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A Matter of Perspective

Posted on Saturday April 10th, 2021 @ 10:20am by Commodore Gregory Paladin & Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: USS Poseidon; Deck 6 - Forward Briefing Room
Timeline: Arrived at Betreka Nebula


The Commodore was patient as he waited in the Forward Briefing Room, normally utilized for command staff briefings such as the one that took place prior to their altercation at the Bright Nebula. Where normally it would be well furnished with detail concerning the event taking place, now it seemed empty and spartan. The Yeomen hadn't been informed of the meeting and there wasn't any scheduled events to ready the briefing room for, so it stood to be observed as a spartan room with minimal furnishings besides the table in the center and viewports out into space.

Gregory sat in the head chair next to the briefing table, the amazing array of light colorations from tne Betreka Nebula playing on his features and adding an atmosphere of wonder to the room. For his part, the Commodore mostly ignored it, preferring to observe the PADD set before him as he concluded reading over the reports concerning the newly promoted Lt. Commander Perkins. Just as he finished the last paragraph of information the door chimed, the Commodore having locked it for this personal conversation in particular.

"Enter!" Gregory called, his words offering the key for the computer to unlock the doors for the person awaiting entry.

Sam considered his lot. He was sure that the outcome of his meeting with the commodore. Would no doubt end in his either being busted back to Ensign or being sent home in disgrace. He could see his birth mothers face all smiles. For some reason she never bounded with him when he was born. In his adult life he had more to do with his stepmother. Even though she had her own child. His stepmother still treated him like her own son.

But his own mothers love? That was a lost cause. She would be so happy to hear how he set the starfleet record. For shortest promotion. He made the appointment to see the commodore as quickly as possible. Best to get it on with.

Making sure he was smartly dressed. Sam pressed the door chime. Then when told to come in. He marched in and stood to attention.

Commodore Gregory Paladin looked up from his PADD as he smiled, quite happily, and stood in a manner of greeting.

"Lieutenant Commander!" Gregory said in greeting after standing, "I've heard a lot of great things about you. Especially with how you handled your department and those Cadets. I am extremely impressed. I apologize for not coming to you sooner to congratulate you on your smart thinking. You saved my Academy operation at a critical time. But enough about that for now, sit down across from me will you?"

After his subtle order had been followed, the Commodore would continue as he sat back down. He laid his arms on the table, hands and fingers clasped in a professionally inviting gesture.

"I'm told by your Captain that you have some explaining to do with me," Gregory said. His head was tilted nonthreateningly and his method was to offer Sam a productive way to release this issue verbally to his superior. "I want you to tell me everything, from your perspective. That's an order, Lieutenant Commander."

Perkins nodded.

“ Yes sir..... It was during my first year at the academy. We had this Gorn exchange student called Russhook. It was clear at the start he was not doing to well with his studies. So I befriended him and tried to help him. It was an up hill struggle. Humanoids no matter what their core evolution is Reptilian or Simeon. Have the same emotions. Anger , fear at failure, impatience and so on.”

Perkins stopped for a moment before continuing.

“ It was our first year exams. Russhook was nervous about his practical. I tried to help the night before with some revision. But the next day he cheated and there was an explosion. He lost his left eye in the blast. Naturally instead of blaming himself. He blamed me. The dean and council of tutors exonerated me of all blame. Russhook was sent away in shame. He vowed we would meet again.” Perkins said.

Gregory was quiet for a moment after Sam finished, glancing now at his PADD as he pressed a few times on its surface to navigate the menus. He nodded his head absently, as if confirming something, then set the PADD down.

"This was quite the incident," Gregory said. "It was easily solved, of course. You weren't at fault. Russhook left the Federation, as far as the records here indicate. Are you concerned that this incident is somehow having a negative impact on your present career, Lieutenant Commander?"

Sam nodded sadly.

“ I am scared for you all. You see I learnt that Russhook is operating in this area. As a privateer at the moment. If I can learn about him. It’s a equal bet he can find out about me. Then he’s bound to come after us. I can’t my friends injured or worse because of me.” Sam replied sadly.

Gregory nodded slowly, though he kept his eyes on Sam for longer than intended. Quietly he looked away and made a few notes on his PADD, looking back a moment later.

"I'll keep it under advisement, though to be honest none of this comes close to causing your career and promotion any jeopardy," Gregory admitted. "Don't get me wrong! The situation with Russhook is a valuable bit of intelligence, though it has little to do with you or anyone involved in that situation but Russhook. Is that what this was all about?"

Perkins shook his head.

“ To be honest sir I just don’t know. I mean it’s silly. That thing out there is huge. So if he is in there then it’s a thousand to one chance. We will bump into him. But ever since we arrived I have been a nervous ninny. I just do not understand it. When I see and speak to Kord. No problem in fact he is my friend. But no sooner then we arrive here and I see the Nebula. I’m as nervous as a box of squirrels. “ Sam said

"This ship and crew have proven that when the problem arises, we will also rise to the occasion to handle it," Gregory assured. "So long as you keep giving your best along with the rest of us, we can endure. I have full confidence in your, Lieutenant Commander."

A small smile, then, "is there anything else?"

Sam thought for a moment.

“ No Commodore.” He replied

Gregory gave a nod, "Dismissed."

After the new Lieutenant Commander would leave, Gregory carefully picked up his PADD. He began looking through the history of the Gorn that Sam mentioned. A mild look of concern crossed his expression.



Commodore Gregory Paladin
Mission Advisor
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins
Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon


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