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What the Actual???????

Posted on Tuesday December 31st, 2019 @ 5:40am by Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Payne
Edited on on Tuesday December 31st, 2019 @ 6:42am

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: Transporter Pad, Star base 99
Timeline: 04:45


3 rd watch was almost over on the star base. The shift was waiting to be relieved. This time of the morning was highly anticipated. It was almost shift change. Almost time to start your diagnostics to make sure 1st shift would have smooth running equipment. Almost time to be relieved by a smiling ball of energy dressed in a fresh uniform. Then, you were FREE. Free to do what you wanted. Get a bite......Go to a Lounge.......Read a book.........Use a Holodeck....Or, As Shakespeare one said, " To sleep. Perchance to dream. ".

Petty Officer Peters was on duty in transporter. A Bolian who was adopted by a human family at birth. 21 years of age. And has been at the star base for 9 months. ( 8 of them on the night shift. ). Peters was anxiously waiting or his shift to end. He had plans. He was going to pick us Ensign T'shiv. And they were going to grab some food. Then, spend the night dancing their night away. Their was only 1 problem. Ensign T'Shiv had not only NO idea about these plans. She had no idea who Petty Officer Peters is. Maybe today would be the day Peters would introduce himself. Maybe today would be the day Peters would win her heart. Peters told himself this every day. BUT, like every day.......Peters would probably chicken out on his introduction to this beautiful Vulcan. Then go home to the replicator and go to bed. " Vulcan women are so hard to get. " He thought, trying to justify his cowardice in the attempt for romance.

Just then, the com system chirped. " Operations to Transporter 2 " Said the voice.

" Transporter 2, go ahead. " Said Peters

" Prepare to receive personnel from USS Gagarin " Said the voice again.

" Understood. " Said Peters. Then Peters opened a com channel.

" Star base 99 Transporter to USS Gagarin, Energize. " Said Peters.

The transporter started to hum. Peters expertly started to work the controls. Just like he had done for what felt like a million times before. He adjusted the gains. Then, with his hand, rode the sliders up. On the pad itself, the light started to appear. The hum got louder. The light began to take form, and shimmer. It was the form of a humanoid......a human......a man. The shimmering started to subside leaving a man in a Star fleet uniform in it's place. The man looked older, experienced. He had a grizzled look to him. Like he had soon things. Things that were NOT for the faint hearted. After the shimmer of the transport had ended and the hum had ended the man stood there for a second. He looked at Peters. Peters looked into the man's eyes. That look, on some level, scared Peters half to death. The man stepped off the pad.

" Welcome aboard Sir. " Said Peters trying to hide a slightly shaking voice.

" Thank you. Where is the Personnel Office? " Asked the man.

" Level 2 Section 7. " Said Peters.

" Open now? " Asked the Man.

" Yes Sir. " Said Peters

" Okay, That's the second time you called me sir. " The man grabbed his collar. " Do THESE look like officer's pips son? "

" No Master Chief. " Said Peters.

" Can't hear you boy. Sound off like you have a pair! " said the man with authority.

Peters snapped to attention " NO MASTER CHIEF " He yelled.

" Good, just checking. " said the man. He winked at Peters, then took off to the Personnel Office.

The man walked the corridors of the star base like a pro. He never was here before. But truth be told......He had served on star bases of this type and class before. And when you've seen one of a particular type and class, the differences between the other are negligible. A right.......a Left. Down the turbo lift........and when he left the lift there it is. Right across the hall. On the door, it read PERSONNEL. The man entered.

Behind the help desk stood 2 people. one was a crewman wearing yellow. The other was a Lt Commander in red. It was clear the crewman was a clerk. A Human female. Pretty. about 20 years old. The other was also a human woman. Black hair. looked to be in her mid 30's. " Can I help you? " Asked the crewman with a semi forced smile on her face.

The man returned the smile. " Yes, I believe you can. I was told to report here for a duty assignment. I just arrived off the Gagarin. My name is Payne. Master Chief Charles Payne. " The man said.

The young crewman looked like she had no idea what to say. Then, the other person stepped in. " As you were Crewman. I got this one. " Said the Lt Commander.

The crewman walked away leaving the 2 senior members to talk.

" Master Chief Payne, I've been expecting you. " Said the Commander.

" Yes, Thank you. I'm here as ordered Commander. " said the Master Chief. " I was told you have my new duty assignment? " Payne asked. " I was told I'd be on a ship that's brand new. Top of the line. " Payne said with a smile.

The Commander smiled. She knew what the truth of the matter was. " Yeah, not exactly. Here's your duty assignment. " She said handing Payne an info chip. Payne noticed a computer terminal on the help desk and activated it sliding in the info chip.

Payne stood there in shock. " MIRANDA CLASS? " He finally blurted out with great volume.

" Problem chief? " Asked the Commander.

" This is NOT what I was promised. " Said Payne. " This MUST be a mistake. "

" Nope. No mistake. See, the actual transfer order was signed by Admiral Paris himself. " The Commander said pointing out where the Admiral signed.

" For a ship of THIS class, a Chief......or a Senior Chief would be a more appropriate choice for the COB. A Master Chief would traditionally be assigned to a Galaxy or Ambassador class. " Said Payne. " I want to talk to Admiral Paris. "

" It will do you no Good Chief. He sent orders that he does NOT want to talk with you on this matter. So, prepare to get the run around IF you should try. " The Commander told him.

Payne looked at her with a look that could only be described as disgust.

" I think part of this assignment was because it's not JUST another mission. you have recruits on this ship. It only makes sense that they would need a capable COB to whip these babies into shape. I've seen your file Payne. IF I was that ship's commander, I'd NEED a man like you. " The commander said.

Payne's gaze softened. Then he smiled slightly. " Are you trying to butter me up Sir? " He asked. Then, they both smiled. " Anything ELSE? " He asked as if he knew he was defeated and was offering his surrender to this issue.

" Actually," Said the Commander, " I's 05:00. You have a Sr. Staff meeting in 30 mins. "

Payne looked like he was stabbed in the heart on hearing this.

" You're ship is berthed........" The Commander never finished that sentence.

" Yeah, I'll find it. " And with that Payne left to assume his now job on his new ship.


Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Payne
Chief of the Boat
USS Poseidon


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By Lieutenant Commander Canaan Serine on Tuesday December 31st, 2019 @ 12:06pm

There's no question about Master Chief Payne's experience as a seasoned, senior enlisted, that much is clear. How, though, will he do when settling into the Academy enriched atmosphere of the Poseidon?! I'm looking forward to seeing this play out.