from my assistant position to the Chief on the USS Kincaid. Steamrunner class. Our routine patrols were along with the Cardassian Union as well as the Breen Confederacy. A few skirmishes, a few non-responsive vessels testing the Federation was routine for our patrols. I am a Security Officer of heart. Tactically, I believe a vessel best portrays its weaponry without using it. A vessel psychologically has at its disposal its armament, which any enemy judges. The fear is in the provocation of those resources at its disposal in the highest degree.” Hirsch had begun. He relaxed into the seat but not too relaxed.

“On the Kincaid, our vessel was primarily supporting and defence of routine colonial supports. A few times, we had to facilitate the evacuation of colonies during the Dominion War, although I was young and the War was nearing its conclusion at the time.”

The Captain listened intently. His every eye motion, every twitch of his mouth, a clear indication that he followed Calvin's service history with clear interest. As Calvin relaxed, so did the Captain, providing an open and hopefully inclusive space for their discussion to continue in. After his new Chief of Security and Tactical concluded, Franklin offered up his own trade of history in return.

"That is quite impressive," Franklin remarked in manner of compliment. "We'll have to get together sometime and discuss what it's like on a Steamrunner-class, if you don't mind. I heard in the Academy they make quite the torpedo boat."

"My history," Franklin continued, "started in the civilian service. I served on the S.S. Shipmans Quest. I learned stellar navigation and a lot of other useful skills that helped promote me when I applied to the Academy. After graduation, I came on board the U.S.S. Tennessee - NCC-42251 if my memory serves me right. She was a fantastic Norway-class ship, and I started as a Security Officer believe it or not. I made Chief Navigational Officer a few years later, then got recommended as next in line for the XO slot. Once that opened, my experience in command began. After a time I was highly recommended back to Command School and graduated to command the Poseidon as her Captain."

Franklin looked away, smirking a bit as he scoffed. "But that wasn't originally what everyone had planned. I was slated to command the Tennessee. The Captain and I were really meshing with each other well and he wanted me to continue what he considered to be an excellent method of command. The Commodore, though, Gregory? He had other plans. He was one who originally vouched for me when I went to Starfleet Academy. He was also the one who suggested I command this ship. Turns out this ship has a lot of odd history to it."

After a moment to appreciate the thought on his statement, Franklin returned his gaze to Calvin. He continued.

"I really liked the way you talked about what a ships position in reference to its weapons should be. That told me a lot about your perspective in as short a statement as I've heard from anyone. Mr. Karn was all about utilizing those defensive weapons keenly and with precision. He took care of my vessel, he understood that not only are we an Anti-Piracy ship, but also a ship holding precious cargo. Our Cadets."

Holding the gaze with Calvin, Franklin then asked, "how do you feel about being in charge of protecting nearly half a ships load of fresh Starfleet Cadets, Mr. Hirsch?"

Calvin had taken an interest in the Captain's history. As was any first meeting, the sharing of one's history was an invaluable exercise. Not every Captain nor Chief shared such information about themselves. It was a lesson in communication and mutual respect of interest. As someone who studiously kept up to date on policy, procedure, Federation politics, and history, Hirsch found solace that the Captain started his career outside the Federation in private service, accumulating perspective.

"I would like that, very much, Sir." Hirsch had given the Captain the nod regarding a discussion in the Steamrunner class's future, not to mention the Norway class he had served in the same respect as Hirsch. The Norway class was a design of beauty in itself, much like the Reliant.

"I would be lying to you, Sir, if I said the thought didn’t scare the heck out of me." Hirsch paused, his thoughts collecting. "Although, the Kincaid was a significant population of young officers. Quite rowdy when off duty." Hirsch let a soft grin, "I didn't make too many friends at first, but I'm an officer, and I learned their respect, as I, in turn, respected them. I love to set an example. I am not a perfect officer, but you can count on me to do the right thing when the time comes. It always does in space."

Franklin gave a nod to both responses, respectively. He replied to the latter in a careful and considerate tone, maintaining eye contact while doing so.

"I believe we both know the youth that populate those smaller classes," Franklin said, offering up a slight grin as he did that would disappear just as quick. "The Poseidon, however, is quite different from them. Instead of graduated cadets who are actively learning in the field, progressing their career from the start, you have under your charge ACADEMY cadets. These are essentially individuals who have yet to graduate, who are sent on board this ship for the specific purpose of excelling their skills that the Commodore has found them to be capable of. That comes with its own difference in procedure and perspective."

A momentary pause to allow Calvin to reflect on that, then the Captain spoke in a very serious tone. He leaned forward as he did so, imposing his visage just a bit closer to offer the seriousness of the moment.

"Mr. Hirsch, I ask you again," Franklin said. "Are you prepared to handle this? I know your history, I know you're prepared for Starfleet all the way. I do not doubt that. What I doubt, if ever so slightly, is the way you'll handle these cadets. So I need to know right now, before we move any further, that when I turn my head away you have this ship under control in terms of security and ensuring those cadets are treated accordingly."

Calvin knew full well what the Captain had ascribed to his position. He wouldn’t be just security training recruits from the Academy on new assignments, newly assigned. These were academy students with observable placements.

“Sir. I can that I will attest to relay responsibilities ensuring that the Cadets will be taken the greatest care and the greatest respect they are afforded in their security and other departments.” Hirsch paused. He didn’t want the Captain to think he had no idea of the playbook he would be working from. “Sir. I will continue to offer scrupulous observance of Starfleet decrees. Ensuring conduct from endangering Poseidon of Federation interests or security are upheld to the highest of excellence.”

Hirsch had stiffened up in his posture, reflecting the seriousness of the conversation as he had pressed his fingers, both meeting in hand. “Observance of scrupulous nature the cadets, Sir, to maintain starship safety without conduct endangering human life or the vessel's cargo. Ensure the vessel’s function without conduct that damages equipment. Obey superior’s commands without insubordination or violence. Comply with vessel’s rules without unauthorized disembarkation or absence over leave. As Chief, act upon officers to accept summons of an interview without concealment, nor misrepresentation in reporting.” Hirsch had blinked, swallowing his adam's apple in the process.

Hirsch had paused while discerning his photographic readings of Federation academy statutes of similar situational operations. “Safeguard Federation documents without alteration or misstatement of loss.” On the last portion of the documents, Cal offered a slight nod with a smile. “Cultivate noble character without fighting, gambling or alcoholism and substance abuse onboard.” Hirsch breathed in as his eyes scanned Captain Johnson. “In final, the utmost to observe the law and fulfil one’s responsibilities without default or unauthorized undertaking.” Hirsch had read the riot act and intended to follow it throughout his Federation Service, even amongst the yearlings.

Franklin stared at his new department head for half a minute, quiet and observing as he reflected not a single reply in his emotions or gestures to the response he was given. His eyes did not even move during that time, and only a second after did they dare to look the man up and down. Giving a soft nod of approval, Franklin leaned back, sitting in his chair fully as he relaxed and opened up with a warm smile.

"Good!" he replied, finally, in regards to Calvin's response. "I think we both understand each other then. I'm not a hard Captain to get along with, but I simply have expectations that must be fulfilled. I've stated what I wanted and you replied accordingly. Is there anything else we need to discuss, Mr. Hirsch? If not, we can replicate some fine food and begin the pleasantries of introductions."

"Of course, Sir." Hirsch had lent a smile in return. He was pleased to have a good meeting with Captain Johnson, and knew he was a man that he could rely on, and in return knew his full expectations as laid out. Johnson was an equal opportunist he had felt, and knew there was no problem that he could not bring to this man's attention if needed in the future to discuss. "I would be honoured to eat and drink with the Captain of the Poseidon." Hirsch professionally added.

"Alright then!" Franklin said, standing. "I'll go to the Foyer and grab us a bite. What would you like?"

"Pasta." Hirsch beamed. He was starved.


Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


Commander Kanaka "Kana" Shakura
Executive Officer & Chief Counsellor
U.S.S. Poseidon


Ensign Samantha Evans, Trainee (NPC)
Astrometrics Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon


Major Phoebe Graydon
Marine CO and Second Officer
USS Poseidon.


Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch
Chief of Security
USS Poseidon


Staff Sergeant Maximillian Pfaffenheim
First Sergeant, Marine Detachment
USS Poseidon


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