Posted on Monday June 7th, 2021 @ 9:45am by Lieutenant Commander Sam Perkins

Mission: S1-A1-Ep. 1: Spectrophobia
Location: Science lab
Timeline: Just before jp Repairs


Kord and Sharpe left much to Sam’s relief in good spirits. Things could have gone very badly for him. But at the end of the day the incident was not going any further. So he would not be standing before the Captain. Trying to explain why one of his engineering officers. Had an amorous plant attached to him.

Just then he heard the whine of a transporter and Norman reappeared. Waving it’s tentacles excitedly for reason the plant loved the transporter beam.

“ What are you doing here!” Perkins said as he tapped his comm. badge.

“ =/\= Perkins to quarantine, come in please. =/\= Perkins said

“ =/\= Hello quarantine here. =/\=“ Came the reply

“ =/\= A Plant was sent to you for quarantine.. Why has it been sent back to me?=/\=“ Sam asked

“ =/\= Because Norman has already been through quarantine. It was checked out fine. I don’t know why it was sent back to us. It was in a right state when it came here. By the way, what happened?=/\= “ they asked

“=/\= Believe me you don’t wanna know. Thanks anyway.=/\=“ Perkins said as he cut the link.

Norman seemed to be quite worked up.It flayed its tentacles around almost catching his ear. Shaking his head Sam reached up to another shelf section. Hidden in between some plants.Was another plant almost identical except for a small group of red flowers. Near its top giving it the impression of wearing an Alice band.

“ Let’s see if Susan will calm you down.” He said as he placed it next to Norman.

Susan’s arrival on the Poseidon had been the same way as Normans.Perkins had been suspicious about the Cadet who tried to smuggle it on board. Lack of interest in Norman once it had been confiscated. So he did a midnight snap inspection and caught the cadet with another plant like Norman. This time she’d called this one Susan due to it looking female because of a ring of flowers around her top. That looked like it was wearing an Alice band.

Susan was sent to quarantine and like Norman it seemed okay. Now Sam had two of them and after Norman's shenanigans Perkins knew he had to keep quiet about the second one.


All Sam had done was put the two plants together. He had just turned around for a second. Susan and Norman had started flailing their tentacles at each other. Obviously Susan was a bit cross with Norman. A fight had started and in the process a probe had been knocked to the floor and broken. Both plants stopped and lowered their main sections. As if to say sorry.

“ Brilliant just Brilliant.” Perkins said looking at damage

[ OFF ]


Lt.CMDR Sam Perkins
Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon