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Mess Hall Meeting

Posted on Tuesday May 11th, 2021 @ 11:54am by Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch & Lieutenant Commander Ky'la De'Lenn

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Current


Calvin had finished checking up on the bridge systems of the tactical station. He was impressed with the updates to the Reliant class vessels weapon allotment and roll bar phaser cannon. Having had little time between the bridge and main security meetings, Hirsch was a bit tired. He was hungry as well. He had ordered just a regular peanut butter and jam sandwich and a red delicious apple.

Along with a glass of milk and a stainless steel mug of coffee on his tray. Taking a look around the mess hall, he didn't want to sit alone. Being security, he enjoyed speaking to others and becoming involved in the crew operations and the scuttlebutt of the day.

Spotting an officer seated by one of the tables near the window, Calvin had decided to walk over and introduce himself. Holding his tray, Calvin had greeted in a quiet, yet confident tone to his voice. "Lieutenant." He could tell by her on duty red uniform. "May I have a seat with you for lunch?" Hisch had gestured to the empty seat at her steel table.

Ky'la looked up seeing the young man. "Of course have a seat. You are new here. What department are you from Lieutenant?," she asked, taking a bite of her rokeg blood pie.

Taking the seat, Calvin had relaxed in to it. He had noticed immediately the dish that she was consuming. It was replicated? Gah. A Klingon dish. He was not fond of it, as he had tried it himself back in Academy days. Suffice to say it was an acquired taste. However, each to their own as the Federation was massive of many species and humanoids.

"Is that replicated or fresh Gah?" Hirsch first asked, unable to break his sight of it.

"Um, no it is rokeg blood pie and yes it is an acquired taste and no it is not replicated. I have the recipe. It was given to me by a Klingon friend of my mother's. It tasts quite good," Ky'la said smiling at him.

"I am Lieutenant Hirsch, Calvin is my name." He had offered a slight smile. "Chief of Security and Tactical. Just got on board myself." He had reached for his sandwich and then taken a bite of it. "What department are you in?" Hirsch asked in kind.

"Welcome aboard Lt. Hirsch, I am the Chief Flight Officer. I fly the ship. I was assigned here not to long ago myself," Ky'la said finishing off the blood pie.

Hirsch nodded at Ky'la's comment about being recently assigned to the Poseidon as well. That comforted Hirsch. "Well. That makes the two of us." He then posited. She knows my thoughts. Oh! God. She thought what I was thinking, and knew my thought process. Clean thoughts. Clean thoughts. "Didn't catch your name?... You are Empathic?" Cal did not say Betazoid, because some other species in the Federation shared the ability. "How are you liking your posting?"

Laughing, "I don't bite and yes I am a strong empath and telepath. Lt. Cmdr Ky'la DeLenn, CFO" she said chuckling.

"Strong is the word." Hirsch had chuckled, as he then took a bite of his sandwich, relaxing in to his seat. "So how are you enjoying the Poseidon. You being the CFO and all. You get the first chance to see everything coming our way." Hirsch offered.

Looking at Hirsch and smiling, "Yes I even get to see the stars coming straight for me. Seeing a ship or metor or even an asteroid coming at you directly is rather scary until you get to understand that it is on a view screene and not physically coming at you. I have seen many new helms men and women duck when something approaches. Fear of being hit makes your reactions quicker and more accurate as you do better flying," Ky'La said chuckling.

Hirsch chuckled. He could imagine how an Officer could be mentally tricked by the wide screens on starships now. "The forward viewscreens get impressive all the time. It's amazing to think that it's plasma and photons." He agreed.

"What does the crew do on the Poseidon for leisure and after time?" Hirsch asked, curious. Most Starfleet Vessels had game nights and holodeck teams for such, yet each ship was different. He had hoped to join some group to get to know some Officers. He was happy to be able to sit and at least talk to Ky'La.

"Well we do have holodecks, some of the officers do have a game night, although I am not sure who they are yet," she said chuckling. "Neteri has several holoprograms for her pilots if you choose to try one. I'm sure she would let you try one," Ky'La said. "I have a few programs that I use for instruction for training new cadets who are going to be future helmsmen," she added.

“Sounds interesting. I want to try that sometime. Although. Somehow I think my mind might go blank and end up hitting a stray comet.” Hirsch slightly grinned.

“I appreciate the company, Commander.” Cal had finished his mug of coffee. He had checked his wrist chronometer once more. “I should head back to the Dept. Don’t be a stranger. I will see you around?” Hirsch inquired.

"Sure, I will have time later if you would like to see Neteri's fighter's. I'm sure she would love to entertain the notion", Ky'La said, finishing up her lunch.

"That would be great. I look forward to it." Hirsch had acknowledged the offer. "See you Commander." He then left on his way.


Lt. Cmdr. Ky'la De'Lenn
Chief Flight Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt. Calvin Hirsch
Chief Security Officer
USS Poseidon


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