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What is it like?

Posted on Saturday May 29th, 2021 @ 10:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins & Lieutenant Commander Ky'la De'Lenn

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Bridge


There was one thing he had not done since arriving on the Poseidon. That was to visit the bridge. As Chief Science Officer he should really have visited it by now. But the opportunity never came up.

Until now. He needed to run some data the probes had sent back. From the nebula through the science station on the bridge. Sam felt a little guilty he had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Even though his bridge presence had been poor.

Taking the turbo lift he arrived on the bridge. Everything looked the same to him. He noticed someone sitting at the helm control.

“ Hello. Sorry to bother you. Where can I find the science console?” he asked.

Ky'La looked up at the officer, "Ah welcome to the bridge Commander Perkins. You'll find your console over there....." she said pointing to the rear wall just to her left. "That is where it is located sir", she added. "Your first trip to the bridge?" she asked chuckling.

Perkins looked to where she was pointed.

“ Yes. This is where the Poseidon is flown isn’t it?” Perkins said with owe at her console. “ Your so lucky to fly a ship like this. Tell me, what is it like?”

Looking at Cmdr. Perkins, "Well to be honest, piloting this ship is a great honor. It is wonderful and truly exciting job. The Poseidon has a wonderful legacy and I am proud to be a part of it," Ky'La said smiling as she adjusted the navigation system.

"Luck in this case really had no part in playing the way I got here. Starfleet decided that I had seen better days and transferred me here thinking it was a dead end spot. Far from it, as I had looked up the history of this fine ship," she said. Ky'La enjoyed this little chat as they were flying through space. It helped pass the time quickly.

Sam’s eyes twinkled as he spoke.

“ I know this is a silly question. But how do you do a turn. I mean do the nacelles turn?” Sam asked

That question took her for a loop. How to explain to a person just how do you turn a starship. "Well”........

Perkins could see that his question. Had maybe been a little specific. After all if anyone asked him how his electronic microscope worked. He would not of known out wright.

“ Sorry. I know that’s a tricky one to answer. It’s just I have always been fascinated with flight. As a kid I used to watch the birds fly over the children’s home. The way they turned on mid air looked so graceful.” He said.

"Its a little different with a ship. The computer actually turns the ship. I help it with by using pitch plus and minus. Thrusters generally are not used but if needed, they can be. In fighters we can use joy sticks or the computer. I'm a hands on type. I like to fly my own bird. But enough of that. Here e usually input the course and the computer does the turns. If I have to manually fly her, then there is a way of doing that too. It's harder but not impossible" Ky'La said smiling at young Perkins.

Perkins shook his head in wonder.

“ That is incredible.Sorry the scientist in me gets loose sometimes and I get nosey. What about if we are in a battle situation. Are you still in control or does Tac/Sec take over?” He asked her.

"No, I usually handle where they want the torpedoes and phasers to go. I try to give them the best shot possible when in battle. Of course when I have to fly defensively it makes it harder but I do get in good positions for the shots", Ky'La added.

A thought crossed Perkins mind.

“ What about the Nebula? Does that cause any problems?” He asked.

"Yes it does cause problems. Depending on the type of nebula, it messes up the sensors where you can't see, also screws up the view screen, and it can also mess with the engines. If by some weird chance that there is a strange object within the nebula, one where it would affect the crew, that might cause a problem," Ky'La said.

Perkins looked at Ky’La.

“ The first set of probes have not found anything that could hurt us as yet. But they have only traveled on the outskirts. If there was something in there intent on harming us. Could you out fly it?” Sam asked

Ky'La wasn't sure how to answer Perkins...."Well I would damn near die trying. Honestly, I would try and depending on how our engines are would actually be up to me to be the better pilot and tactician," she said.

Perkins looked out at the view screen. His mind running over possibilities.

“ Sorry it’s just I had some worrying intel that. There could be something hiding in that.” He said pointing at the nebula.

Sam stood looking.

“ But you have just calmed my fears down thanks.” Sam said

"Anytime Commander Perkins. Glad I could help" Ky'La said as she stood as well. "I must be getting back. I'm due to go on duty at 0630, so I need my beauty sleep, she added.

Perkins nodded and smiled.

“ Thanks “ He replied.


Lt. Cmdr. Ky'La De'Lenn
USS Poseidon


Lt.Cmdr Sam Perkins
USS Poseidon



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