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Data Analysis, Retrieval and Scrutiny

Posted on Saturday May 29th, 2021 @ 7:38pm by Lieutenant Calvin Hirsch

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Deck 08, Main Computer Core
Timeline: Current

Deck 08, Main Computer Core

Hirsch had requested Security access to the central Computer Core of the Poseidon. He executed a sequential level 02 diagnostic on specific LCAR matrices. Specific areas had shown abnormalities to the static discharging quotients. The temporary core shutdowns for selected subsystems would be a minor annoyance to the Poseidon crew members.

Calvin’s used a particle and phase scanner in each core junction box. Jeffries tube access conduits were also up for inspection. Personal verification and assessment of the LCARs had to be completed if Lieutenant Hirsch were to find problems.

Over the next few days, Hirsch inspected with his twenty-twenty vision various unit chips.

“Computer,” Hirsch ordered. “Scan, analyze for known defective LCAR identifiers in subsystems L4-4402.” What becomes a sign of more trouble, Syndicate chips were degrading set pathways into the crystal matrix under the density of isolinear data transfer.

= Scan complete. = The terminal reported.

Calvin’s eyes never left the graphical data readouts on screen. Computer Security and Data Analysis were prior classes that he had excelled.

“Computer. Request Sub Cores on Deck 08, Deck 04, and Deck 01 core logs and report.”

= Completed =

“Computer display results.” Hirsch had leaned into the network bulkhead immersed.

= Scans reveal two identifier chipsets. Defective chips populate LCAR Node Access Ports 7083.91 and 9909.91. Deficient core adherence, vibrational stress at .00098 a percentage in 0.002 operations of affected sub cores. = The computer had revealed other syndicate chips onboard and was now verified.

“Computer.” Hirsch had slapped at his communication badge. “Isolate chipsets 7083.91 and 9909.91. Enact corruption protocol 7001.01 and shunt core commands. Notify Captain Johnson and Commander Sharpe in a level 02 encryption generated report.” Calvin had connected to the Captain and Chief.

=^= Captain. Commander. This is Lieutenant Hirsch. I believe we have a few rotten cards in the deck. =^= Calvin had shaken his head. The intrusion was severe, and the computers were already scowering the logons and footprints, leading to the corrupted chips being placed in the first place. There were federation engineering records that had complete and detailed access reports for this kind of situation.

=^= I have a report I would both like you to see. I am on my way to the Bridge, Sir. =^=

Hirsch had felt violated. He hated the feeling of criminal nature. Cal was solid cut and was born to abide by Federation Law and support the Federation as a fierce defendant of its core values of freedom, prosperity, and the free exchange of thoughts, ideas, and peace. An idealist. A ridged and angry Chief of Security charged with everyone’s safety onboard an Academy training vessel. He would find some way to use this intrusion to bring down the Syndicate’s operations in this Sector.



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