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The Department Head & The New Arrival.

Posted on Saturday July 10th, 2021 @ 5:55am by Lieutenant Commander T'Pri & Lieutenant JG Vaebn tr'Jarok

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: USS Poseideon; Deck 6, Senior Officer's Complex
Timeline: Arrived at Betreka Nebula


Entirely consumed by his PADD, Jarok didn't notice that the turbolift had stopped and the doors had opened. He was standing right at the door so he could get off quicker, but was so consumed by what he was reading that he instead was just blocking the way into the turbolift. A cough from right next to him, which snapped him out of his reading and looked up to see a Gorn wearing a Starfleet uniform. Initially taken aback, and looking the Gorn up and down for a moment, the Gorn then coughed again to indicate that Jarok was in his way.

"Oh! Here you go," Jarok said as he moved aside and exited the turbolift. He looked around, regaining his bearings and trying to remember where on earth the office he was heading to even was on this deck. He decided to just go right, and started walking along the corridor, looking at the doors in an effort to place himself on the ship's layout. Finally, he found the Senior Officer's Complex, and went inside. Seeing a desk near the entrance without an NCO parked at it, he decided to poke around and see if the person he had come to see was even here.

He walked over to one of the doors, saw "CIO" written on it, and sighed in relief that he had found the office. He pressed the chime and waited by the door.

"Enter" the voice on the other side said.

Jarok opened the door and closed it behind him, then turned around and faced the woman seated at the desk.

"Greetings. I am Commander T'Pri, CIO, How can I be of service?"

He set his transfer orders down and stood at attention.

"Shaoi kon, Commander T'Pri. Sub-Lieutenant Jarok reporting for duty. I'm your new Intelligence Officer, I specialize in counter-intelligence and imagery analysis. I can run through my service history if you wish, although I trust you can understand that some parts will be classified."

"Classified indeed. How are your teaching skills Sub-Lieutenant? This ship's mission was designed as a training vessel for fourth year cadets and midshipmen. In fact most of the work that is done in the Intelligence department is done by the students. We get a different set of students that we must initially train to be INTEL professionals. So I ask again how are your teaching skills?" T'Pri inquired.

Jarok thought for a moment, pondering how he could answer.

"Well, most of my experience has been in learning the trade, and using that knowledge to conduct covert intelligence gathering missions and counter-intelligence investigations. What teaching skills do I have are from my time at the Collegium of Ancient Weaponry on ch'Rihan, where I was studied and then later taught as a Master of the Collegium. Due to my former rank within the Collegium, Starfleet actually gave me special dispensation to carry my dirhja. To become a Master of the Collegium, one must forge a unique blade, and train exclusively with it for a period of 5 years. I've had it for 15 years and have carried it with me every day, without fail."

He turned ever so slightly to show off his concealed dirhja, before returning it to its concealed position.

"Until I joined Starfleet, I was still on their governing council and instructed officers and enlisted soldiers in the ways of Rihan ancient weaponry. If there is sufficient interest on the Poseidon, I might be willing to conduct lessons on that as well. However, when it comes to teaching students to become intelligence professionals, this would be my first posting, and I am more than up to the challenge Commander."

T'Pri raised an eyebrow at that suggestion.

"Perhaps we could work a course like that into our program. Our students would benefit from your expertise. We will be getting a new class of 4th year cadets and midshipmen in 34 standard days. We have that to to come up with and revise a curriculum. The course of study is to guide the students into manning an operating a live INTEL operations center and teach them the procedures and methodologies of intelligence analysis to enable them to avoid logical fallacies and provide accurate and useful information to the command. Our duties on the Poseidon enable us to be covert agents on whatever mission Starfleet decides they need us on, so it is up to us and in our best interest to equip a team that can do the job of analysing the information we retrieve or are given." T'Pri replied.

Jarok nodded as he listened, but inside he was eager to get on with his work instead of just playing this verbal game with this Thaes. "At least she's efficient, I can respect that. It's the only thing I can respect right now, but it's at least something to work with. This Thaessu will reveal its true self from behind the fa├žade at some point, so I'll be ready," he thought to himself.

"34 Terran standard days? Alright I'll make a note of that. Is there something in particular you'd like me to work on? I was going to take a few days to get settled, get to know the crew and the ship, including it's manifest, and do an audit of our security systems to ensure we're fully protected from hostile foreign intelligence gathering. If you'd like something specific to be done, or have tasks for me to begin working on, I'm all ears. I'm motivated to get started as soon as possible," Jarok said, genuinely. He had his PADD out ready to make notes.

"Federation standard Mr. Tr'Jarok, That's a 28 hour day. I would like you to come up with a syllabus for your course, I will then review it and if is satisfactory I will present it to the First officer, Commander Kana. One approved we can add the course to further develop our cadets." T'Pri said.

Jarok noted down 28h//34d on his PADD as well as a note to create a formal lesson on ancient weaponry.

"I go by Jarok by the way Commander, the 'tr' part is the House-Clan only, my name is just 'Jarok'.

"Generally I have an open door policy and regard this as a team effort especially where the students are concerned. If you have an observation or an idea on how to improve performance, I request you bring it to my attention." T'Pri said.



Lieutenant Commander T'Pri
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Junior Grade Vaebn tr'Jarok
Intelligence Officer
USS Poseidon


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