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Continuing Investigation

Posted on Monday May 17th, 2021 @ 4:57am by Lieutenant Commander T'Pri & Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: CSO's Office
Timeline: 239403.30

T'Pri had just gotten some Intel from her usual sources and though it might be best to share it with the tactical officer. T'Pri hadn't had many run ins with the security chief but it seems that they would and should work well together.

=/\= Mr Hirch this is Commander T'Pti, I have some new Intel I need to share with you involving the pirates in the Nebula when would be an appropriate time to meet and discuss it? =/\=

Hirsch was in his Security Office overseeing requisitions and requests for certain proceedural updates and weapon assessments of the officers under his command. While most of it would bore a Adlerian Sledge Wog, he was more than intrigued to fill out forms. Everything about security matters had his upmost attention.

Tagging his com badge, he replied. =/\= Hirsch here. =/\= The Lieutenant looked at his silver antique chucky analog wrist watch for the time and nodded at his screen. =/\= Certainly Commander. Your office or mine? =/\=

=/\= I shall come to you, say ten minutes? =/\= T'Pri replied.

=/\= I will see you then, Hirsch out. =/\= He clasped his com badge.

Hirsch for a moment paused looking from his screen to his Security Office. He had not taken a moment's thought to even gather another pair of seats, nor to say bring in anything worth personalization at the moment. The more he thought, the more he dismissed it. A Vulcan would find nothing of the sort intriguing. It would be besides the point, personalization. In an office!

Scrambling, Calvin had poked his head into the Security Office boardroom, and then spotted the nearest seat at the table. "Borrow you for a moment..." He mumbled, while he tagged the seat by its headrest and tugged it on its rollers, beelining back to his own Office.

Satisfied he had a chair now for his guest. He looked towards his replicator. "I hope your working too, I havn't even tried you yet." He looked to the device before turning back to his desk panel to await the Lt. Commander.

At precisely the appointed time you door chime rang,

Hirsch had called to come from within, as he had slid his padds to the side of his desk. He had his silver mug of coffee. As well he had tapped closed his computer screen to keep his divided attention for the Lieutenant Commander.

"Lieutenant Commander T'Pri. Welcome to my humble office." He had lent a smile. "Please come in and have a seat. I have recently just moved in." He gestured with his large hand to his only black leathered meeting room chair on the other side of his desk.

Thank you Mr Hirsch. T'Pri said taking a seat.

"I called for this meeting to give you information on pirate activity in the nebula."T'Pri placed an Isolinear data chip on his desk. There are maps and the latest Intel reports from Starfleet command. The pirates are thought to be operating in quadrant one of the nebula which is the northwest quadrant. There are several class M planetoids in that region."

Hirsch had paused to take in the isolinear chip and inserted it into his computer while he had the Intel Officer in his office. "Commander, do we know if any of the pirates have planetary operations within the sector? What type of warp capabilities and armaments' do their vessels carry?" Cal had thought he would immediately take a shot in the dark. As Security and Tactical Officer for the USS Poseidon, this was invaluable information.

The isolinear chip had in a flash uploaded the information from the chip set, and Hirsch's eyes had immediately begun to soak in the intel data charting and reports. The information was detailed and yet an amount of suggestive guesswork.

"Starfleet intelligence believes that they are using an old refurbished civilian fleet repair depot as a base deep in the nebula a late 22nd century surplus design, similar to a watchtower class which supports freighters and fighters but is too small to support the larger capital ships of the 24th century.

The base has been refitted and sports several class nine and ten phaser banks and heavy shielding. possibly particle cannon or torpedoes." T'Pri replied.

Hirsch contemplated before he replied. He leaned back into his chair. " Commander, can we develop any sort of communication footprinting for scanning & enumeration?" Cal thought. "If the pirates are using older technology, albeit upgrades to shielding and weapons we could tap into their communications. From my experience, most pirates don't have access to Starfleet standards of encoding channels and sensors. On the black market that can become costly and is often overlooked." Exploiting the pirates covertly discovering and collecting information about their movements, intentions and rates of communication was a large factor in determining intent.

"Its possible through the use of surveillance drones. It may be an old Federation outpost but they don't use Federation codes in their communications." TPri said

"Also consider that the base is mobile and inside a nebula our sensors and their's will likely be greatly attenuated." T'Pri added.

"Agreed." Hirsch acknowledged. "The Betreka Nebula could also be an use of salvaging operations with Klingon and Cardassian hardware's, perhaps weapons. We could enhance the Poseidon scanners to look for variances, or any disturbances in graviton particles within the gas and dust." He pulled up the watchtower class of servicing station depot from the 22nd century. "Fascinating. The design is old. However, there are four positioning thrusters which would provide a basis for analytical and derivative scans." Calvin had pondered as he turned to T'Pri. "What do you think is our best course of option for finding the pirates, given the circumstance?" He was interested in the seasoned Intelligence Officers thoughts.

T'Pri considered for just a moment.

"Reconnaissance, nothing is better than an actual first hand reconnoiter. The Poseidon has four shadow class fighters aboard. We could equip them with special sensor modules and attempt to set up a network of listening posts, so that even if the base did move we would be able to get a bearing on it."

Calvin had nodded. He was aware of the fighters onboard with their recon capabilities. "Is it plausible that Captain Johnson would approve the reconnaissance?" Hirsch knew how to direct his questioning when speaking to another Vulcan. Often, he was comfortable around Vulcan's as his nature was direct himself.

I believe he would, if you would like we can go to the first officer with our recommendation and she can take it to the captain. T'Pri replied.

"Of course." Calvin had agreed. He then stood up with pause, the information quite pertinent. "The fighters will have to be modified for the gaseous nebula. At the best of times the refractory shielding has been temperamental. This has been my experience and in technical reviews." Hirsch had kept the communication open, in case the Vulcan felt it was necessary to reply to his comment on the shadow class fighters.

We will have to be creative as well as innovative. Wasn't it an old earth philosopher who said necessity is the mother of invention? T'Pri stated.

Hirsch had cocked his head sideways a moment, and then his eyes searched. He was surprised. "Yes. I do believe. An enduring human proverb." He then turned to look at the doorway. "We should address the Captain."

"Agreed the Captain and the Exec." T'Pri replied.



A Post by:

Lt Cmdr T'Pri
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Poseidon

Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Poseidon


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