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Just some Calibrations

Posted on Saturday October 12th, 2019 @ 2:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Freya Mannerheim & Major Phoebe Graydon

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Location: Bridge, USS Poseidon
Timeline: Pre-Departure, Post-Briefing

"No, no, no, not that way!" Freya threw her arms up in exasperation. She had been trying to calibrate the navigational sensors for the last three hours, but something still seemed off. Engineering had told her that everything was as it should be, but she still was not sure. So she had stayed on the bridge, trying to find the issue, even hours after her duty shift had ended. And as the ship was still in drydock, this made her the only person on the bridge.

With a sign, she looked around herself. She had thrown her uniform jacket over the back of the captain's chair, and partly unzipped her red shirt. Her hair was a mess, and her glasses askew on her nose. Sighing, she sat down in the command chair. She had dimmed the lights on the bridge for comfort, and she was tired. Slowly, she felt herself nodding off.

Phoebe had decided to take a proper look around the ship before they set off from drydock. She'd seen most of the ship now, and her last stop onbaord was the bridge. She didn't expect anyone else to be on the bridge, so she wasn't in uniform. She stepped forward as the turbolift arrived, and allowed the doors to part before her. She stepped out of the turbolift and took a good look around, not noticing the other person on the bridge.

Freya stirred as she heard the doors to the bridge slide open and someone walk in. "Hello?", she asked into the darkened room as she sat up, still in the command chair. "Anyone here or did I just start imagining things?"

“Morning sleepy head.” She said smiling at the person sitting in the command chair. “And who might you be Lieutenant?” She asked.

Freya turned around. "Oh, Lieutenant Commander! Sorry, I must have dozed off. I am Lieutenant Freya, Chief Flight Control Officer. I was doing some very stubborn calibrations, I've been here pretty much all day." She stood and stretched. "Sorry for grabbing the command chair. Can I help you with anything, sir?"

"No, just having a look around the ship, getting to know the place. My last stop was here. So, I don't believe we've actually met before, so please, have a seat." She said, gesturing to what would be the Navigators chair. "Tell me about yourself." She said.

Freya stretched herself out, straightened her glasses, and sat in the offered chair. "Lieutenant Freya Svanirsdottir, Chief Flight Control Officer. That part you know. I was previously an assistant communications officer and language specialist on the Cromwell, and ended up being that ship's only surviving crew member. Not an incident I like to talk about." She paused, images of the destruction of her ship and the storm in the Badlands flashing before her mind for a moment. "Because my parents were traders, and I have some experience piloting transport ships, somehow Command decided to make me a Conn officer. So here I am. Not much else to say, really."

"Well, it's lovely to meet you, i'm sure your language skills will come in handy at some point onboard." She smiled, then frowned. "I know how it feels to lose a ship and be the only survivor though. It happened to me also, my own ship in fact, only reason i wasn't there was because i'd decided to go on a solo away mission, despite the objections of my Security Officer...sorry." She said, realising she was turning the conversation into a very solemn affair. "So, what are your aims, goals, aspirations etc?" She asked.

Freya shrugged. "At the moment, just to get to grips with this ship here. Eventually, who knows?" She paused. In reality, she knew exactly what she wanted. Find a way to get her sister. She sighed. "I have plenty of experience of very unexpected events. How about you, sir?"

"My main goal is to make sure my daughter is happy. She's onboard, part of the operations department, hopefully to finish her time as a cadet. Maybe she can shadow you sometime?" She asked.

"Of course, always happy to help. Who knows, maybe she will turn out to be a better pilot than myself and I can get back to communications and linguistics," Freya responded, laughing. "Just send her my way whenever."

Phoebe nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Thank you for your time Lieutenant, and I hope you enjoy your time onboard." She smiled.

"Any time, sir", Freya said, getting up. "I think I better call it a night. Might get a better grip on these with a clear head."

"Apparently the new chef's onboard, so it might be worth grabbing some grub before heading to bed." She commented, remaining in the seat.

Freya laughed. "Well, bonne chance and bon appetit, sir. Good night!" With one last nod at the commander, she entered the turbolift and left the bridge.


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