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New Spaces, New Faces

Posted on Tuesday January 28th, 2020 @ 8:42pm by Ensign Samantha Evans, Trainee & Ensign Jack Davids
Edited on on Tuesday January 28th, 2020 @ 8:56pm

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: USS Poseidon; Crew Lounge, Deck 6
Timeline: Day 001 - 0741 Hours


Ensign Samantha Evans turned away from the replicator, taking a moment to glance about the lounge. While the device synthesized her order, Samantha's eyes surveyed the packed tables, hoping to find an open seat during one of the lounges' busiest rest times of the day. She grinned, amused by her oxymoronic use of 'busy' and 'rest' in the same observation. Removing her order of cheesy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, and rye toast from the replicator, the Trainee weaved around tables and pulled out chairs, greeting those she recognized while nodding politely to the newest arrivals. When she finally came upon a table with a free seat or two, she quickly fell into one of the empty chairs with a relieved sigh.

"Hello!" She said brightly to the unfamiliar face, "Sorry to just drop in like this, but there isn't a spare seat in the house. Were you saving it for someone else?" Although her question sounded thoughtful, there was no indication the young Ensign would vacate the seat unless out of necessity.

Jack looked up from the table at the unknown voice. With Jack's attention diverted, his beans tumbled off his fork as his arm jolted from the sudden announcement of a breakfast guest. "Morning," Jack smiled before answering her question, "Erm, well no ... no, the seat's there for the taking - go for it by all means". Still studying his new friend, Jack shoveled the fork into his mouth. The taste of metal scratching at his enamel made Jack grimace with a chill and shudder. Jack looked down at his fork. It was empty. Jack plonked the fork back down with a chink. Taking a deep breath of self-annoyance, Jack spoke: "I'm Jack. Transferred in from the Clarkstown. Specializing in Ops".

"Welcome!" Samantha greeted Jack brightly, "Samantha Evans, Astrometrics Trainee. It's a pleasure meeting you." The Ensign sprinkled salt and pepper over her order of soft scrambled eggs before drizzling them with ketchup. "The Clarkstown, eh?" She asked, scooping up a mouthful of the gooey mass with a spork. "I wasn't aware they were in the region." She noted, attempting to recall the designations for all of the starships coming and going to the station. "How long were you with the crew?" She asked, making polite conversation.

Jack watch the salt and pepper fall on Evans' breakfast like wood shavings. Jack smiled back and spoke. "Eighteen months on the Clarkstown." Jack dug into his breakfast with his fork, chewed a mouthful, and nodded in satisfaction to himself before continuing. "You're right." Jack clanked his fork onto his plate. "The Clarkstown isn't in the region - I frog-hopped it over to Starbase 99." Jack took a swig of his coffee; the blend was smooth, and Jack savored the silky after taste. Popping the mug back on the table, Jack continued once again. "I'd been approved for a transfer to specialize in operations, but there were problems with the connecting transports to Starbase 99." Jack paused a moment, knowing the tragic reason behind the Poseidon's re-docking and then continued. "Which is why I only joined when you guys re-docked." Jack bit his lip thoughtfully, scooped some beans on his fork, and then looked at Evans. "So, how is astrometrics?"

Samantha nodded, casually acknowledging Jack while she listened intently, yet focused on eating. She'd not realized how hungry she was until digging into the hearty breakfast. "Busy," she replied initially after swallowing a sip of orange-pineapple juice. "Lieutenant Serine ordered a final calibration of the dorsal and ventral sensor pallets, as well as a specialized configuration to the graphical user interface." She touched a napkin to her lips, "Plus, I'm trying to stay up-to-date on my training modules, physical activity requirements, and experience somewhat of a social life." Samantha finished with a wink. "Have you been assigned to a cadre, yet?" She wondered if Lieutenant Brinsley organized the cadets and trainees in Operations similar to Mr. Serine's method.

Before Jack could answer, however, the Operations Officer's combadge chirped to life.

=^= "Ensign Davids, please report to Ensign Vrell in the anterior control room for the main communication array on deck ten; he requires additional support." =^=

Samantha paid the internal communication a passing interest, as she was instead focused on slathering a generous dollop of grape jam across the surface of a toasted slice of rye bread. It wasn't until Jack stood from the table, apologizing for having to leave so abruptly, that Samantha realized he'd been called away so suddenly.

The Astrometrics Trainee playfully dismissed the Ensign's apology and bid him farewell with an enthusiastic wave of her hand. Jack had been gone for no more than a minute before another crewman swooped into his empty chair.

"Good morning." The young woman said shyly. Samantha returned the greeting before the pair started up a conversation of their own.


"There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you're the one that'll change theirs."


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