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Talking Security Dynamics

Posted on Saturday April 3rd, 2021 @ 8:44pm by Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch & Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: USS Poseidon; Security Offices
Timeline: Arrived at Betreka Nebula


It was not long now that Calvin had been aboard the Poseidon. He was becoming accustomed to the ship's dynamics and its security arrangements. Having had a spare moment to take a seat in his office and start reading reports, he decided to check in with his Security coworker, Lieutenant Vladinchi.

"Sounds like Russian?" Calvin had thought. Pressing the man's office door chime had heard a call come from within the office.

Stepping in, Lieutenant Hirsch had greeted with a nod. "Hello. Lieutenant Vladinchi, I presume?" Calvin stood holding a padd at his side and a silver mug of coffee in his hand. "How are you?"

Oscar Vladinchi looked up. He wasn't a senior security officer by any means, however his recent actions onboard the USS Poseidon had warranted him a considerably more respectful position in the eyes of his superiors. So it was that for the duration that Chief of Security had been vacant, that he had taken up the mantle to handle all the affairs. Oscar was aware the ship had gained a new Chief quite recently, so he was expecting an arrival, just not this soon.

Oscar took in the man before him. He hadn't been informed quite yet who the new Chief was, just that they were on board somewhere. From the looks of the security officer before him and by the pips on his collar, Oscar presumed he was of equal status to himself - an officer simply doing the rounds. He gave a shrug in response, taking a sip of some warm tea he had at his side on the table.

The office he resided in was cramped, small, and made for junior staff so nothing fancy resided there besides the replicator with a table and seat.

"I'm doing well," Oscar replied, his voice having a thick accent of Russian in it. "Going over morning reports and anticipating the arrival of our new Chief of Security. What can I do for you, Lieutenant? Has the Captain assigned you to assist me during the transition?"

Calvin had become interested in the officer. He had no idea that he was the Chief yet, and why should he? Calvin himself had just come aboard the Poseidon not that long ago. He was still fresh from the formal welcome he had received down in the shuttle bay.

"How are the morning reports, Sir?" Calvin had addressed Vladinchi in a upbeat tone. He relaxed back and took a drink from the silver mug of coffee he was carrying, and set his padds to the side of his chair for the time being.

"Nothing too unusual," Oscar replied. "Typical things, really. Most of the security reports are dealing with our contigent of cadets adjusting to their space legs. Getting into trouble mostly, but overall everythings being handled."

"Good. Good." He had acknowledged the work that the officer was doing, despite him being a soft intern for the position of Chief. Calvin himself had no knowledge that Lieutenant Vladinchi was handling the affairs at this time.

"I guess I am here to relieve you of your positional duties. I am Lieutenant Hirsch, Chief of Security. I just transferred in this morning, Sir. I wanted to check in and see how the operation was going." He offered matter of fact.

Lieutenant Vladinchi visibly flinched as he heard the words. He stiffened briefly before slowly setting his pads down, standing at attention as he corrected his prior behavior. He gave a firm nod with a stern, "I stand relieved, sir."

After his acknowledgement of the change of position, he reacted quickly. It wouldn't do for the actual Chief to think that this place was his office.

"I apologize for that, sir," Oscar added, his bit of hard accent diminishing with the seriousness of his tone. He was all business now. "I have been getting a lot of security officers as of late in here since the Captain assigned me as interim Security Chief. I believed you were another one looking for an assignment or direction, sir."

Clearning his throat, he continued as he motioned around softly with his chin as he maintained his posture of attention.

"This office was a Yeomans before the Captain assigned it to me temporarily. Your offices are a few decks down in the actual Security Department, sir. Would you also like to review the reports I have reviewed previously? Had I known the actual Chief was on board I would have waited to direct them to you."

“Of course, thank you for your work. In my short time here, I have heard a lot of good things about your direction.” Hirsch relaxed leaned forward a bit in his chair as he had then clasped his hands together.

“If there is someone I would want to get to know, it would be you, Lieutenant Vladinchi. You have the ears of the Officers. You have been their direction, their role model.” Hirsch stated. “So. Has security been receiving some new Officers? I have not had time to check the recent timeline of transfers as of yet.” Hirsch contemplated. “Generally speaking, what has been your views of our Officers? Our Team?” He did not doubt that they would be professional and utmost to Starfleet standards, yet he had to ask as a general question to begin.

Taken aback by the question, Oscar spent a few seconds thinking on a proper answer. It didn't take long. He did in fact have the ears of his fellow Officers. Ever since his unique arrival and display of courage on the Poseidon he had not only attained the respect of his fellow security officers, but a few of the Marines as well.

"They're a hardy bunch, sir," Oscar replied truthfully. "Lieutenant Commander Karn was our Chief at one point, a brilliant Chief if I may say. When he stepped down due to multiple issues I'm not privy to, it left a temporary vacuum in the dynamics of it all. I was assigned this role by Franklin due to my recent service and I've had multiple chances to improve your department, sir.

Despite those improvements, not one was because of one of your security staff. They are all capable at their jobs and have performed admirably in the face of certain danger. Even the new round of Academy Cadets from the Commodore has been met with excellent tutoring by your officers, and I've yet to recieve a negative report from these Cadets like I do with other departments. In my experience as Chief of Security on board this ship and the USS Pennsylvania, that's incrediably rare."

Taking a moment to look around the small, cramped repurposed Yeoman's Office, Oscar allowed himself a nostalgic sigh. He vividly remembered his service on board the Poseidon during the Dominion War. It was both a hellish and quite amazing time. Idly his hand reached up to his Lieutenant pips, gently fingering each one as he remembered the time of a different rank - until he realized his brief violation and returned to attention. He clared his throat as he continued.

"My apologies sir, my mind wandered," Oscar said in excuse. "I think that you can expect to have little to no issues with your new department, sir. I will do anything I can to assist you should you require it."

“Please. Lieutenant, I do not consider this as my Department.” Hirsch frowned but offered a slight smile. “Only in writing. What you have just expressed to me. I take great pride in knowing that Poseidon is a vessel capable of great things and people. I can only add to compliment what has already been achieved.” Calvin could see the fondness the Officer had in his eyes for the position, for the respect of the crew he had truly earned.

“I had no doubts. None at all.” He looked around the office. “I’m surprised that you kept to this office. You should have sat in the Chief's office?” Hirsch chuckled. “What are your plans? I think it would be a great asset, Lieutenant if you would stay on with the Department. It seems you are an integral part of its function.” He could only wish that he would consider it.

“The last assignment I was stationed as assistant Chief on the Kincaid. Incredible ship, incredible crew.” Calvin smiled fondly, remembering his last moments serving under Lt. Commander Geoffry Faulkner, his Chief. Hirsch had learned a lot from the man. Almost a fatherly figure.

“Oddly, with an incredible crew. The Kincaid was a young demographic. On the off duty, there were parties, of course, and rowdiness. A few calls for some scuffles while drinking. Infractions, of course, but something the Captain shied away. How has the crew generally handled themselves off duty?” It was a rare question to ask if the professional officers acted professionally while off duty, but starships were starships, and people liked to work and play hard at times of war and peace in a tin can.

"I would be honored to stay here, sir," Oscar replied, standing a bit more upright. "The reason I have not occupied the Chief's office is because Lieutenant Hibiki Zh'kallas occupies it presently. She is your Assistant Chief, sir. She has had her own affairs to handle as well, especially with the influx of Academy cadets, and my assignment was directly ordered by the Captain without any approval from her end. I have kept a polite distance because of that, sir. It should be your call what my direction should be, in my opinion, sir."

Oscar remained quiet for a moment as he thought on his Chief's second statement, remarking on his service history. Since the dialogue between the two had become more relaxed, Oscar allowed his attention position to be more at ease. He thought more deeply on his own service history, to give a bit back to what the superior Lieutenant gave. It was only right. First, however, he addressed the question towards himself.

"As far as I am aware, sir, the crew perform acceptably off duty," Oscar replied. "As I mentioned before, the majority of my reports are handling the affairs of Cadets who do not quite understand Starfleet conduct and protocol. It's usually one of my officers or myself going to give a little one-on-one, you know? After that we usually don't have any problems. As for any troublemakers, the majority were shipped out on Starbase 47 a while ago by the Commodore. He personally came to request my opinion on that and acted on my reports. A break in the chain of command, in my opinion, but it is his Academy Ship to operate.

Those reports I filed were for the new arrivals from the rotation. Commodore Paladin regularly vets Cadets at Starfleet Academy under his supervision to choose which ones are likely to excel with first hand experience and which ones are likely to benefit from standard Academy classes. Sometimes he gets it wrong, that's where we come in, and I think we've been doing a fantastic job. In regards to any standard, graduated crew we have for problems...."

Oscar thought a moment, then shook his head gently. "I can't think of any, expect Lieutenant Kord in Engineering. He's a Gorn who came on board recently, classified circumstances. I've had to deal with a few....cultural mixups on his part, but overall the crew now seem to understand and cooperate. Nothing else comes to mind, sir."

Another moment passed before Oscar began again, thinking on how to pest reciprocate what the Chief told of his own history.

"If I may return your trust in me, sir, my history in Starfleet has been an interesting one," Oscar began. "When I first graduated Starfleet in 2368, I served firstly on board this very ship. She was under the command of a Commander Henry Paladin, I believe an ancestor or direct relation to the Commodore. I was a security officer then. Two years later we got into a scuffle with Klingons and the Commander made Captain and I made Lieutenant. When the Poseidon was placed into reserves, I took a commission on board the USS Hood as a Security Officer.

I got a call from Captain Paladin sometime later asking me to return here, and I did. I was given Chief of Security then. The Poseidon had been taken out of the reserves and Henry apparently just wanted me here. He was a very kind man, very defensive of those who he thought was his own. We served in the Dominion War together when that began. I watched that man die on the bridge during Operation Return. It was the most heartbreaking experience next to losing all my family and children in a pirate attack."

It took a few moments for his glossy gaze to strengthen again after he mentioned his family, but Oscar managed to continue shortly thereafter.

"I made Lieutenant Commander at one point, I won't go into details with all due respect, sir. I invite you to look into my files for that, it's just hard to think on at present. After the Dominion War, I served on the USS Tennessee. Oddly enough, the Captain, Captain Johnson, was my Executive Officer for a time on that ship. I got promoted to his XO position when he departed. Spent four years as an XO before the Captain of the USS Pennsylvania contacted me and asked if I wanted an adventure in the Delta Quadrant. I couldn't miss that opportunity, so I accepted, and it came with a downrank but....I still got Chief of Security!"

The end of his statement was somewhat unintentionally jovial, his expression that of someone offering a dismissive happenstance. His eyes seemed to glaze over a bit as he remembered something, then they focused back on Calvin.

"I'm not sure I'm at liberty to discuss the circumstances, but following an incident in the Delta Quadrant I was....transferred here on the Poseidon. You would probably have to speak to the Commodore on that one. It's been an interesting period since my arrival here, though that's everything on my history to offer in return, sir."

"I am relieved to hear that you will stay. I appreciate your work. I look forward to us working in any capacity that may form." Calvin had looked at the man's desk. "Suffice to say. We may need to find you a bit bigger a space to work." Calvin had thought that he would have to speak to the Captain regarding Lieutenant Vladinchi's continuation in whichever capacity he deserved.

"Understandable that the assistant security chief has had her time full dealing with the Cadets onboard. I hear we have a large contingent, to say in the least." Hirsch's eyes and face had given a sly grin. He lent his hand to absentmindedly, gently tapping at his padd to his right.

"Really?" Hirsch had perked up at the comment regarding the Cadets. "That is quite something that the Commodore has high regard of your reporting and acted accordingly. I don't think that is a break in the chain of command, rather expediency." Calvin had offered. "There is no time onboard for Cadets that after fair warnings do not continue to share values."

"Good." Hirsch had nodded with enthusiasm. "Good. Then we will continue to expect good things from our Cadets and Lieutenant. Kord. Albeit the occasional mishap, which is to be expected. They are still considered in training while living onboard a Starship is different from that of an Academy Dorm, nor simulation." He agreed.

"Captain Paladin. He sounds like a good man, too bad that I had not had the chance to meet the Officer. Your former Captain." Hirsch had come to trust those types of bonding, where the crew had remained on a ship for longer than 2+ years and then the inevitable transfer. A starship and crew that worked and belonged together stayed together worked in stellar ways. Most of the historical and federation unit autobiographical I have had studied.

Pausing, Hirsch turned his head down a bit. He had felt the grief in the man's words regarding his family. His wife, his children. That was enough to destroy a man, let alone continue as an officer. While he had heard grief, he had listened to a solemn acceptance. How could you not learn to accept that and then continue to be a hard-working officer such as himself? "That." He shook his head and looked at Lieutenant Vladinski in his eyes, "I honestly do not know how that would feel. I am sorry to hear that, Lieutenant. I am sure they would be quite proud of you, how you have handled yourself in their passing." He could only offer such pleasantries, but truth be told.

Hirsch did not like to dwell on prior incidents with officers. Only the knowledge would be sufficient. However, rarely, determination to change his views on Lieutenant Vladinski would not be changed, at least in his prior situational reasoning. Everyone had their history, and everyone had given their dues. As such, the Lieutenant was highly respected on the Poseidon. He had no reason to see that report, but he would have to check in to it at some point. Hirsch slowly gave an insightful gaze as he listened to the Lieutenant.

"Thank you for your candidness, Lieutenant. I feel we will have no issues as we advance. The Captain has regarded you quite well in our discussion. From what I can sense and tell. Captain Johnson is a good man and an intriguing Officer. Of course, very Starfleet in like all of us. We serve. I will be calling upon you, Lieutenant Vladinski."

"Vladinchi, sir," Oscar corrected with a bit of a smile. "I appreciate your kind words and condolences, though condolences are not needed. If I may, should I return to my work? I was anticipating a round around the ship to check up on the cadets that have had issues."

"Of course, my apologies!" Hirsch felt rather embarrassed. "Mr. Vladinchi." He nodded, while he had collected his padds and silver mug of coffee. "Please, keep up the good work. Perhaps I can buy you a drink later, to relax and talk some more. Non shop talk." He offered. "Let me know." Hirsch had then left Lieutenant Vladinchi to his good work.



Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi
Security Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch
Chief of Security
USS Poseidon


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