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I’m Home

Posted on Wednesday January 1st, 2020 @ 9:14am by Lieutenant Damian Kane

Mission: Shakedown Cruise
Location: USS Poseidon docking bay
Timeline: 05:35


Peace.......Bliss........Tranquility. The warm glowing feeling felt like encompassed the entire universe. It felt comforting. Like a loving embrace. Everything was beautiful and nothing mattered. Just the feeling of......this. It was kind of like the feeling of floating on light. The feeling of being sustained on nothing more then love and dreams. Kind of like being embraced by a loved one. Very special indeed.

It was interrupted however by a gentleman in a yellow uniform. A young Lt jg. He was the pilot of the Runabout Rhine. He was gently shaking Chaplain Damian Kane who was sleeping peacefully.

“ Sir. “ Said the Lt. “ Hey Lt. We have arrived. You DID want the USS Poseidon, right? “

“ Yeah, that’s correct. “. Said Kane wiping his eyes.

“ We just landed. We are in her hanger bay. “ Said the pilot.

Damian’s eyes widened. He smiled. “ Thank you. “. He said with excitement gathering his stuff.

The pilot stepped away from Kane. Then went to the airlock. Opened it. Then left the ship.

Kane stood up and opened a compartment on the ship. He pulled out a tote bag then closed the compartment. Then, when he had all of his stuff, Kane left the ship.

Kane walked onto the landing bay. It was different then the landing bay on the Star base. Smaller. Not as busy.

Knowing he had to report in first and foremost, Kane walked out of the hanger deck and started walking to the turbolift. The door opened, and Kane stepped in. The doors closed behind him.

“ Bridge “. Said Kane. Then the lift started to move. Kane started to get excited. Like he couldn’t wait to finally officially assume his post. Kane took a deep breath. And the doors snapped open.

Kane walked over to the the command chair. EMPTY. Nobody was there. This was not what Damian had in mind. He looked around. Kinda confused at what to do next. He stood there. It was obvious he had nothing at this point.

“ Can I help you? “. Came a voice from the communications station.

Damian turned to face the voice. “ No. Well, maybe. I’m here to see the Captain or First Officer. “. Damian said.

The com officer was a young Ensign. He was human. Early 20’s. And confused. Confused as to why this Lt was here. After all, you don’t usually just see the Captain. You use the Chain of Command. “ He is actually in a Sr officer’s meeting at the moment. And the XO is there as well. May I get a name so I can tell him after he becomes available? “. Asked the Ensign.

“ Yes. “. Said the man. “ Please tell them that Lt Damian Kane, The new Ship’s Chaplain, has arrived. “. Kane said smiling.

“ Oh, on the Rhine. “. Said the Ensign. “ You are expected Sir. “. With that, the officer started working his console. He handed Kane a chip. “ This is your quarters assignment. I will inform the Captain and XO your here. They will be in touch. “.

Kane took the chip. He felt disappointed. But, life is life. “ Thank you. “. He said. And with that, walked back to the turbo lift. Before getting in, Kane looked at the Security Officer standing watch. “ Excuse me, where is the Ship’s Chapel? “. He asked

The Guard on duty snapped to attention. “ The Chapel is located on Deck 3. Behind the forward lounge. “. She said.

Damian smiled. Then entered the lift. His excitement started to build as the short trip from Deck 1 to Deck 3 took place. Almost felt like forever. In reality, only a few seconds. When the doors snapped open on Deck 3 Damian stepped out of the lift. He walked out. With all the pride and confidence of a Captain on his first command. He walked past the forward lounge. Then, finally..... he was there. The door was plainly marked. Ship’s Chapel. Damian took a deep breath in. Then, closed his eyes. This is a moment he wanted to savour. Then took a step forward. He heard the door snap open. And he walked in. He wasn’t going to open his eyes until he heard the door snap behind him. Then, he heard it. Like music to his ears. He was finally here. Damian opened his eyes.

During the time between the ship was decommissioned, and through its time in moth balls. Perhaps even during the time it was refurbished and made into a currently modern vessel of the line...... in ALL this time it appeared that NOBODY had been in here. It was dusty. It was dirty. Like it was abandoned. Forgotten. Kane looked around. Not only was ignored. But there was debris everywhere. Like it was used as a storage closet while the ship was being renovated. And someone forgot to clean up. His heart sank.

“ What the...... “ Kane thought. He could not believe his eyes. He just stood there for several second in complete and utter disbelief.

“ No. “. Said Kane. “ This simply will NOT due. “. Kane tapped his com bade. “ Kane to engineering “. He said sounding miffed.

“ Engineering “. Came the voice on the other end.

Kane hesitated for a moment. Then smiled slightly.

“ Nothing. Please disregard. “. He said and the channel terminated.

Kane walked over to a pew. He put down his tote bag and noticed a broom on the floor. Like someone actually attempted to clean up. But didn’t get very far at all. Kane picked up the broom. “ time to rebuild this temple. Welcome home Damian “. He said as he began sweeping.


LT Damian Kane
Ship’s Chaplain
USS Poseidon.


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